Packers promote a tackle from practice squad

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The Packers may be without right tackle Bryan Bulaga for a few weeks, so they’re calling up reinforcements.

Via Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Packers are promoting Yosh Nijman to the active roster

The undrafted rookie from Virginia Tech was in camp with them all summer and has spent the season on the practice squad.

Bulaga will miss some time with the knee injury he suffered Sunday night, though it’s not thought to be season-ending.

20 responses to “Packers promote a tackle from practice squad

  1. After the way those refs stole that game from GB they need to do SOMETHING for reinforcement. Should have been 58-6 Packers. We all know it.

  2. Yosh is actually filling Cole Madison’s spot on the roster and provides depth.

    LaFleur and staff may choose to move Billy Turner out to RT and insert Lucas Patrick at RG for the couple weeks that Bulaga is out. Or start Alex Light at RT. Bulaga is week to week. It won’t be more than 2 weeks that he is out.

  3. Won’t matter. This team is going nowhere. I told you guys. Cheap wins. Favorable calls. They don’t last. And it makes the downfall worse.

    Unbearable, actually.

  4. The entire OLine was getting tossed around like rag dolls Sunday. Unless they can fix the other four spots too, the person at Right Tackle isn’t going to matter much one way or the other.

  5. The oft injured RT Bulaga should have been replaced years ago. TT and now Gutey asleep during the off season.

  6. Packers offered Steelers a straight-up trade Rodgers for Mason Rudolph. Steelers said no as it wouldn’t upgrade their backup QB position.

  7. crownofthehelmet says:
    November 26, 2019 at 11:09 pm
    Packers offered Steelers a straight-up trade Rodgers for Mason Rudolph. Steelers said no as it wouldn’t upgrade their backup QB position.

    Yawn. The Steelers wouldn’t want the guy that moon-walked them in Super Bowl XLV on his way to the MVP trophy. They need to stick with their poor choices and make them work.

  8. “Aaron Rodgers’ Career Has Been Defined By Not Elevating His Teammates. I called him the Russell Westbrook of the NFL on your show but I was wrong, he’s actually the AUSTIN RIVERS of the NFL… I’m really disappointed, and at some point, if you’re this guy everyone says you are you should be able to elevate your squad. ”
    -bucky brooks

  9. Packers fans live off what A A Ron has done, not his current season. Just like a gal who does the walk of shame, they are always hoping praying he will step up and call. MVP talk? Not even close, especially when a division rivals QB has better numbers and has been more consistent in his play over the past 7 games. Yes I know 7 games dont make a season but you cannot deny Jackson and Wilson. After the 9ers debacle at least the Vikibgs QB stepped up and fought back. Vikes QB can man up take responsibility rather than place blame. Rodgers best days are behind him. Look for a blockbuster trade to New England after Brady retires.

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