Bears coach on his quarterback: “Today was Mitch’s day”

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Many Bears played well, or at least well enough to beat the Lions, yesterday.

But few had as active a role in it, or need it more, than Mitchell Tribusiky.

That’s why the Bears were so excited that their embattled quarterback got a break from his recent barrage of criticism (which was largely and fairly earned).

Today was Mitch’s day,” Bears coach Matt Nagy said, via J.J. Stankevitz of

Trubisky finished 29-of-38 for 338 yards, with three touchdowns and an interception.He also brought them back from an early deficit, hitting David Montgomery for the go-ahead touchdown with two-minutes and 17 seconds left in the game.

“I told him that’s what special players do right there,” Nagy said of the game-winner. “That was further in the progression. We were looking for a specific route and play, but he extended it and he made the decision — because right there, you basically have three points. Touchdown you win the game, but you have three so you don’t want to get in the situation where you lose that three points because you force a throw.”

His 118.1 passer rating was a breath of fresh air, after two straight sub-70 ratings against the Rams and Giants.

In fact, his only two games with passer ratings about 87 in the last eight games were against the Lions. If he’s truly going to progress as the face of the franchise, he’s eventually going to have to play well against better competition.

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  1. We all know that Mitch has the Lions in his back pocket and there were moments when he looked good. But against a really good team it goes back to the fan expectations and how little he has grown in 3 years as the 2nd picked in 2017 draft and what the Bears gave up in drafts spots to get him.

    Bottom line: Mitch is not as bad as many here post but still not up to the level the system set up for him to perform at.

  2. Try not to get too excited. You barely beat a bad team with 3rd string qb making his first start. Maybe you should hang a banner too.

  3. And it must kill Matt Nagy…especially for a coach who writes “Be You” on his crappy play call sheet. The fact that he has to come out and STATE that it was someone else’s day, makes Bears fans want to vomit.

    If he just wrote something team oriented on his crappy play call sheet (ya know that one that says only run the ball once a quarter), like “Be Us”, he.wpuodnt have to stand at the podium and say these things.

    Matt Nagy is the most selfish, arrogant, egotistical NOBODY I’ve ever witnessed in 4 decades of watching football.

  4. The Bears will have limited success until they fix that O-line, they are terrible. That blame falls squarely on Ryan Pace, but Nagy should do more to coach the players he has, not wish he could run the system he wants, i.e. what they run in KC. Trubisky is still an unknown commodity. He still doesn’t see the whole field well but I believe it’s because that line stinks, he rarely has enough time. I will say this for him, as I said yesterday, he does seem to be able to move them into position to score late in close games. If that were Mahomes or Watson yesterday the commentary would have been ” so and so overcame all the adversity of penalties, etc to lead a great game winning drive, that’s what great quarterbacks do ….”. Maybe Nagy was trying to say something like that but it rings hollow coming from him after not accepting the criticism he has rightly received in recent weeks.

  5. The ability to run the ball, rare for the Bears this year, was huge in Trubisky’s success. He’s clearly much better in play action and rollout scenarios which rely on at least the threat of a run game. I attribute a lot of this to the changeout of RTs and would like to see them also bench the LT Leno who has been bad all year. With the Bears only mathematically alive for a playoff spot these last 4 games should be about being seeing who will stay on the roster for 2020 and whose times with that team are up.

  6. Glad he got the win. However, Aikman said what needed to be said in the broadcast about Trubisky is still missing plays and killing drives. What I saw were too many throws where receivers have to leave their feet to catch a ball. In several cases, the receiver had ample amount of space away from a defender to get yards after the catch, but couldn’t because they were falling down to catch a high or off target throw. Missing a wide open screen to a running back makes me cringe.

  7. Nagy is horrible. The bears have more drops then any other team. May be a good idea to work on that and stop blaiming trubiski. That vaunted defense has tanked ever since Hicks got hurt.obviously he made them wll look good

  8. No true Bear fans are excited, we all know the Lions have struggled this year. Completely agree about Leno, he has been bad for 2 years now and yet I believe Pace signed him to an extension. He and Nagy need to go. The “double doink” that has hurt the Bears the most are Nagy and Pace.

  9. Even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in a while. The Bears are a huge disappointment for so many (Not me I saw this coming).
    Superfanentertainment nailed it, in a business filled with ego maniacs there may have never been a more disconnected, arrogant, ego driven guy like Nagy (Or Ryan Pace). These guys are completely disconnect to reality. They just got through two wins against maybe the two worst teams in the league, and they are acting like they have two playoff wins. They will finish 0-4 or 1-3. This is a horrible franchise and only getting worse.

  10. @ Mike Shereck and joetoronto, who do root for? I’ve been a Bear fan since the early ’70’s and I’ll criticize them severely but I’ll be rooting for them always. I’m not a bandwagon fan and I hope you aren’t either. You won’t find me commenting on articles about other teams because I’m pretty sure those fans don’t really care what I think about their team. You might want to try it, stick to ripping your own team.

  11. There is a difference between piling up good stats against a bad team vs. defeating a legitimately good team. The Lions are the former.
    I’m Not impressed.

  12. Heydouglass, thanks for asking. I am a long time former Bear fan, (I began rooting for the Bears in 1966) was a season ticket holder from 1984 until they moved to Champaign. Was a Bear fan through the Lovie years, and to quote Mike Singletary, “can’t do it”, I can no longer support a franchise and a team that is so committed to mediocrity. Hey and I am a Sox fan too. I cannot stand Nagy or Pace. I think they are worse than Tessman and the other idiot, Phil Emory. Drafting Trubisky is in excusable. Deshaun Watson was one of the greatest college QB in the history of the game and Pace did not even look into him. As for who I route for now I love the game of football, so I enjoy a lot of teams, and my team now is the Titans. I was born in Nashville so that is why. I comment on the Bears because it is part of my “recovery” and I live here in Chicago and that is what I get to witness. The only other team I rip on is the Steeler….too many reasons. Thanks again.

  13. Fair enough Mike Shereck, thanks for not hiding behind the keyboard, too easy to do on this site. Since you live there and were a fan of the Bears, I guess you’ve earned the right to gripe too! Times have been tough since the Smith era for sure. Always liked him but it frustrated me that he was so slow to recognize that the NFL was becoming a quarterback driven league and he would not hire a decent OC ( Martz was hired way too late in the game to count ). I agree about Watson, I wanted them to pick him as well. I just think that the Bears may have destroyed any slim chance Trubisky had for being a decent QB with their terrible coaching and personnel decisions. Although I don’t live there anymore, I’m from there, so my sports loyalties were formed at an early age and there is no changing now for me ( Sox fan as well ). Good luck with the Titans, they are building a good team there.

  14. Draft a college QB with experience and let Daniels go and you’ll see a difference next year

  15. It actually saddens me to see what the Bears have become and also what much of the media has become. WSCR kisses the butt of the Bears. pace gets a pass daily. The 85 Bears were, i think the one of the greatest teams in the history of the league. That team was built by Jim Finks, and maintained by Gerry Vanisi and Ditka and Buddy Ryan found away to put their ego’s aside to win a championship. That team had an awesome defense with GREAT Linebackers and an amazing offensive line. And don’t forget two starters sat out that year or the defense would have been even better. And they could not keep it going. It is a storied franchise in need of new ownership and leadership.

  16. 1985 was 34 years ago. Move on.

    The Bears have a great defense. Trubisky is over criticized and you’re part of that problem. Trubisky isn’t Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. Nagy is a great head coach, but a terrible play caller. Pace drafted the current defense. Your hatred and audacity is that of a child that doesn’t get their way.

    Stay with the Titans, Bears fans will not want you back when you jump on the wagon again.

    No Bears fan I know would ever talk like this Mike Shereck guy. Bears fans are some of the most loyal people I know, this guy is a total clown.

  17. Trubisky is a 3rd year QB behind a 2nd Year Head Coach. I’ll burn my Trubisky jerseys Year 5 when he’s traded. And by burn I mean drop them off at the local Goodwill. Not happening. Trubisky is the future whether he’s the scapegoat for dropped passes, wrong routes, missed tackles and blocks.

    My guess is he won’t. Nagy pulls .500 this year, he’s safe. Draft OL/TE and DB/CB and another year of cohesion keeps us competitive.

  18. Really Yogi’s kids have no excuse not to run deep into the playoffs. The Queens Men are suspect at best to finish with 10 wins, and the Better Cheddar’s are not as good as their record shows, especially given the easy remaining schedule. Their biased refs can only help so much. Yogi’s kids are in a good spot. Don’t blow it!

  19. I need some of what ever this Argentina guy is on.

    Also my Raiders got fleeced in the Mack trade.

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