Brian Flores praises Josh Rosen, who calls past few weeks “encouraging”

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Josh Rosen has not gotten a fair chance to succeed or fail in the NFL. The Cardinals drafted Rosen with the No. 10 overall choice and then shipped him to Miami in April after they drafted Kyler Murray with the top pick.

Dolphins coach Brian Flores has changed his mind multiple times on Rosen’s status as the starting quarterback or the backup quarterback during this season.

Rosen has started only three games and has not seen any action since Week Six. He is the backup quarterback to Ryan Fitzpatrick, even though the Dolphins are going nowhere.

Josh Rosen hasn’t given up on Josh Rosen, though.

“I’m just continuing to study and shadowing Fitz, and watching our offense in more games to see how everything plays out,” Rosen said, via Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel. “I’m finding all kinds of ways to improve, whether it be [running] scout team cards, or in the film room watching our offense on the field.”

Flores is noncommittal about whether Rosen will start again this season. The first-year head coach, though, praised Rosen this week for his work on the scout team imitating Carson Wentz.

“He’s making progress,” Flores said of Rosen. “He’s in early. He’s studying. He’s going through his practice clips, his practice plays, going through his progression. [He’s] trying to get the ball out quickly, trying to make the right reads. Taking shots [downfield] when he can take shots.”

Rosen calls the past few weeks “encouraging” despite his lack of game action.

The Dolphins are expected to use their first-round choice on a quarterback in the 2020 draft, leaving Rosen in limbo again. But he has no control over that, so Rosen isn’t sweating it.

31 responses to “Brian Flores praises Josh Rosen, who calls past few weeks “encouraging”

  1. For some reason, I think Rosen will end up playing for the Patriots and have a successful career.

  2. Oh come off it. A fair chance is getting to see the field at all. He’s been on the field plenty and shown what an absolute failure he is. He doesn’t deserve any more benefit of the doubt. When will you people stop making excuses for him.

    Blough signed off the street by Detroit showed more in his lone start than any of Rosen’s many, many starts.

  3. Not starting Rosen is inexcusable. I like Fitz but he is not the future. Get Rosen some playing time now that the line has had some time together. Fitz wasn’t really any better than Rosen in the games. He made a couple runs that endeared him but how many plays would Rosen have made? 0? 30? Nobody knows. If they already know Rosen is NOT the guy then their decision to trade for him was pretty stupid. If you don’t know if he IS the guy or not and you don’t play him, that’s equally stupid. Play the kid so the draft decisions can be made with adequate information instead of guesses.

  4. He may end up like Chris Chandler.
    Bouncing from team to team, losing his job because the head coach thinks the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

  5. Some team will pony up a 2nd for him this offseason and make him their starter… where he’ll be exceedingly mediocre for a few years and then fade out of the league. Besides just not being very good (or likeable), he has a pretty significant history of concussions that makes his potential shelf life shorter as well.

  6. He can only throw the ball deep down the sideline 50% of the time because he probably doesnt read the defense in the middle of the field well. He also throws late on timing routes frequently and thats not just my opinion. If he can speed up his game it could make him lots of money, but right now, hes just a backup imo with high upside to be a future starter.

  7. The poor kid has not had a chance in the NFL yet. I say they should start him now and see if he can be a starter. Everyone must remember this kid was rated higher than all the others that season coming out of college. Give him an OL and see what he can do.
    Use the pick for a QB in 2021 and feel the kid from Clemson.

  8. The talk coming out of camp this summer among the writers was that he was late on his throws and was indecisive on some of his reads. Apparently he didn’t make a lot of improvement when he finally got to play and the coaches have seen enough.

  9. I thought the Cardinals gave up too soon on him, that he was playing on a horrible team and it wasn’t possible to judge him.
    I was wrong, the cardinals knew what they were doing.
    Rosen is not a starter.

  10. Rosen going to waste as hes NOT in the correct QB scheme ! Hes a Pure pocket passer woth limitwd mobility ! Je might fit in good with N.E (once they fixt that Oline or Dallas ! Any team with GREAT pass protection Is his landing spot cause it aint Arizona !!!!

  11. A second year QB who has played with 2 of the worst Olines in the league, who has had 3 different offensive coordinators doesn’t look good? Shocker. Get in a stable franchise and he has the potential to be a good QB. He could make all the throws at UCLA. He needs some continuity and a real coach to work with him.

  12. If it was any other QB I’d feel bad. With Rosen this is Karma for his diva attitude going into the draft then his even bigger diva attitude when three QB’s got picked ahead of him probably because of that attitude.

  13. The poor kid had been getting creamed each time he went back to pass. The D was on him before he planted his back foot.
    I really would like to see him get a fair chance with Miami before they toss him away.

  14. So if he played Wentz on the scout team then he just stood in the pocket waiting for his tight end to get open and threw the ball behind his wide receivers.

  15. Experience is the key to a young QB’s success. Go back and read some of the things that were written about Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen just a few months ago, and their coaches too. Now see what they’re writing. It will be no different for Josh Rosen, Daniel Jones, Gardner Minshew, Sam Darnold, or Kyler Murray. Heck, you can go back and do the same thing for Peyton Manning, Troy Aikman, John Elway, and even Terry Bradshaw. As long as the guys work hard, they’ll get better. It’s much more difficult when the rest of the roster is bad, and bad teams are usually the ones that draft QB’s. When you have a good roster like Baltimore does, and like the Steelers did when they drafted Roethlisberger, the learning curve is sometimes shorter. If you bought stock in Lamar Jackson and Josh Rosen a couple months ago, you’re a rich man today. Buy stock in Josh Rosen.

  16. What killed Rosen was the Washington game. He played for almost three quarters against a bad defense and did nothing. 3.4 YPA, 2 int, 32.0 Passer Rating.
    Then you had Fitz come in and lead the team to two TD in the last qtr and end up with a passer rating of over 100.
    I hope Rosen gets another chance. But that game really hurts his prospect.

  17. Richard Nguyen says:
    November 29, 2019 at 7:19 pm
    Oh come off it. A fair chance is getting to see the field at all. He’s been on the field plenty and shown what an absolute failure he is. He doesn’t deserve any more benefit of the doubt. When will you people stop making excuses for him.

    Blough signed off the street by Detroit showed more in his lone start than any of Rosen’s many, many starts.

    Blough got traded by the Browns to the lions,so not exactly off the street. But don’t let facts hurt your narrative.

  18. Garbage from Flores. Everyone knows that Rosen is a goner. This is all to prop up trade value. Why starting Fitz at 35 and no future is beyond everyone’s comprehension. Unfortunately Rosen has to play the political game, he’s looking for a job next year.

  19. First off, Rosen is practically free. No way the Dolphins are letting him go unless they get a ridiculous trade offer (and they won’t). No QB will play well with this patchwork of 3rd stringer OLinemen. It was not much better in Arizona either. The Dolphins will take a Tackle and then C/G and then “maybe” Tua as he slips to the later part of the round. They can use their 3 picks to build an OL and take a DE instead. They do not NEED a QB for 2020. Both Rosen and Fitz are paid for and quite frankly are bargains. Fitz makes under $3M a year and Rosen makes $1.9M. Build the O and D Lines with the tons of picks and FA cash. Sprinkle in a RB, CB and a real slot WR.

  20. I hate all the talk about the fact Rosen’s a millionaire. We know this. So what? Waht about professional pride (of which I am sure he has) and the fact Rosen’s never had a decent shot?? His career’s being played with like toy soldiers. I’d love for Miami to give him a decent run and let’s REALLY see what he can do. Either that or trade him to a team whose coaches know how to coach a young quarterback – Like the Bucs!

  21. Despite what the final score would tell you, he outplayed Prescott when they played Dallas week 3.

    With half the time to throw he was better than Dak who sometimes had 5-6 seconds to survey the field.

    Having two different RB’s rush for a 100 yards and an All-Pro OL certainly helps too.

    He followed it up with a great first half against the Chargers the following week before the wheels fell off on a remarkably bad team.

    I don’t get what was expected of him? Ryan Fitzpatrick was put back into the starting line up because they staff thought he could handle the chaos a little better.

    Who in their right mind would expect anyone to be able to function with DL in your face 2 seconds into a play and Kalen Ballage toting the rock.

    Historically bad offense, not Rosen’s fault.

  22. I remember when Tampa Bay gave up on Steve Young, and Atlanta gave up on Brett Favre. San Diego ditched Drew Brees too. All 3 have won super bowls and were first ballot HOFers.

  23. Rosen’s career is being sabotaged. Why doesn’t Flores give him some work when the game is already lost e.g., the Dolphins are down by about 3 touchdowns in the 4th quarter and Flores still sends Fitzpatrick in. How would it hurt to put in Rosen in those cases?

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