Cowboys players aren’t worried about Jerry Jones’ criticism of coaching staff

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Most of the Cowboys professed ignorance at having heard about Jerry Jones’ criticism of the coaching staff after Sunday’s game. Jones didn’t back down on his radio show Tuesday.

Whether the players have heard Jones’ comments or not really is neither here nor there. They can’t change their record. All they can do is get ready to play the Bills on Thursday.

“Even if we have, we can’t worry about that,” cornerback Jourdan Lewis said Tuesday. “We’ve got to play a game on Thursday. I mean, that’s our main focus. At the end of the day, as a player, especially we’ve got to lock in, and we’ve our hands full enough with some of these guys. We’ve got a lot of guys we’ve got to worry about besides some of that stuff.”

Zack Martin said it isn’t a big distraction in Dallas, because something always is going on in Dallas.

“Being part of the Dallas Cowboys, there is so much stuff every week that you kinda get used to it,” the All-Pro right guard said. “I think this locker room does a good job of not getting caught up with that kind of stuff and moving on.”

Jason Garrett’s job future is in the players’ hands. They will need to win the NFC East and have some playoff success, based on the comments of the owner and executive vice president Stephen Jones.

The Cowboys have yet to beat a team with a winning record, going 0-4 against the Packers, Saints, Vikings and Patriots. They get another chance against the Bills.

Garrett was put on notice when the Cowboys didn’t extend his contract before the start of the season. His hot seat got hotter Sunday, though, with Jerry Jones publicly criticizing him.

“I think that everyone’s entitled to their own opinion,” center Travis Frederick said. “As the owner of a team, you certainly have the right to express that opinion. I think we live in a world where you get a lot of microphones in your face a lot and you get a chance to talk and say the things that you want to say. I don’t know exactly what was said, and quite frankly it doesn’t matter. You get to form whatever opinion that you like to form.”

Jerry Jones’ opinion is the only one that matters in Dallas.