Bengals coach: Going back to Dalton “in the best interest”

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They gave Ryan Finley three games to see if there was any reason not to draft Joe Burrow. He offered no such evidence.

Now the Bengals appear to want to try to win a game, any game.

Via Tyler Dragon of the Cincinnati Enquirer, Bengals coach Zac Taylor said going back to veteran starter Andy Dalton was simply “in the best interest of the football team.”

“We just want to win, and that veteran presence he has will certainly be helpful through all the things we’ve experienced on offense, and he’s got great experience,” Taylor said. “We’ve obviously had our challenges on offense, regardless of who’s playing quarterback.”

The Bengals didn’t win in any of Dalton’s eight starts this year, but quarterback wasn’t in the top 10 or so of their problems. Their offensive line has been a mess all year (since first-rounder Jonah Williams‘ offseason season-ending injury), and they’ve been without their best player (wide receiver A.J. Green) since he injured his ankle the first day of training camp.

It’s hard to imagine the thought process that led Taylor to offer up Dalton as a sacrifice to that angry god, but the rookie head coach said he had discussed things with the 32-year-old quarterback.

“Andy and I have had many, many conversations since all that happened,” Taylor said. “Before and after. We’ve been on the same page. Andy’s handled it as well as you could hope any veteran would. He wants to play, he feels he can help the team win.”

Whether he will or not remains to be seen, but Finley clearly wasn’t ready or able to turn things around.

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  1. I do believe Finley was getting experience to be a place holder or a back-up. You’re throwing darts from the 2nd round on with QB’s in the draft. No way the Bengals don’t go QB with pick 1.

    They should actually trade the pick ’cause they’e not winning in 2 years either. Might be different if they didn’t invent the word ‘tightwads’.

    PS: Waste of a HOF WR.

  2. Good luck with that offensive line. Andy, make sure you have filled out those organ donor cards.

  3. Not only does this make zero sense but it just proves that this team is rudderless and has no sense of direction at all.

  4. Give Taylor a chance. One half season, he’s taken over an organization that was a dumpster fire and hadn’t won anything in years. I actually believe in this guy. They just need players.

  5. Opie is so lost. Way way over his head. How is the McVay’s coaching tree working out?
    A one year wonder who just got spanked on national tv last night doesn’t actually groom coaches. On the Bungles could have jumped on Zac Taylor.

  6. Embarrassing, backtracking move on the Bengals part (quite likely ordered from above), I hope they keep losing. Clearly facilitated by a desire to avoid the ignominy of 0-16, which is understandable, but three games is obviously not much of an audition for the overwhelmed Finley. Joe Burrow will find out quickly that NFL competition is a definite step above SEC competition.

  7. It’s not hard to imagine the thought process at all. Management told him to see what Finley’s got. Finley’s got nothing, so management told him to go back to Dalton to try and avoid 0-16.

    Everyone in that building knows Dalton is a better QB than Finley. Everyone also knows Dalton is not the future. It really is that simple.

  8. Nope, Dalton had nearly a decade as the starter there and his mediocrity has plain and simply run its course. No one will be clambering in the off-season to instill him as their long-term starter.

  9. Taylor doesn’t have to worried about being fired, no way would Mike Brown buy out a contract with the about $200 million he gets a year as an NFL owner.

  10. Dalton has talent, he just plays for an awful team. Hope he gets a change of scenery next season. If he decides to stick around for the backup QB money, that’s on him.

  11. Honestly, I’d rather have Dalton in there if the Bengals are trying to win games – in 2019 and 2020. With Dalton starting in 2020, he shelter’s whichever QB they draft in May from taking a beating behind that brutal offensive line. Whatever they add in 2020 and 2021 gives the 2020 QB a better opportunity to be successful – if they properly address the line.

    But I was under the impression that they weren’t trying to win games anymore in 2019. Dalton hasn’t been great in 2019, but Finley was terrible. I think they should have taken a look at Dolegala for the remainder of the season instead of going back to Dalton. Reverting back to Dalton essentially closes the book on Finley – which is unfortunate for the kid, because he was thrown to the wolves with limited pass catchers and his own arm limitations.

    I do have a feeling though that Green will fully heal now that Dalton is back under center.

  12. Is Zac Taylor a Homer Rice 2.0 ?


    Nope,Homer was actually a winning high school head coach before he was hired. I don’t know that there’s a comparison for Zac except for maybe that homeless guy that told Cleveland to draft Johnny Manziel

  13. joetoronto says:

    November 26, 2019 at 8:54 am

    Not only does this make zero sense but it just proves that this team is rudderless and has no sense of direction at all.
    Explain how this makes zero sense. Finley faltered and the offense was struggling because of it. They saw Finley isnt starter level and might not be backup material and the more he starts the more it would appear to hinder the progress of others so why continue to put him out there so no one on offense improves?

  14. The only ‘best interest’ is their own – the Brown family! Obviously Brown has no regard for the fans when he’s the one that should make a statement to Bengal nation and apologize to the few that show up…When’s the last time he’s appeared in public? Can anyone prove Mike Brown is still alive?

  15. Dalton would probably have won two of the last three games. Taylor is showing his desperation and lack of experience. Lewis may not have had the team in a playoff run but he wouldn’t have lost 11 games so far this year.

    The irony is Taylor was supposed to be an offensive genius. How’s that working out?

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