Is this the end for Jason Garrett?

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As the Cowboys fall to 6-6 with an embarrassing home loss on one of the biggest days of the year, the question becomes whether owner Jerry Jones will fire coach Jason Garrett.

His contract expires after the current season, and Jones’ comments in the aftermath of Sunday’s loss to the Patriots made it clear that Garrett won’t be back without a playoff berth, and possibly without a deep playoff run. Losing the first game after Jones threw down such a clear and obvious gauntlet to Garrett could be the thing that gets ownership to choose to try to salvage the season with an interim coach.

And that’s what Jones needs to decide: Can someone like Kris Richard apply the kind of fire that clearly was lacking on Thursday over the course of the final four games of the season? The Cowboys are sufficiently talented to turn it around, to get to the playoffs, and to win once they get there. Their failure to respond after Jones put Garrett on clear notice strongly suggests that nothing better than today should be expected over the final quarter of the season.

Either way, it’s worth paying close attention to anything and everything said and not said by Jerry and Stephen Jones after this one ends and tomorrow morning.

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  1. I hope not. That clears Garrett up to be the Giants head coach next year, and as a Giants fan thats the last guy I want as our coach in 2020.

  2. The cowboys are getting whooped on national tv. There an lost the ball twice ha Jerry presumptuous coach but your an he is the reason you lost last week and losing now! Bring so no back or Craig morton!

  3. It better be and for Dak aso. Not are horrible. Dak is nothing but a backup.he can’t read defense he over throws . He kills perfect running plays . It’s time to see if Cooper can play and fire Jason once and for all

  4. Even if Jason Garrett is not fired tomorrow, he is now the walking dead and he knows it. What would be the reason for keeping him after this season? Just let everyone move on with a fresh start.

  5. Jerry your quarterback is the reason your losing! Oh sorry your next tom Brady is the reason your team is losing not your coach! Bring back Craig Morton that is a improvement!

  6. Outside looking in as a Packers fan his sideline demeanor was different tonight. Starting to look a bit defeated if not indifferent and even a touch of sadness. Not the normal Garret I’ve watched as an opposing fan.

  7. Dak is a bottom 10 QB.

    Josh Allen looked like Peyton Manning against the Cowboys Defense.

    Good thing Jerry hasn’t signed the check for Dak – I would trade him.

  8. I’ve never seen a team makes so many mistakes, and in all 3 facets of the game too.

    Even the coaching and play calling was brutal. The Bills can’t stop the run and the Cowboys have the big running game, and they hardly ran the ball.

    So many mistakes that they almost the Bills look like a good team, brutal.

  9. eaglefan94 says:
    November 28, 2019 at 7:41 pm
    The NFC East is cancelled. No one deserves to win it.
    I definitely agree. Weakest division in the NFL.

  10. This Cowboys team is awful. Prescott is as bad as Goff. Without a productive running game and loads of time he doesn’t have any pocket presence in the least, continually makes off-target throws and/or into double, triple coverage. Jerruh certainly isn’t going to be happy but he built this mess, both coaches and players are all his. He’s the owner, president, GM and an assistant coach. He may also butter the popcorn and water down the beer at the concession stands for all I know. Cowboys have yet to beat a winning team. The Eagles have an easier schedule the rest of the way, with the Giants twice, Redskins and Cowboys, will win the NFC East. Dallas has scored a lot of points only b/c they played teams with really bad defenses. When they go up against an average to good D they fold like a cheap suit. Playing da Bears next Thursday night so we’ll see another offensive offensive effort.

  11. It is the end for JG unless he makes a deep playoff run. Unfortunately I think JG is falling on the sword for the QB who wants to be paid elite money but hasn’t played like it.

  12. Just wait till next year Dallas Fans….Yea just wait till next year….You’ll be great next year don’t worry Dallas fans…Yea just wait till next year….We’ve been waiting since 1996 but just wait till next year!!

  13. Jason Garrett needs to bounce back from the loss that made his boss say he got out-coached. I think the Cowboys’ offense will prove too much for the Bills’ defense.

    pick: Cowboys 28, Bills 20.

    Cowboys coach Jason Garrett seems to be at his best when he is desperate. On Thursday, he is desperate.

    pick: Cowboys 23, Bills 16.

    Nope, and nope

  14. I beg Jones to fire Garrett and let k Richards finish the season. There’s no leadership or discipline, I’m a devoted cowboys fan and I’m embarrassed right now

  15. eaglefan94 says:
    November 28, 2019 at 7:41 pm
    The NFC East is cancelled. No one deserves to win it.
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    | | | | | |

    Now that’s funny. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Cowboys fans can’t blame this loss on a tripping penalty… but I’m sure they’ll think of something else.

  17. This was one of the best Thanksgiving Day games I can remember.
    America is rejoicing – thank you Buffalo.

  18. Cowboys stink. Special teams are horrible, defense cant stop the run or cover, their offense is decent but comit a lot of penalties that kills drives. Zeke not having the year everyone expected and offense line is overrated. Same old Cowboys.

  19. Cowboys stink. Special teams are horrible, defense cant stop the run or cover, their offense is decent but comit a lot of penalties that kills drives. Zeke not having the year everyone expected and offense line is overrated. Same old Cowboys. Their only hope is to beat philly in their rematch.

  20. Before he was hired by Dallas, he, Harbaugh, Rex Ryan, and I forget who else, interviewed for the open HC in Baltimore. After the process he was #1 on the Ravens radar until Dallas ponied up more money then Baltimore wanted to pay, and Garrett stayed in Dallas then became HC in 2011. Baltimore went to choice #2 which was Harbaugh. Baltimore has numerous playoff appearances, trips to the AFCG, and won a Lombardi. Dallas, well, Garrett is the only HC to not make a Super Bowl appearance with the Cowboys and his record 3 playoff appearances and never making it past the divisional round. I think Baltimore fans should send Jerruh a BIG “Thank You” card for coming up with that money to keep him in Dallas!!!

  21. That was hard to watch after the 1st quarter. Garrett is a Jerruh puppet.

    A bigger point of concern – Dak. Missing a wide open Zeke near the goalline late in the 3rd quarter onn4th down is all you need to know. A play that had to be made to get them back in the game. A clutch QB makes that play.

  22. Was watching Jerry Jones leaving his owners suite with about a minute left. Tried to read his lips. Not sure but think he muttered “get me Lincoln Riley’s phone number and my checkbook…”

  23. Yes. He’s done. The one currency Garrett has always had is that the team does play hard for him. That’s not the case anymore. More importantly it doesn’t look like Garrett cares that much anymore. Not sure if Richard will be any better but it’s worth a look. This team isn’t going anywhere anyway. Might as well make the change now

  24. Garrett was clapping throughout this poor performance. Does no one in the cowboy organization recognize how silly he looks? He actually clapped on failed fourth down conversion that lost the game.

  25. I am not so convinced Dak is a solid franchise QB. He really has not shown me much. They need a better WR room to be better.
    They will still make playoffs by default most likely unless Philly falls flat on their faces.
    But one ans done in the playoffs.
    Jerry stuck with Garrett for way too long. They need a fresh face leading those players.

  26. Decisions that change history. This could have been the Ravens, but they hired Harbaugh. Well, it wouldn’t have been the Ravens because they would have fired Garrett by now instead of the ridiculousness that’s been Garrett’s Cowboy tenure, but you get my drift. Passing on what was the “hot coordinator” guy then for a ST coach who was the other Harbaugh while Jones overpaid to keep him then has took those franchises in two different directions the last 10 years.

  27. Don’t worry Garrett, Elway will be texting or calling you later tonight. Losing is so common in Denver, that if you lose by less than 10 it’s considered a win ! Mile high is awaiting your arrival….you’ll like it there….yeah you will !!

  28. meetingacrosstheriver says:
    November 28, 2019 at 8:06 pm
    Was watching Jerry Jones leaving his owners suite with about a minute left. Tried to read his lips. Not sure but think he muttered “get me Lincoln Riley’s phone number and my checkbook…
    u win turkey day with creativity

  29. Jerrah should trade his $35 million QB to Buffalo for Josh Allen straight up and improve the offense overnight.

  30. If Cowboys fans are serious about winning they need to stay away from Dallas’ remaining home games in protest of their owners decision to keep his loser coach who can’t beat the good teams it’s that simple

  31. Not a Cowboys fan, but I must say, they’re not a bad team. Hate to see anyone get fired but the team needs a new voice. ‘Coach Riley, there’s a Mr. Jones on line one.’

  32. Garrett lacks inspiration in his team. He doesn’t get involved with the offense, defense, or special teams. He can direct them as he sees fit but he’s not someone to gather around and follow. Calling Lincoln Riley anyone?

  33. They look like they’ve started to tun him out, finally the beginning of the end for Garrett looong over due. Hope they don’t screw up the choice for the next head coach

  34. After Super Bowl appearances by Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson, and Barry Switzer, the following Cowboy Head Coaches never took Dallas to a Super Bowl: Chan Gailey, Dave Campo, Bill Parcells, and Wade Phillips. So no, Garrett is not the only Dallas HC who hasn’t gone to the Super Bowl.

    And for those clamoring for Craig Morton, you were probably too young to remember his “playoff run” to Super Bowl V: Versus Detroit Lions – 4 out of 18 for 38 yards, 1 Int, 1 Sack, 16.4 QBR . . . Versus San Francisco 49ers – 7 out of 22 for 101 yards, 1 TD, 2 Sacks, 62.9 QBR . . . Versus Baltimore Colts – 12 out of 26 for 127 yards, 1 TD, 3 Int, 2 Sacks, 34.1 QBR.

  35. He’s not gonna fire Garrett. If I’m the special teams coordinator, I’d be ready to pack over the weekend. JJ is gonna make SOME change, if for no other reason than to light a fire under their asses.

  36. 4thputt : WTF are babbling about …… Dallas has been overrated for the better part of 3 decades- resting on the laurels of the past …… Morton’s stats from the early 70’s mean ZERO – it was a running league so they are completely irrelevant

  37. Garrett needs to resign, to put pressure on JJ and his meddling.

    Garrett might be a good college HC or he should probably pursue OC jobs.

    Either way, he is done in Dallas.

  38. I’m wondering what Jason Garrett’s degree from Princeton was? I don’t think his future is in the NFL, I’m wondering what he’ll do next

  39. All of the “clapper” comments are nonsensical. It obvious that those people have never coached or played in a game.

    Successful coaches encourage their players in good and bad times. The days of the screaming maniac coach are long gone. Knowledgeable people understand that humans respond better to positive reinforcement.

  40. Jerry should of kept his mouth shut. He would be better off cancelling his radio show and not speaking to the media during the season like other competent GMs.

  41. I’ve never seen a coach with more of a “thrown in the towel” look than Garrett yesterday. He’s checked out of that hotel and won’t be back. Keeping him because of a chance to get to the Super Bowl is the most absurd thing Jerry Jones has said in a career of absud things.

  42. As long as the Jones family owns that team, the end results will all be the same. Money will bring in a big name,but the newness always wears out quickly when the new hire looks into a mirror and says to himself this is not worth it.Jerruh and sons, stick to the oil wells.

  43. BSPN and BSPN radio really want the Cowboys to fire Garrett. BSPN has been talking about it for hours a day and for weeks now.

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