Sean McVay on Jalen Ramsey-Marcus Peters disagreement: That’s what competitors do

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Sean McVay said he had not talked to Jalen Ramsey and didn’t know much about the Rams cornerback’s run-in with former Rams cornerback Marcus Peters after Monday night’s game.

“I haven’t spoken to him,” McVay said Tuesday. “I addressed the team. We talked about a couple of things today. We’ve been getting ready for Arizona. [Communications director] Artis [Twyman] had mentioned [it] to me before we started here. And then, I saw those guys talking when I was walking off the field, but by the time I had circled back, they were separated and really that’s kind of all I had seen about that.”

The Rams traded Peters to the Ravens before the trade deadline and then traded with Jacksonville for Ramsey. Peters came out on top Monday night with a team-high eight tackles, an interception and a pass breakup in the Ravens’ 45-6 win.

Peters mimicked Ramsey’s celebration on the sideline and later clowned him from the sideline. Ramsey approached Peters postgame and the two exchanged pleasantries. They later had to be separated as they exited the field.

Someone asked McVay if their disagreement “falls in the same category as the Steelers and Browns fight?” The Rams coach was flabbergasted.

“What, just them talking back and forth? I’m not sure,” McVay said. “Guys have fun. That’s a part of it. What we always talk about is, as long as what goes on doesn’t take away from what we are trying to get done as a team, those are things that competitors [do], they go back and forth, but I think that’s a little bit of a different scenario than kind of what occurred in that game.”