Tom Coughlin: “I offer no excuses” for our record

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Jaguars executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin made a rare appearance at the podium for a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the way the 2019 season has unfolded.

Coughlin opened the session by saying “I offer no excuses” for the team’s 4-7 record before moving on to a plea to have “everyone onboard pulling in the same direction” as the team tries to win their final five games of the year. That included a call for fans to give the team a strong advantage during their final three home games of the year.

Speaking to those fans, Coughlin said the team needs them “very badly” and spent a portion of his opening statement rattling off a variety of positives about the team. That included a mention of having multiple first-round picks in 2020 as a result of the Jalen Ramsey trade, but Coughlin declined to comment on what led to the Ramsey trade when asked about it later in the press conference.

Coughlin also fielded questions about his future, the future of head coach Doug Marrone, the future of quarterback Nick Foles and whether the team will try to re-sign defensive end Yannick Ngakoue. The exact wording varied, but his answer to the Ngakoue question — “We have five games to play and everyone has a lot to prove.” — was pretty much what he had to say about all of those topics.

Coughlin stressed that the team has a chance to have a winning record if they sweep their final five games. That’s true, but it is also unlikely and that likely leaves a lot of decisions for the Jaguars to make about what direction they want to take this offseason.

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  1. That’s admirable Tom. But some of it is not necessarily your fault. Why do these owners think they can just pick anyone to run a personnel department? He’s was a damn good coach, but what qualifies him to run personnel? Would you want the best optometrist in the world to perform your heart surgery?? I think some of these owners think it’s fantasy football. Any former player (Lynch), former coach (Coughlin) can just run personnel. If that’s the case why do scouts cut their teeth for 15-20 years learning personnel, only to be passed over by someone with no experience in that particular sector??

  2. When the Jaguars blew that Championship game to Patriots, all the air went out of that team. Last year was a disaster with Fournette going MIA, and then they sign, and lose Foles to injury, before Ramsey goes MIA. At least Minshew was a nice surprise.

  3. i’d say Lynch has done a pretty stellar job in san francisco based on where they were and where they are right now.

  4. No shame Tom, your team won their Super Bowl against the Patriots week 2 last year.

    What else do you want?

  5. Tom Coughlin is a hall of fame coach with a resume of incredible accomplishments, but the reality is those accomplishments ceased about 2012. Since then he’s either lost touch with today’s players, run out of energy or the game has simply passed him by.

  6. @ AutonomousThinker7 – Jags actually initially interviewed him for HC and prob wanted him for the way he helped start the Jags expansion with such success as much as subsequent time at Giants. Coughlin set up the Jags as coach, gm, and exec in that year setting up the staff and hiring players thru free agency and draft. He isn’t “just” a 2-time SB winning HC.

  7. Yannick has nothing left to prove. If they bungle that contract situation up fans will be livid.
    If Coughlin (Or Caldwell, or Doug Marrone, and especially Todd Wash) still have their jobs come February, 2020 is gonna be a hard sell to fans, no matter how many draft picks you have.

  8. Tom wasn’t not AT the podium. He was ON the podium. It’s a platform that speakers stand on. It comes from the same word as podiatry. Tom was at the LECTERN!

  9. As a Jags fan I will always be appreciative of TC. His attempt to build a team to beat the Pats like he did with the Giants is his downfall. Drafting defensive lineman when good quarterbacks and skill players are available just proves he only knows one formula which has passed him by. Just because a lucky catch is your hallmark win does not mean it is the formula to win. Sadly I believe it is time to go to expand the great work you do in the community. Let a creative leader help this team at least stay relevant.

  10. One of the things that has hurt this team the last four seasons is the lack of a great receiver. I know AB is a headache, but if Coughlin could take a chance and light a fire under him, this team could do better.

  11. when your highest cap player is a left guard, you have serious issues.

    When your second highest cap player is an overpaid corner, you have serious issues.

    They have been signing and paying guys who are not difference makers. Losing Foles was terrible, but QB is not their biggest issue.

  12. nflhistorybuff68 says:
    November 27, 2019 at 2:19 pm
    Coughlin is 2-2 against NE when it counts, Dualprime.
    He lost the 96/97 AFC championship and 2017 game with the Jags
    *mic drop*

  13. Tom and Doug tandem – Seriously doubting if Caldwell can survive. Don’t know if Shad is a good owner. I think he needs to find the best football exec he can, who lives in the 21st century. And let them hire anew.

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