Belichick: Patriots would have had a hard time playing on Thanksgiving, due to illnesses

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In New England, the whole store got the flu. Which would have made it challenging to field a team, if the Patriots had gotten the short straw to play on Thanksgiving.

“[W]e’ve had some guys miss,” coach Bill Belichick told reporters on Friday. “So we’ll see how they are today and reevaluate it after today. Would have been hard if we had played yesterday, I’d say that.”

Belichick shrugged at any complications that may arise on Sunday at Houston.

“It is what it is,” Belichick said. “We have players on the practice squad, we have players on our roster. So, if we need somebody to step in to a spot, then hopefully they’re ready to do it. We’ll see.”

Eight players missed practice on Wednesday due to the illness. Four returned Thursday on a limited basis, and the other four remained absent. But it wasn’t just the players who were ill.

“I mean, look it’s kind of hit everybody a little bit, so we’ll see,” Belichick said. “We’ll start doing injury reports on coaching staff. That will be the next thing.”

Literally the next thing will be the Friday injury report for players, which will reveal who is and isn’t and who may not be able to play. And then comes Saturday and Sunday, when the bug could result in more players developing symptoms strong enough to knock them out for Sunday’s game.

13 responses to “Belichick: Patriots would have had a hard time playing on Thanksgiving, due to illnesses

  1. Tell the media that the whole team is ill.
    Then if the team wins, the fans can gush over how resilient and tough their team is.
    Of course, if the team loses, there is a built in excuse.

    Better known as “The Roethlisberger Gambit”.

  2. Never heard of flu shots? Or is this year’s shot ineffective?

    If I was an owner, everyone in the organization would get an annual flu shot.

  3. johnnycantread says: Of course, if the team loses, there is a built in excuse.
    Unlike the salty mountain of hate who never find an excuse for all the times the Patriots win.

  4. @Billzbubb

    Flu shots are made a year in advance and only cover 3 strains they predict will be popular. There are millions of flu strains and the flu shot will not always work if they predict incorrectly or you get one of the other strains.

  5. billzbubb says: Never heard of flu shots? Or is this year’s shot ineffective?
    Its prob not true flu but some other nameless lurgy – lots of nasty winter bugs. For example it could be stomach flu which isn’t covered by flu jabs as it’s not flu but a gastrointestinal virus.

  6. Doubt anyone is really sick. They probably wanted Thanksgiving off and Belicheat said no

  7. The gratuitous anti-Patriots comments (e.g, johnnycan’tread) are infecting threads like a biblical plague. I posted a comment late in the Bills-Cowboys game that the AFC East was looking strong and a Bills fan responded that, unlike the Patriots, the Bills were doing it without the help of the refs and the Patriots must fear Buffalo.

    Not even the most voracious Patriots hater could contribute Brady’s 30-3 record against the Bills to the refs favoring the Pats. Nor can anyone connected to the Bills reasonably claim Belichick hasn’t given their team respect, despite the lopsided records.

    The idea that Belichick is talking about illnesses as a cover for potentially losing his next game is inane.

  8. Yeah probably a stomach bug. You don’t get over the flu in a day or two. Even if you are vaccinated, you can still get the flu. Dallas probably brought it. Werent
    some of their players sick?

  9. Most years the Flu shot works. Last year they missed one of the ‘strains’.

    Cop, teachers, kids and parents of kids are on the front line of colds and flu.

    I missed a flu shot and was sick for months. I got a flu shot another year and It made me beyond sick for a week. It’s a gamble.

    That cold from hell this last October might be what they all have. Or no one got flu shots. Or a different strain hit them first or last. Who knows. They could have just eaten tainted food. Never going to get a straight answer because 1: It’s BB. 2: ‘Flu like symptoms’ on an injury report means the person is sick with a viral illness that only time and or antibiotics fixes. Doesn’t mean they have the ‘flu’.

    I’d bet quite a bit the majority of Patriots got a shot. They’ve all had shots and surgeries etc. Doctor comes in, they line up a few get sick, most don’t. But it’s not a guarantee.

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