Jets on verge of falling out of top 10 in 2020 NFL Draft order

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The Jets aren’t going to make the playoffs or anything, but suddenly, they can’t stop winning.

And their three-game winning streak has them on the verge of falling out of the top 10 in the category they need the most.

If the season ended today, the winless Bengals (0-11) would hold the top spot in next year’s selection order. Also, a lot of people would be saying: “Why did the NFL season end the Tuesday after Week 12?”

The Giants, 2-9 and losers of seven in a row, are in the second position this week, followed by the Dolphins (2-9), and Washington (2-9, congrats, take a selfie).

The Broncos (3-9) sit in the fifth spot based on this week’s standings, followed by the Falcons (3-8), Lions (3-7-1), Cardinals (3-7-1), the Jaguars (4-7), and the Jets.

Gang Green’s entering a stretch of games which could really impact the order of next year’s draft, as they play the Bengals (with the return of quarterback Andy Dalton) and the Dolphins the next two weeks.

15 responses to “Jets on verge of falling out of top 10 in 2020 NFL Draft order

  1. Good just keep winning. I’m tired of saying or wanting let’s loose so we get a high pick. The jets need to win games now darnold needs to win the coach needs to win. Let’s go boys finish the season strong. Now you will be able to draft a wider variety of players plus we got that really high 3rd from the giants for Leo thanks again for that one

  2. a winning culture is more important than draft position.

    Look back at the first round picks of any draft from about 5 years ago and note how many are no longer on the same team

  3. Unless you have the #1 pick, and there’s a Peyton Manning or John Elway out there, it doesn’t matter when you pick. It matters more how you evaluate the college players. The Jets have their QB. They have a solid foundation. Now they just need to add solid players, and you can do that in every round if you have a good personnel chief.

  4. The Jets don’t need a quarterback, so it doesn’t matter. It’s more important to win. They also still have a shot (albeit a slim one) of making the playoffs.

  5. If you root for your team to lose for draft order, there is something wrong with you.

    I’m a Giants fan and I hope the win out. I don’t enjoy watching them lose. EVER. I do understand that 50% of the All Pros come from the top 16 picks but it falls where it falls whether I root for them to win or lose.

    Spend a year rooting against your team and they pick a bust, then what?

    I do believe the vast majority of fans root for their team to win. I’d bet 99% of Bengals fans don’t want an Ofer.

  6. Actually they still have chance for playoffs n professional athletes aren’t going to tank n it’s easier for coaches to tank basketball games than football games….next!

  7. “And their three-game winning streak has them on the verge of falling out of the top 10 in the category they need the most.”

    So instead of saying something POSITIVE about the winning streak, let’s bash them for winning… got it.

  8. 1/4 of the players won’t be around next year (retirements, FA, trades, etc.) so NOBODY in football tanks for the draft, especially when the majority won’t be around when the draft pick actually becomes good enough to help in Year 2 or 3.

    And young players currently on rookie contracts won’t “tank” because that’ll affect their performance numbers and hurt their chances for a second, more lucrative contract.

    This isn’t the NBA where one player can drastically flip things around. Tank talk is just stupid, as the hit/miss rate even in the 1st round is 50%.

  9. It’s not easy being a Patriots fan as they are never in a position to get a top ten pick.

    Patriots fans have it hard too.

  10. Finally starting to fly after a delayed takeoff.
    E.T.A.: Too late for their preferred destination.

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