Falcons don’t plan to park veteran stars

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The Falcons took the unusual step of parking wide receiver Julio Jones last night, but they aren’t ready to put him into storage.

With a 3-9 record and their two highest-paid and highest-profile stars ailing, it’s reasonable to wonder if the Falcons are ready to give Jones and quarterback Matt Ryan time to heal — or to at least not get killed in a season gone wrong.

“I recognize fair question, but no,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said, via Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com. “Part of playing and competing is going for it in the biggest way. So we’ll always take that approach.

“Now for a player that is injured like Julio, but not just him, for any of the players, to make sure, we’re always gonna make the best decisions for them.”

The Falcons worked Jones out before the game before deciding not to play him last night. He’s been bothered by a shoulder injury, but Jones had played through a lot of stuff in the past, and hadn’t missed a game since December 2016.

For Ryan, it’s more about making sure he makes it to 2020.

He was sacked nine times last night, and has taken 15 in the last two games after a brief moment of competence from the Falcons’ line.

Ryan already led the league in sacks absorbed with 38 in the first 11 games, before taking last night’s beating (and a brutal stiff-arm).

2 responses to “Falcons don’t plan to park veteran stars

  1. The Falcons window closed quick after that debacle in Super Bowl LI. Perfect time for Arthur to rebuild. His stars still have something left so he’ll be able to get some draft picks in the front of the draft.

  2. Atlanta hasn’t been the same team since Shanahan left and some people think OC and DC don’t mean as much as having talented players does. I had to laugh when I heard most Falcons fans saying “we won’t loose a step because we’re too talented”, well how’s that working out?

    You can have all the talent in the world but without a good OC its like having the most powerful race car in the world without a steering wheel, what good is all that power if you can’t keep it on the course? These good OCs and DCs are more important than the HC, they do 90% of the work and the HC gets all the credit. Another good example is the Eagles losing Reich, they’re not the same team anymore either, but the 49ers are for real and the Colts are up and coming, even after losing Luck! Most of the time it isn’t the HC or the talent that makes a team work its the coordinators, when will people learn that?

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