Steelers deny that Myles Garrett jerseys will be banned on Sunday at Heinz Field

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The Browns are coming to Pittsburgh on Sunday. Which means that Browns fans are coming to Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field on Sunday. Which means that many of them surely will be wearing Myles Garrett jerseys on Sunday.

On Tuesday, the Steelers denied reports that Garrett jerseys will be banned from the venue.

“A source close to the situation (me) confirmed these reports are absolutely false,” Steelers Director of Communications Burt Lauren said Tuesday on Twitter, via Mary Kay Cabot of

Likewise, the league denied that notion that the Browns-Steelers game was moved from 4:25 p.m. ET to 1:00 p.m. ET to reduce the likelihood that day-long alcohol intake will lead to ugly incidents between Browns and Steelers fans outside and inside the stadium where the game will be played.

“We had been in discussions for weeks about flexing the Chiefs-Raiders game to 4:25 p.m., before the incident [between the Browns and Steelers],” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Cabot. “When we made this announcement during a Monday night game the Chiefs were playing in, the Raiders were on a three-game winning streak and the top two teams in the AFC West were 6-4.”

Even if the goal was to alter the circumstances in order to provide less daylight hours for pre-game imbibing, it was smart. And there’s no reason for the league to tell the world of concerns that Browns and Steelers fans will fight, since airing out those concerns could make it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Regardless, the ingredients will be in place for a potentially toxic stew between Browns and Steelers fans, and a full bottle of hot sauce could come from Browns fans wearing Garrett jerseys and/or other items of clothing aimed at baiting Steelers fans who remain upset over Garrett removing the helmet of Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and bashing him over the head with it.

15 responses to “Steelers deny that Myles Garrett jerseys will be banned on Sunday at Heinz Field

  1. There will be very little to no incidents of violence at Heinz field. Both teams fans know how to behave themselves. This isn’t some coastal teams match up. Most people will have jobs to go to on Monday and aren’t interested in spending the night in jail.

  2. bad move nfl. if garret is banned then his jersey should be to. this opens the door to miles sneaking into the stadium as a fan, running onto the field, and joining his temmates on defense and causing another incident. for everyones safety all jerseys (of both teams) and upper body covering should be banned. period.

  3. Garrett won’t be there and all the fan jerseys in the world cannot change the result on the field like he possibly could have. His absence will have a trickle down effect on the rest of the Browns defense. So the perfect revenge for this Steeler fan is to beat the Browns and have them and Garrett wondering what might have been.

  4. This will be a tough game for Pitt. The last thing they want to do is fall to what looks to be a suddenly dangerous team. Judging from the past, I can see Steelers fans making life difficult for anyone wearing a Garrett jersey.

  5. The banning of any players jersey is just plain dumb, and I don’t believe any of those rumors. That was probably put out there by some fan, and once again the social media craze made a complete fabrication somehow a reality, and the Steelers had to make a statement to quell the nonsense. Welcome to the social media age….Oh by the way I know where Jimmy Hoffa is just ask me

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