Titans getting confidence from Ryan Tannehill

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Ryan Tannehill ran for a pair of touchdowns during Sunday’s 42-20 win over the Jaguars and the first of them required him to outlast a collision with Jaguars cornerback Tre Herndon as he took to the air at the goalline.

Tannehill wound up unscathed, but some in Tennessee were holding their breath at the possibility of losing their season’s savior to an injury. The Titans are now 4-1 in games started by Tannehill and they’re very much alive in the race for the AFC South title, which leaves teammates like wide receiver A.J. Brown hoping he’ll do what he can to avoid injury.

“I want Tannehill to slide more,” Brown said, via the team’s website. “But he is doing his thing, and he is giving us a lot of confidence in him.”

Given the way Tennessee’s season has turned around since Tannehill replaced Marcus Mariota, it’s easy to understand why they’re feeling a jolt of confidence from his presence in the lineup. He threw two touchdowns to go with the running scores in Sunday’s blowout win.

Tannehill said he “quickly regretted” his approach to getting in the end one because of the hit, but remained in the game so everyone in Nashville could continue to be happy with the decision to put Tannehill in charge of the offense.

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  1. As a Dolphins Fan… I said all along. Tannehill is not Elite, but certainly in the top half of QB’s. I predicted like many that he would be the Starter and would prevail. He is a caretaker. Good enough to win, but not enough to get a team consistently deep in the Playoffs. This is why the Dolphins let him and the rest of the roster go. 8-8 for two decades; something had to happen. I am happy for him.

  2. If nothing else, it’s nice to see a player just keep working hard and keep trying to get better. Sometimes you get another opportunity and you have to be ready to take advantage of it. I’ve never been a big Tannehill fan, but I’m really rooting for this guy. I love the environment the coach has developed in Tennessee.

  3. Titans are in the crowded AFC South race.
    Tannehill needs to stop throwing his body around.
    At this point, if he gets stoved up, Tennesee’s chances vanish.

  4. 7 years in Miami, no leadership, no pocket awareness, a sub 500 record, never above 8-8, no playoffs, could not win meaningful games in the 4th quarter.

    The Titans may make the same mistake the Dolphins did and waste seasons waiting for him to emerge.

  5. Ugh these poor Titans and their fans. You can see it already them signing him to a big contract and these poor people dreaming of the Super Bowl because of a handful of wins in 2019 they view him as the savior and the supposed franchise that Mariota couldn’t be. And then they’ll say the problem was the Dolphins franchise not Tannehill, things will be different with him! Don’t you fools realize you’re in the process of guaranteeing your team is going to be slightly above mediocre for the next 5 seasons!

  6. Tannehill is a better QB than was reflected in his play with the Dolphins. The constant state of flux didn’t help Tannehill while he played in Miami, in 2012/13 his offensive coordinator was Mike Sherman (who also was his head coach in college at Texas A&M), but then in January, 2014 the Dolphins hired bill Lazor as the new offensive coordinator but he was fired in November of 2015 (less than two years later). During the 2015 season both the HC and OC were replaced with temporary fills, then in 2016 Miami made the horrible decision to hire Adam Gase as the HC and Clyde Christensen as the Offensive Coordinator, but Christensen was replaced in 2018 by Dowell Loggains (who is an absolute failure as a OC). So Tannehill had no stability with the offensive system that was being implored in Miami, because every one of these guys (both HC and OC) think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and the offensive system will work regardless of talent.

    I strongly believe that a QB’s success can be traced directly to have a HC and OC that implements an offensive that plays to the QB’s strengths, while minimizing their weakness and it is extremely important to have consistency at two key area: 1)the offensive system being utilized and 2)the offensive line that a QB is playing behind. Tannehill didn’t have either at Miami, don’t get me wrong he isn’t the second coming of Joe Montana or Tom Brady, but he is absolutely better than his time in Miami and most likely a top 15 QB in the NFL.

  7. jlbay says:
    November 25, 2019 at 10:01 am
    Tannehill is a better QB than was reflected in his play with the Dolphins.

    No, we was not and he’s not a top 15 QB either, the Dolphins could not give him away after last season, the delusion of some Dolphin fans is off the charts.

  8. I don’t think any of us believe he is the savior. But as far as bridge QBs go we could do a lot worse. I still think we draft a QB high in the next draft.

  9. Tannehill knows how to use a running gane especially with Derrick Henry as the lead back.. there has to be 8 in a box when Henry is in and no one really wants to tackle him.. Tannehill uses that to his advantage where Mariota just turned ball over to much ..

  10. laxcoach37 says:
    November 25, 2019 at 8:34 am
    As a Dolphins Fan… I said all along. Tannehill is not Elite, He is a caretaker. Good enough to win, but not enough to get a team consistently deep in the Playoffs.

    Deep in the playoffs??
    He has NEVER qualified for the playoffs..lol

  11. With a 111.4 passer rating since taking over as the starting QB I’d say RT is playing great. Whose rating is higher in that span? Still RT has work to do with 2 games coming up against the Texans. Those will be difficult games for him but so far THill has been awesome.

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