Tom Brady downplays elbow injury

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was listed as questionable for Sunday’s win over the Cowboys with an elbow injury. And while the elbow still seems to be an issue, Brady made it clear during his weekly visit with Jim Gray of Westwood One that there’s no question about Brady’s availability for a Sunday night showdown against the Texans.

“I like to believe that over the years I’ve gotten a little bit smarter about how to take care of myself,” Brady told Gray. “I know when I need a little time whether it’s a day or a practice. Rather than be stubborn and push through things like I probably used to, I think sometimes it’s smart to try to get ahead of injuries. I spent a lot of time with Alex [Guerrero] getting extra treatment and did so after the game last night [and] did so today. I’ll be feeling good this week and be ready to go. I’ll be excited to take on our toughest challenge of the year in going to Houston and trying to win a game on Sunday Night Football.”

Given New England’s experience against Baltimore — a 17-point loss to the Ravens on a Sunday night earlier this year — it’s hard to imagine the game against the Texans being a tougher challenge. But the Patriots are wired to believe that the next challenge is always the toughest challenge, and the Texans are that next challenge.

The bigger challenge remains keeping their one-game lead over the Ravens in the standings, given that a tie would go to the team that trounced the Rams on Monday night, 45-6. The Patriots may need to run the table to prevent the rematch from happening in a place other than Gillette Stadium, because it looks like the Ravens are ready and able to chase their seven straight wins with five more.

Wherever the game is played, it’s feeling more and more likely that the Patriots and Ravens are destined to meet again, with a berth in Super Bowl LIV on the line.

7 responses to “Tom Brady downplays elbow injury

  1. Given Brady’s propensity for mendacity, I’d say he’s overplaying the injury which probably doesn’t even exist.

  2. Yep might be an awful year for Brady – i.e. only reaching his 14th AFCCG (9th consecutive) – no doubt followed by 9 months of the salty mountain of hate proclaiming Pats are done and Broncos er I mean Eagles, no Chiefs/Rams (or is it 49ers/Ravens now?) are the new dynasty.

  3. TimTebowGodOfFootballKarma says:

    Given Brady’s propensity for mendacity, I’d say he’s overplaying the injury which probably doesn’t even exist.



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