Doug Marrone isn’t making any changes to his coaching staff

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The Jaguars fired offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett with five games left in the 2018 season, but they aren’t planning any big moves on the coaching staff with five games left in this season.

That was the word from head coach Doug Marrone on Monday. Defensive coordinator Todd Wash is the coach under the microscope this time as the Jags run defense has fallen apart during their three-game losing streak. They have allowed 699 rushing yards to the Texans, Colts and Titans in blowout losses that have pushed them out of playoff contention.

Marrone said “you have to look at the staff and see if there’s someone that can do it better” in order to make a change at this point in the year. He doesn’t see that kind of upgrade on hand this season.

“I don’t believe there’s a change I can make right now that would make sense for me — or this team — to help us win,” Marrone said, via the team’s website.

The Jaguars made a similar decision with Marrone, General Manager Dave Caldwell and executive vice president for football operations Tom Coughlin after a disappointing 2018 season. One imagines that it is unlikely to play out the same way if things don’t take a big turn for the better in the coming weeks.

13 responses to “Doug Marrone isn’t making any changes to his coaching staff

  1. If he needs or wants a defensive coordinator change or upgrade he should put in a call to the volatile former Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini He’s a human fireworks show personality-wise, but he knows defense at the college and pro level and how to coach it!

  2. Most football fans in Buffalo were happy but surprised when Moron quit by text. He’s the Jags problem now….Good luck Jacksonville…

  3. Further proof that Marrone knows he’s toast. Letting his assistants play out the stretch with him.

    The day after the season is over, Shad Khan needs to prove he is serious about winning and fire everyone. Including Tom Coughlin.

  4. Nah, that they were willing to keep Marrone and he simply no longer wanted the job tells you all you need to know about that sorry organization. Mindlessly spout “karma” all you want, you’re still an average team at best (a shameful 24 years removed from your last playoff win) and you’ll never win anything worth talking about with McDermott and Allen leading the way so just accept that.

  5. Honestly, Marrone is fine. He is a mediocre coach that is having his legs cut out from under him by the front office. They scared off Telvin Smith, Allen Robinson, Jalen Ramsey and gave money to Blake Bortles, Andrew Norwell and Nick Foles. They have a QB on the roster who was lighting it up, but they are busy trying to save face and their own jobs…

  6. Khan needs to spend some money on this coaching staff. Jags need a very experianced HC that has a strong leadership presence. Im very impressed with what John Harbaugh has done with his team.

  7. Only thing that seems to be certain is Marrone & Company are history after the last game.
    They’ve had their chance.

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