David DeCastro was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct in first Browns-Steelers game

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After the fracas that occurred in the fourth quarter of the Week 11 game between the Browns and Steelers, the NFL released the names of 33 players who were fined and/or suspended for their actions during the game.

Steelers right guard David DeCastro was not on that list, but it appears he should have been on the roll call of disciplined players. DeCastro said on Wednesday that he was fined over $14,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct — $14,037 is the fine for first offenses of that variety — as a result of his actions in that game.

DeCastro said he has not heard an explanation for the fine from the league. He was in the fray as Browns defensive end Myles Garrett went after Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and when Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey went after Garrett. He wound up on top of Garrett on the ground and Garrett credited DeCastro with keeping others off him as things broke down on the field.

“I can’t wait to hear the explanation for trying to break up a fight,” DeCastro said, via ESPN.com. “But I guess it’s some dumb rule in the NFL where you can’t be a peacemaker.”

DeCastro can appeal the fine and perhaps he’ll get the explanation he’s looking for through that process.

20 responses to “David DeCastro was fined for unsportsmanlike conduct in first Browns-Steelers game

  1. The NFL referees are fully capable of breaking up fights between players. DeCastro obviously just wanted to get a few jabs in. Typical behavior from a Pittsburgh resident, and then he tries to cover it up saying he was “helping.”

  2. “Peacemaker” while holding down Garrett as his buddy Pouncey wails on him and delivers a few good kicks…

    Someone should explain to DeCastro that a peacemaker would be holding your own players back and not confronting or pulling at opposition players. Tomlin was being a “peacemaker” by yanking at ONLY Steelers players and telling them to go back to the bench area.

  3. LOL! Even Garrett thanked DeCastro for trying to break it up, and keep other guys off of him. So, yeah, why the fine? I think the NFL went a little fine happy. Rudolph, Garrett, Pouncey and Ogunjobi should have gotten, and did receive, stiff penalties/fines, but other guys just milling around not involved in the action, should not have been fined. IMO

  4. That is unacceptable as DeCastro was the one player acting appropriately by trying to defuse the situation created by the immaturity of Rudolph, Garrett, and Pouncey.

  5. Really sad how many comments are coming from delusional Steelers haters. DeCastro is the only reason it ended when it did. Scary how much worse it could have been.

  6. As a Cleveland fan DeCastro was the only one in the fight that should not have been punished. If one more guy had the presence of mind that DeCastro displayed the situation would never have gone as far.

  7. Sitting on a player while your blood thirsty teammate kicks his head in is not peace making. He should also come clean about what Rudolph said.

  8. Those Steelers O linemen should get a commendation for striking back. If your quarterback is getting clubbed and nobody retaliates, that would be very disappointing. First time I was ever a Mike Pouncey fan.

  9. Shouldn’t be fined. He acted in a way that was sympathetic towards Garrett, almost like “I know what he said, but it’s not worth it, just stop.” Meanwhile Pouncey jumped in the fight like a chicken head street rat trying to get in as many cheap shots as he could, and legend has it that Rudolph is somewhere with his hands up still waiting on a flag.

  10. DeCastro – Stanford
    Pouncey – Florida

    That’s all one really needs to keep in mind when viewing what went on in the fracas.

  11. The only reason Rudolph wasn’t suspended was that the NFL was trying to punish the Steelers…by making them start him. The guy is the definition of awful

  12. I am still waiting for the fines on safety Damarious Randall, cornerback Greedy Williams and safety Morgan Burnett for their illegal hits in that game.

  13. ♫ “White doves in flight
    Peace to all
    But tell me why the peacemakers fall
    Must we bury anymore?” ♫

  14. I tried to use that defense in court one time. I told the judge honest I did not do it. Guess who won. Not me! There was only one time I beat the state cops in court. When I told my side the judge looked at the cop and said is any of that true? He told her yes ma’am. She then got all over him and it got tossed out of court. Thank God he did not lie. We are now friends and will I see him we shake hands and ask things like how is your family. Turns out he is a good guy and told me it was his partner that night that started everything.

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