David Johnson admits not having a role is both “frustrating” and “hard”

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David Johnson‘s $9.75 million cap number this season is the highest at his position in the entire league. Yet, he no longer even is a starter on his own team.

In fact, he hardly has played since the Cardinals acquired Kenyan Drake.

Now, with Chase Edmonds returning from an injury, Johnson’s role is even more cloudy.

“It’s obviously been hard,” Johnson said, via Kyle Odegard of the team website. “In the past, I was in the majority of the snaps. It’s been rough. I’ve just got to move past it and make the most of every opportunity.”

Since returning from an ankle injury that kept him out in Week Nine against the 49ers, Johnson has played 36 snaps in two games and has six touches for 10 yards and a fumble.

In the Cardinals’ most recent game, Johnson played nine snaps and got no touches.

Johnson talked to the coaches but said he received no clarification on his role.

Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim said “who knows” when asked on his radio show on 98.7 FM whether the team had enough snaps for Drake, Edmonds and Johnson, adding, “Maybe we’ll get all three on the field at one time. . . . We’ll see if we can go with the Four Horsemen approach.”

Johnson, who turns 28 next month, earned All-Pro honors in 2016. A wrist injury limited him to one game in 2017, and he averaged only 3.6 yards in 16 games last season.

Johnson believes he is the same player he was in 2016.

“If you’re any football player, they all want to be on the field as much as possible,” Johnson said. “It’s rough, but it’s football. There’s always adversity. It’s really just how you handle it.”

9 responses to “David Johnson admits not having a role is both “frustrating” and “hard”

  1. First half of the this season says he can produce. If he more effective than Drake and Edmonds now? The film says no. Hopefully he can help the rest of the season. Cardinals have been fun to watch at times.

  2. Biggest problem with Johnson’s situation is that the Cardinals appear to have been less than straightforward with in terms of his devolving role. Once you’ve decided to phase a player out for the most part you should be honest with them. It’s fairly ridiculous for Kingsbury to continually state Johnson still has a definite role in their offense when he obviously doesn’t.

  3. $39 million dollar man needs to earn his reps. He hasn’t done that in two and a half years. Cardinals mistakenly paid him and sold him to the Red Sea community. He’s not the answer. Stands around, doesn’t block, when he doesn’t get the ball. When he gets the ball, he doesn’t protect it. Once paid he quit playing hard. Selfish. No commitment to the team. Why is this loser still being interviewed? I get it. He just wants to walk away with more money than he ever thought he’d ever see, have his health, and be with his family. Okay. But it’s not going to make the Cardinals relevant or entertaining.

  4. These players today, most sign the big contract and then they aren’t worth a damn until their next contract year!

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