Bills-Cowboys gives CBS its highest Thanksgiving rating in 27 years


A full 27 years after a season that ended with the Cowboys beating the Bills in the Super Bowl, the Bills beat the Cowboys in a game that generated the highest ratings for CBS on any Thanksgiving Day since 1992.

Via Ryan Glasspiegel of, the game drew an average audience of 32.538 million viewers. It was the most-watched NFL regular-season game on any network in three years.

Last year, the Thanksgiving game between Washington and Dallas had 30.5 million viewers.

It’s no surprise, given that the contest matched the 8-3 Bills against the 6-5 Cowboys. Enhancing the intrigue were owner Jerry Jones’ comments about coach Jason Garrett, which prompted legitimate speculation that, if the Cowboys were to lose, Garrett could be fired.

Even without the added interest, the game in that late-afternoon Thanksgiving slot always does well. It’s American’s Team playing before the captive audience that comes with America’s Holiday, and it’s always going to do well — even when the game stinks.

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  1. As I have said multiple times to all the haters that like to rag on the Cowboys, especially Eagles fans who think they are experts now that they finally won something since Eisenhower was in the White House, everyone watches them. Whether they hate them or love them. But they watch them. That is relevance. Not 1 Championship every 60 years or so. Eisenhower, he’s the WW II guy millennials. Google him…

  2. Had to watch ” Americas team ??? ” cave like a house of cards in a wind storm to another team with a winning record !!!

  3. Millions of people tuning in to watch a team lose doesn’t make that team “America’s team.”

  4. Funny how the highest rated non playoff games for 2 different networks this year involved the Cowboys getting humiliated on national TV. You just hate* to see it.

  5. People watched and loved Buffalo tear apart Cowboys who are shoved up our back sides every year. Throw in the terrible monotone, ramble on say nothing Romo was time to have some pumpkin pie.

  6. joetoronto says:
    November 29, 2019 at 4:34 pm
    Even I can’t deny the fact that the Bills are legit. Let’s go Buffalo.

    If I can change, and you can change…everybody can change!

  7. I continue to be amazed the Cowboys are such a draw after so many years of futility. The Cowboys-Patriots game a week earlier was the most watched regular season game since 2007. Perhaps this is all the drama engineered by Jones who appears to be turning his locker room into some found footage for a reality TV series about the 6-6 season of an underachieving ex-champion.

    So let’s examine just how far the world has passed the Cowboys by since January 28, 1996, the date of their last SB. Since that date, the Boys have not even qualified for a conference final. Teams that do at least generate a week of potential SB buzz. So wh at franchises in this period have added to their resume / legacy while the Cowboys have not.

    We’ll do this as a series of three numbers. The first is championships. The second is appearance in SBs. The third is appearance in conference finals. All since the Cowboys 27-17 win over Pittsburgh in SB 29.

    Patriots. 06-09-12
    Giants. 03-02-03
    Broncos. 03-05-06
    Steelers. 02-03-07
    Packers. 02-03-06
    Ravens. 02-02-04
    Seahawks. 01-03-03
    Rams. 01-03-03
    Eagles. 01-02-06
    Colts. 01-02-04
    Saints. 01-01-03
    Bucs. 01-01-01
    Panthers. 00-02-05
    Falcons. 00-02-03
    49ers. 00-01-04
    Bears. 00-01-02
    Cardinals. 00-01-02
    Titans. 00-01-02
    Raiders. 00-01-01
    Vikings. 00-00-04
    Jets. 00-00-03
    Jaguars. 00-00-02
    Chargers. 00-00-01
    Chiefs. 00-00-01

    Bills. 00-00-00
    Texans. 00-00-00
    Browns. 00-00-00
    Bengals. 00-00-00
    Dolphins. 00-00-00
    Redskins. 00-00-00
    Lions. 00-00-00
    Cowboys. 00-00-00

  8. Seriously Mike? The game didn’t stink, they haven’t been America’s Team in years. Get over the Dallas infatuation!

  9. The lights were not too bright for Josh Allen. So far he has looked more impressive than Sam Darnold.

  10. Anymore as a Fan of the Cowboys since 1967. I watch the Cowboys on TV to see
    Jerry eat some more crow for what he has done to the team in order to stroke
    his ego for the past 23 years.

  11. I only watched to see the ‘boys’ lose. I was not disappointed. Thank you Jerrah! Keep that coach!

  12. There are Bills fans all over the US, Canada, and the world! It may not just be the Cowboys people are tuning in to see…

    Go Bills!

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