Rams try to bounce back quickly from blowout

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The worst thing about the never-ending grind of an NFL season is that there’s no time to enjoy a big win. The best thing about it is that there’s no time to wallow in an ugly loss.

For the Rams, who suffered their worst loss ever at L.A. Coliseum on Monday night, the next train already is rolling down the tracks in the form of a Sunday date with the Cardinals.

“[I]t’s about just getting ready for the next game,” coach Sean McVay told reporters on Tuesday, a less catchy version of the “on to Cincinnati” mantra. “Whatever the circumstances are that we’re dealing with, that really doesn’t change. If anything, I think that the best thing that you can do to try to move forward from that is you focus on, ‘All right what are the things that we can control and being where our feet are planted?’ You’ve got to consistently do that. That’s really all we can do. What happened [Monday] night was unfortunate. It’s not anything that any of us want to be a part of when you put the work in that we do to try to have a better result on the field. You give the Ravens credit, they did a great job, they’re a great football team. But what happened in that game is not going to be an indication of what we have an opportunity to do against the Cardinals. That’s really, that’s the truth. You just look at the week-to-week things that occur in this league. As long as you have the ability and a positive way of moving forward and not letting that deter your ability to move forward and get those things fixed. We feel confident that that’s not a representation of what our football team is capable of and what we’ll hopefully put on tape in the next couple weeks.”

So what was different about Monday night that made it not an indication of what the Rams are capable of doing?

“Well, I think you saw what was different about it,” said McVay, who actually seemed shell-shocked during his postgame press conference following the 45-6 loss. “It was a game that we got outplayed in every phase. They did a great job. That was something that has not been a game that we’ve really been a part of, but that is something that occurs. I’ve seen a lot of instances where teams are a part of that on the wrong end of it and they find a way to bounce back and be resilient. That’s what tough people do, that’s what I do believe that this team is made of. That’s what’s great about sports is you got the opportunity. Anybody that’s had any sort of success in sports, I think, you’ve seen them overcome some adversity — different forms and fashion. But what you have to do is, you have to move forward. Those times don’t last unless you allow them to. I can promise you we’re not going to allow that to continue to fester with us, and it’s going to be something that we look at as that adversity is an opportunity for us to respond the right way.”

The Rams definitely have had their share of adversity this year. After going 13-3 a year ago, they’re now 6-5 and two games out in the chase for the sixth and final playoff berth in the NFC and upcoming games at Arizona, vs. Seattle, at Dallas, at San Francisco, and versus the Cardinals to end the season.

5 responses to “Rams try to bounce back quickly from blowout

  1. I saw quite a few players quit in that game – time for McVay to start holding players accountable & find out who really wants to play. Also it’s time for Wade Phillips to retire – Rams defense got gouged.

  2. The only thing I enjoy more than a Baltimore loss is a Rams loss. Too bad both teams couldn’t have lost this past weekend. Unfortunately, Baltimore could well be the top seed in the AFC but it’s wonderful the Rams are headed to improving their golf game as there will be 2 feet of ice on top of hell before the Rams make the playoffs. 🙂

  3. This team was built for one season to,ideally win a Super Bowl and to help sell PSLs. The Rams as a team are what is left of that effort. A team with some very egregious contracts,very few first round draft picks and a tough division. It’s gonna be tough sledding for the next few years.

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