Bills loved Josh Allen’s “Superman” sneak

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Josh Allen has made plenty of plays this year, leading the Bills to a 9-3  record.

But for his teammates, few of them summed up what he’s brought to the team like his second-quarter sneak on a fourth down, a play which contained multitudes.

Allen’s original plan was to hand off to Devin Singletary, but the ball hit the ground. So he picked up a fumble, dove over the line, then regained his feet and shoved his way through a tackle attempt for more than enough yardage to convert.

Superman,” Bills defensive end Jerry Hughes said, via Tim Graham of “I’d never seen a quarterback drop a sneak, pick it up and fight off eight defenders while he was Eurostepping to get the first down.

“It was honestly Superman. I can’t wait to watch it again.”

Repeated viewings of the play underscore how impressive it was, and why Allen and the Bills were so excited about it.

It was also part of another impressive day for the second-year quarterback, who was 19-of-24 passing for 231 yards and a touchdown, with another 43 yards on 10 carries, with a score on the ground.

That touchdown allowed him to join Cam Newton as the only quarterback with at least eight rushing touchdowns in consecutive seasons, and his play all season has engendered a loyalty among his teammates.

“There aren’t many quarterbacks like him,” wide receiver Cole Beasley said. “I’ll follow him anywhere. I’m not much of a fighter, but I’ll follow him into a bar fight any day.”

Going into a fight with Superman gives you a certain confidence.

21 responses to “Bills loved Josh Allen’s “Superman” sneak

  1. It shows he’s a lion hearted man, and has an intense desire to win. It’s infectious, and he is willing the team to victories that escaped us in past days.

  2. Buffalo is sneaky good. Not Superbowl championship good yet but, if they keep that defense together and Allen gets more weapons with experience. They are going to be legit.

  3. This game will be remembered for a lot of things. But for many of us it will be remembered as “The Josh Allen Breakout Game” where he showed all the nay-sayers how wrong they’ve been right on arguably the biggest stage outside the Super Bowl.

    Hater tears taste so sweet.

  4. Scam gonna be jealous that someone else is better known as superman. I also bet Mr Allen would jump on a fumble in the superbowl

  5. Patriots fan here. Buffalo is finally on the right track. Both sides of the ball are solid. Glad the ownership had patience with the coaching staff, and with the GM. I thought Allen was a bit overrated coming out of Wyoming, where all you heard about was his big arm. He is developing nicely. However, he needs to look at the physical shape Cam Newton is in. He cannot hold up over the long term if he doesn’t protect himself.

  6. Carved up those jive turkeys yesterday, Josh Allen proved he is improving every game, Bill’s might be a legitimate threat in the AFC, This game against Baltimore might be the biggest in years, until we play the Patriots and have a chance at the division, Beasley was a beast, so frickin happy #billsmafia

  7. There was a certain someone on here who called Josh a “turnover machine” and said the Bills would get smoked on Thanksgiving. What happened was Josh carried his team to a dominating victory, on the national stage, in the Cowboys’ house. This team is legit and no one wants to see them right now, especially in January.

  8. Wasn’t sure about Allen on draft day, but looking back, the Bills clearly made the right choice. He just keeps getting better.

    The run was great, but I was more excited about the passing yesterday. He was making tough throws all day, fitting balls into tight windows & putting touch on the ball. It was great to see after all of the “bust” comments over the past year.

    QB’s take time to develop. He’s going to be a good one for Buffalo, for a long time…

  9. joetoronto says:
    November 29, 2019 at 8:35 am
    He would be impressive if he was a running back, but quarterback, not so much.
    Josh Allen 9-3
    Derek Carr 6-5 He would be impressive if he wasnt so average….

  10. Wait.. hold 1 second, let me see if I have this right…Allen fumbled, went for and got the ball and pushed thru defenders for a 1st down? Sorry Cam Newton regardless of stat shouldnt be mentioned in same breath since he would never dive for a fumble.

  11. While it was a gritty play by Allen, give some shouts out to easily the most improved O line in the league that had a hand in that play. The Bills OWNED the Cowboys in the trenches yesterday.

  12. Based on their performance on common opponents alone, Josh Allen has looked more impressive than Sam Darnold.

  13. Actually, Josh gets his toughness from his mother and his suave and calm from his father. If the NFL want to regenerate fans from the falling out, he could do it. But don’t use him like a pawn. He is real, and exactly what the NFL, this country, the world needs right now, HONEST, HARDWORKING people like Josh (Humility Bobby B) and the Allen’s from Firebaugh, CA.
    Brian W

  14. It seems to me that the game has slowed down for him in the NFL, Reading defenses, throwing in tight windows etc . The handcuffs are off! just go for it!….. be the gunslinger with the speed of his throws it is almost impossible to stop…in my opinion. Go Bills!

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