Cole Beasley: I’m glad I’m in a place where they believe in me

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If Cole Beasley was on your Fantasy bench today, you don’t know Cole Beasley at all. It was given the former Cowboys receiver and current Bills receiver would have a big game.

Beasley caught six passes for 110 yards and a touchdown in the Bills’ 26-15 victory over the Cowboys. It was his best game since he had nine catches for 112 yards and two touchdowns against Philadelphia on Nov, 8, 2015, when he still played for the Cowboys.

“It feels great, man,” Beasley said. “I’m just glad I’m in a place [where] coaches believe in me, teammates believe in me and they give me opportunities to do what I do. I was telling everybody before the game, I’m just glad I’m on this side while we’re here. It’s been a great experience and everybody else played their butts off and got win number nine. That’s the most important thing, so I’m just glad to take another step forward.”

Beasley never has held his tongue and didn’t leave Dallas quietly after seven seasons. He claimed the Cowboys’ front office directs where the ball goes and said the Bills value the slot position more than the Cowboys.

That much was obvious when the Bills signed Beasley to a four-year, $29 million deal. The Cowboys replaced him with Randall Cobb, who had three catches for 53 yards Thursday.

“Beasley showed us that he was a top player,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said postgame. “We always thought he was a hell of a player. We just thought he cost too much.”

Beasley was worth every penny Thursday, and of course, Beasley intimated he’s in a better place now.

“Man, there’s a bond here that I don’t think can happen in many places just with the way it’s kind of set up,” said Beasley, who grew up in the Dallas area, played at SMU and signed with the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent. “It’s a different kind of brotherhood here, and we’re always together. Our kids are together — the coaches, the players, everything. It’s really a unique and awesome thing that we have here in Buffalo, and I know my family has loved every bit of it. That’s part of why I said I’d play here until the wheels fall off.”

15 responses to “Cole Beasley: I’m glad I’m in a place where they believe in me

  1. Excuse me Cole but you wouldn’t even be in the league right now if it wasn’t for the Cowboys believing in you. You came into camp your rookie year and wanted to quit football and Jason Garrett gave you the unusual opportunity to go home for a few days and think about it and let you come back. You made the team and the rest is history. You are one of my favorite players but the statements your quotes about a team that believes in you were low class.

  2. Cole Beasley, the traitor. Dude, you wouldn’t be in the league if the Cowboys didn’t give you a chance. Look you had a good game (clap, clap), but the wheels will fall off once you face the Ravens or Patriots, who will hold you to 1 catch and your whining will begin again.

  3. Us Cowboy fans can bag him all we want… he got the last laugh for sure. We embarrassed ourselves today.

  4. Dallas believed in him from the start, helped develop him, gave him a nice second contract, and otherwise made good use of him for many years. When he became a little discontented with the way he was used, he started mouthing off, all while seeking more money than he’s worth (he’s worth a solid deal, but not what he got from Buffalo, which often has to overpay somewhat to draw FAs). He had no qualms with throwing his own QB under the bus, claiming that the team’s WRs (aka him) were “getting open” and not part of the problem, even though actual measurements said otherwise. Then, once he was on the way out, he really burned all his old bridges and made things out to be magically much worse than they had been before.

    Beasley is the worst kind of professional athlete personality, the guy who pretends to be a grinder who is about the team but then reveals to be only about himself. He had every right to seek the best payday he could get and could have moved on from Dallas gracefully, but he revealed to be a true jerk with an inflated sense of his own ability.

  5. Sounds like Beasley may still have some growing up to do.
    Course, it may never happen.
    Not too very long ago, bad-mouthing your former employer in public was widely thought to be poor form, but in today’s culture it is widely encouraged and thought to be cool.

    Hard to imagine the Bill’s front office hasn’t noticed however and it would be surprising if they think it’s cool even if they pretend otherwise.

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