Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett is “a master” who needs Super Bowl for “perfect picture”

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones spent the week criticizing his head coach.

He opened Thursday throwing Jason Garrett a bouquet.

Maybe. Possibly.

It’s sometimes hard to tell what Jones means by what he says.

Kristi Scales, the Cowboys Radio Network sideline reporter, asked Jones if he saw the team “rally around Garrett this week because you were critical in the media all week.”

“Well, absolutely,” Jones told Scales on 105.3 The Fan. “A dream is that something that I might have looked like or said might have caused us to do something that made a difference. That’s really not the way it works. I’ll tell you that right now. Jason has tremendous respect by the players on this football team. I’ll assure you that you won’t find anybody that knows how to do all the things to coach football any better than Jason Garrett does. He’s a master. Every detail, no one spends more time doing. I’ve said this. To have the perfect picture we just have to get him a Super Bowl. Then, we’ll sail off.”

The Cowboys are off to a good start in the first quarter, leading the Bills 7-0 while outgaining them 109 to 48. Garrett needs a win to quiet his critics, including his owner.