David Blough “thankful for it all” after NFL debut

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David Blough found himself in an unexpected starring role on Thanksgiving as injuries to Matthew Stafford and Jeff Driskel opened the door for him to make his NFL debut as the team’s starting quarterback.

The Lions traded for the undrafted rookie at the end of the summer and his first regular season action showed some of what led the team to make that move. Blough hit Kenny Golladay for a 75-yard touchdown to open the game, threw another touchdown on the team’s second possession and finished the day 22-of-38 for 280 yards.

That wasn’t enough to get the Lions a win as the Bears rallied from 10 points down to take a 24-20 victory. Blough wasn’t happy about that, but he still took some time to reflect on achieving “what you dream about as a kid.”

“I’m thankful for it all, the ups and downs,” Blough said, via the Detroit News. “I knew there were gonna be some. I wasn’t gonna be perfect. I wanted to give everything I had.”

At 3-8-1, the Lions are going to be playing out the string for the rest of this season and we’ll see next week if that means letting Blough continue to roll through ups and downs in order to see what else he can do at the helm of the offense.

16 responses to “David Blough “thankful for it all” after NFL debut

  1. It was great watching Blough, even though his dream wasn’t fully fulfilled. If he persists, remarkable things can happen.

  2. I liked Blough when he was at Purdue. I think he did pretty good in his first NFL game as a starter. Was not “seeing ghosts”, and did not get flustered at all.

  3. The kid made himself a ton of money yesterday. Against a Bears D that is overrated but still decent he showed he has the stuff to be at minimum a quality QB2 and better than several teams’ current starters.

  4. That loss certainly wasn’t on the young man at all, he did well, I recon he will be Stafford’s backup over Driskel going forward.

  5. amaf21 says:
    November 29, 2019 at 8:02 am

    He certainly outplayed Mitch.


    You’re an idiot.

    Mitchell Trubisky
    29/38 338 3 1
    David Blough
    22/38 280 2 1

  6. The Packers might be willing to trade Rodgers and a second round pick to sign Blough.

    Blough performed better than Aaron in the month of November.

  7. Blough played well and surprised many in TC and preseason for the Browns. They found a diamond in the rough. I wish they wouldn’t have traded him away so soon.

  8. Sure is quiet after the Bears completed their second consecutive sweep in Lions la-la land.

    Where is the Trubisky hater? He seems to always disappear after Mitch shreds his defense 3 times in a row.

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