Earl Thomas: Whoever Ravens play in Super Bowl will be in trouble

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The Ravens will host the 49ers on Sunday afternoon and it’s not hard to find references to the game being a potential Super Bowl preview.

Baltimore is 9-2 with a win over the Patriots while the 49ers are 10-1 and currently holding the top spot in the NFC. There are still five more regular season games and an entire playoff slate to play out, which is why Ravens coach John Harbaugh said Wednesday that “nobody’s crowned” until February.

Safety Earl Thomas had a different response when asked a question about a possible rematch in Miami.

“You think the 49ers are going to the Super Bowl?” Thomas said, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN.com. “It could be. Let’s see. . . . When the Super Bowl comes, whoever we play, they’re going to be in trouble.”

Depending on which sportsbook one uses, the Ravens and Patriots are currently installed as the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The two teams are also heavy favorites to win the AFC title, so Thomas and company may need to win one rematch in order to set up a second.

35 responses to “Earl Thomas: Whoever Ravens play in Super Bowl will be in trouble

  1. Sure. We all saw the same MVP hype for RGIII. How’d that turn out? A running QB cannot be sustained in the NFL. Maybe over a short period of time (like now), but the odds are high that the legs will give way to injury.

  2. My goodness. Can’t wait for the Ravens fans to try to tell us, this somehow isn’t bulletin board material.

    Boy oh boy, it’s gonna be sweet to see them collapse.

  3. Thomas is an idiot already looking past the playoffs and acting like he and the ravens already won the superbowl. I like the ravens but don’t care for earl Thomas. He’s an immature disrespectful selfish diva.

  4. It’s cool that he’s confident but showing no respect for rest of AFC? not a good idea. Proving it on the field is more valuable than this type of nonsense.

  5. my_old_name_was_offensive says:

    Having played for that Dynasty in Seattle…Earl recognizes one when he sees one…


    Dynasty in Seattle? Keyword being ‘one’.

  6. my_old_name_was_offensive says:
    November 27, 2019 at 2:51 pm
    Having played for that Dynasty in Seattle…Earl recognizes one when he sees one…

    Winning one Superbowl and losing Another one is not considered a Dynasty.The only thing he recognizes from the Seahawks is how to open his mouth

  7. Should be a good one. Don’t like the east coast game but defense usually travels and the weather should be a great equalizer for both teams. Win or lose I would be happy to walk away healthy this late in the season. Can’t wait for Sunday. Go Niners.

  8. LOL…Might as well crown them now because Earl Thomas, former member of a 1 year dynasty has spoken.

    Goodell will probably cancel the rest of the season.

  9. Thank you Earl. Anything the Niners can use is appreciated. Be prepared to watch a real D play on Sunday.

  10. I believe it’s a year too early. Oh, you’ve had a nice run, in the middle of the season. But playing QB isn’t an on/off switch. It’s a slow momentum and experience kind of thing. You think playoff teams aren’t just a little better at studying film and making adjustments? You’re about to find out.

  11. Well, that about guarantees they lose this weekend.

    Hopefully a loss teaches them a bit of humility before playoff time, where they will likely face a tough road facing the Chiefs and Patriots if they are going to get to the Super Bowl. They can do it, but better to go out there and do it than talk about it like you’ve already accomplished something. 9 wins doesn’t get you anything in the NFL.

  12. The teams that will play in the super bowl have at least 8 more games to play this season, possibly 9. That’s a long time in the NFL.

  13. In the 2011 season the Patriots ended up in the AFC Championship game against Baltimore. Gronk was injured in the win. He was just a decoy in the Super Bowl against the Giants, couldn’t prevent Chase Blackburn from making a game changing interception or do anything else and the Patriots lost a close game. Do they lose with a healthy Gronk? Maybe, but that was a big blow to their chances.

    Until the clock reads triple zeros in the Super Bowl anything can happen.

  14. Something about the way things are unfolding for the Chiefs.. do they get healthy and peak at the right time? A team with an offense that potent is a problem.

  15. Why? Seriously…why would he put this out there?

    I don’t discount the Ravens will be playing on Championship Sunday for the Super Bowl, and could win the AFC…even playing in New England.

    Buy why? Why would you give the greatest QB and head coach in NFL history bulletin board material in a horrible offensive year for the Patriots?

    I have a strong feeling we might be re-visiting this quote here in 60 days.

  16. Love the comment…..Looking forward to the game this week where ET gets to show Sherm how much better the Ravens are than the NFC West Leading SF 49’rs…..However, I have to wonder if ET realizes he is about to play a regular season game, not the SB? Maybe he just wanted to try and fire up the 9’rs? If other teammates are Looking passed this game, as well as their remaining schedule and playoff games, they may be making a huge mistake.

  17. It’s good to see the Baltimore tradition of annoying self-absorbed defensive players is still going strong.

  18. I love it. They’re dominant and no one can stop them. If they have that attitude so be it. Go get em Ravens!

  19. You could tell this team is in love with itself. Heck, Jackson dances like a chicken all over the place after he scores, hey look me. Pathetic that anyone is placing them in the SB with all the regular season left, oh and the playoffs. What a moron, says anyone with a brain.

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