Could Jason Garrett be out Friday, if the Cowboys lose to the Bills?

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Jerry Jones said what he said on Sunday. On Tuesday, he said enough to make it clear that he meant what he said.

So what does it all mean?

Coupled with Monday’s comments from Stephen Jones, who said “[w]e’ve got to go get on a run right now,” it could mean the failure to get on a run right now could get coach Jason Garrett run out of town. Which could give Black Friday a far different meaning for him than for the rest of us.

If Jerry (and Stephen) already have decided that change is coming absent a deep run into the playoffs, which Stephen seemed to suggest on Monday, a loss by America’s Team on America’s Holiday to the franchise the Cowboys beat twice in a row 27 and 26 years ago for Super Bowl trophies could be the thing that causes frustration to become desperation, with someone like Kris Richard getting a chance to get the most out of a highly talented team that the Joneses meticulously have crafted.

Usually, the firing of a coach triggers an artificial bump in the performance of an otherwise bad team, since the players realize it’s far better to help the interim coach become the permanent coach, because a new coach could make sweeping changes. For the Cowboys, the bump wouldn’t be artificial; any improvement would reflect a fulfill of the team’s vast potential.

And if Richard could do what the Joneses expect Garrett to do, then Richard would get a chance to keep doing it, starting at 0-0 not 6-6.

Of course, none of this matters unless the Bills beat the Cowboys. Garrett seems to do well when his back is against the wall, and the comments from his bosses over the past 48 hours make it abundantly clear that his back has never been pressed more tightly against the wall than it is right now. It adds up to a Cowboys win.

If they don’t win, things could get even more interesting. If nothing else, the dark cloud hovering over Garrett makes Thursday’s must-see game between the 8-3 Bills and 6-5 Cowboys even more of a must see.

54 responses to “Could Jason Garrett be out Friday, if the Cowboys lose to the Bills?

  1. Could be fired on Friday if he loses on Thursday?
    Jason Garrett would say, “Happy Thanks-for-giving me a pink slip.”

  2. Jerry’s turning up the pressure, as he should. Garrett isn’t going to quit, and if Jones has to fire him, so be it. It’s really a win-win situation for Jerry.

  3. fm31970 says:
    November 26, 2019 at 6:44 pm
    Jerry’s turning up the pressure, as he should. Garrett isn’t going to quit, and if Jones has to fire him, so be it. It’s really a win-win situation for Jerry.

    Garrett’s contract expires after this season…

    So, Jerry doesn’t have to fire him. Jerry could just let him coach out the rest of this year and then not give him a new contract and he’d be gone… all without firing him.

    Yeah, Jerry could fire him between now and the end of the season, but as long the Boys are in the division lead, I don’t see that happening and even the Boys aren’t that good, neither are the Eagles.

    The most likely outcome is not for Garrett to be fired, but to just go away in the off season as Jerry won’t give him a new contract.

    Now, if the Boys somehow go deep into the playoffs, he might get a new contract, but short of that he won’t.

  4. Lose to the Bills and the Cowboys are 6-6 and still have a good shot at winning the NFC East. You do not fire a coach when a division title is still within reach.

    There will be no firing in Dallas this week. Go try and create drama elsewhere.

  5. Could Jason Garrett be out Friday, if the Cowboys lose to the Bills? I would not lay a bet on the outcome if they lose to the Bills. Anything could happen. Jason could get fired by half time and Jerry takes his position for the rest of the game or he’ll have a real non-Cowboy coach ready to take over for the rest of the game. But then again, everything could remain as it is and Jerry will make comments that shows he is breathing down the back of Jason’s back in order to motivate him. That doesn’t work btw.

  6. I guess not…. I hate the Cowboys with a passion. But let’s be honest who else is out there that could hold the fort down till the offseason?

  7. I find it interesting that the 6-4 Cowboys lost to the defending SB champs, 9-1 Patriots, 13-9, up in New England where the Patriots rarely lose, in a rain storm, and everyone says fire the coach. Whereas, the 6-4 Rams got torched 45-6 at homeby the 8-2 Ravens, and the great Sean McVay gets a pass?

  8. The same people that slam Garrett for not getting more out of such a large amount of talent, blast Jones for being a terrible G.M….they same G.M. that put all that talent together.

    I know it’s not the best owner/G.M. situation in Dallas, but it’s waaaaay better than places like D.C., Cincy and Detroit.

  9. The must see game this week is Sunday at one in Baltimore. 49rs coming to town. No dis to Dallas, but, let’s be real.

  10. Canning Garret at this point makes no sense. His replacement is not on this staff. Kitna might be the only position coach worth keeping. And their have been a couple wildcard Super Bowl winners. Record wise, if they make the playoffs, let it play out.

  11. Bills have extra incentive of massive disrespect. 7.5 dogs? Theft are mostly healthy, and all the newcomers are finally playing as a unit. This will be a berry good game.

  12. Bills fan here. The Cowboys will not lose on Thursday. While I love the direction that the Bills are headed…we have yet to get that “signature” win. I’ll be ecstatic if we do win…but generally we fall flat in games like this.

  13. I”ve followed the Cowboy’s since 1970 and under Garrett’s watch they’ve always been a reflection of how he coaches them up, the talent has been there for the most part minus a few seasons where keys injuries derailed them.

    He never has been a difference maker on ingame decisions and management, it frankly boggles my mind Jerry’s willingness to keep sticking with his ineptitudes on game day and listening to his never ending diatribe, be the best you can be today, stick to the process, clean up the mistakes and move forward, its always the same crap pressers, and always the same results the following week, no team plays down to the level of their competition and Garrett’s Cowboys.. Jone’s simply gets what he deserves for not making a change, this team assembled now could easily be a 9 or 10 win team with a top tier coach running the show..

    Garret’s tenure is at it’s tipping point, regardless how the season plays out I simply don’t see how this clown returns, I’ve seen this movie too many times and any thin short of a NFC championship should seal his fate.

    I don’t believe in the theory some say that a coach of any pedigree wouldn’t come here because of Jerry’s meddling, that really isn’t a factor IMO now as it has been in the past, Stephen pulls equal if not more weight along with Will McClay the people realize.
    The chess pieces are in place to have good to elite status in the league, now its up to the organizational powers to find the right captain for the ship.

    If not then they deserve what they keep getting.

  14. The Cowboys are a dome team. Given the weather conditions the Cowboys performance was acceptable. Result could have been much different in reasonable weather. Bills played NE tough in their 1st game also. I foresee a BATTLE Thursday in Dallas. I like the Bills chances Thursday…

  15. Not sure why this is a story. Here’s why. I live in Dallas and even we don’t think we are all that good. Win the NFC East? yeah ok. But that is like winning the AFC East and thinking you are good. Oh wait…

    Most of us just don’t believe Garrett is the answer. But we also don’t believe he is the problem. Looking at you Jerruh.

  16. I think it’s obvious that the Cowboys will absolutely slaughter the Bills.

    This should be a lot of fun, can’t wait.

  17. Well, I’m sad to say, I hope the Cowboys lose to force a change. When you’re record as a HC is so far below .500 when playing winning teams it shows that you are just an average coach and can’t beat good coaches. Garrett is what he is. Which is fine, he’s a great guy, but just not a winner. Bring on change…just for change sake. With players this good, a good coach should do something with them.

  18. joebailey2040 says:
    November 26, 2019 at 7:22 pm

    I find it interesting that the 6-4 Cowboys lost to the defending SB champs, 9-1 Patriots, 13-9, up in New England where the Patriots rarely lose, in a rain storm, and everyone says fire the coach. Whereas, the 6-4 Rams got torched 45-6 at homeby the 8-2 Ravens, and the great Sean McVay gets a pass?


    Totally understand where you’re coming from, Joe. One slight difference is McVay took his team to the SB last year. We’ve been dancing to the same song for 10 years. As in ONE DECADE.

  19. Hear this same story EVERY year. The Cowboys have so much “talent” and yet win nothing of consequence. Same narrative for 20 years. Media types are either dumb or gullible. The real story would be if media called them what they are. An average to above average team. “Elite” teams actually manage to beat teams with winning records.

  20. Cowboy fan for life, but I want the Bills to win and win big. And also every other as me until Jason Garrett is fired.

  21. Garrets safe (for now)! The Bills are lousy when it comes to defending agaimst the pass ! The Cowboys have 3 rabbits in Cooper Gallup Cobbs (then throw in the TEs or Pollard out the backfield) Any doubles on Cooper opens the revolving door to the ENDZOME for Gallup and Cobb !

  22. Just hoping that America’s team is going to be whopped by America’s Blue Collar Team….

  23. Ever since the Cowboys lost to the Jets and players seem to ignore and refuse Garretts attempts at hand shakes and high fives from his players coming off the field, it’s been apparent they don’t want to play for him. They probably see this as their golden opportunity to get him canned.

    Bills: 27
    Cowboys: 13

  24. skcrooged says:
    November 26, 2019 at 8:54 pm
    Geez, Mike, let them play the game first.
    The Bills will kill ’em!


    Really? And how are they going to do that? The Cowboys just went up to Foxborough and lost to the Super Bowl champs 13-9. The Bills will be lucky to even eek out a win.

  25. I believe Jerry has only fired one head coach mid season in the 20 yrs he has owned the team so it is unlikely that Garrett gets the boot Friday regardless of the outcome of the game. My guess is that Dallas will be highly motivated to win Thursday. This is Jerry trying to give the team kick in the butt. Will be very interesting to see happens. Buffalo has to travel on a short week so there’s that. Not a Dallas fan, but usually the more desperate team has the edge. What does Buffalo really have to play for? NE wins the division and Buff pretty much has the 5 seed wrapped up.

  26. Ever since Bill Parcells left Dallas, the coaches they’ve hired have been puppets.
    Jerry Jones should stop meddling and just write the checks.
    Hire a head coach to actually coach, not to be a yes man.

  27. The only thing sadder than the Cowboys winning the NFCE at 8-8 is the Bills possibly playing a road playoff game against a team with a worse record.


    This happens all the time and its been this way forever. Win your division and get a home game. Just in the AFC alone since 2015:
    2018 Chargers 12-4, 2016 Raiders 12-4, 2015 Chiefs 11-5 (the Jets didnt even make the playoffs with a 10-6 record because Houston won their division at 9-7)….all those teams had a better record than a division winner but had to go on the road for a wildcard game.

  28. The Cowboys look great one week, the next week not so much. Last week looked like a down week. After last weeks loss and JJs comments about Garrett, I think we will see one of their better games Thursday. They are also at home, on national TV (they always are so not sure how much that matters), and I think Cooper might be motivated as well after getting shut out last week. Maybe even the bogus tripping penalties will motivate them, if they feel they got robbed last week.

  29. Bad timing for Dallas to have Buffalo on deck. Very physical team that plays it close to the vest.

    I can see Garret getting antsy in a tight game and trying to force some plays…

  30. He should have taken the Ravens job when offered. Good or bad, at least he would have been a real head coach not tied to Jerry’s whipping post.

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