Freddie Kitchens wants more from Denzel Ward, specifically takeaways

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Freddie Kitchens wants more out of Denzel Ward, and Denzel Ward wants more out of Denzel Ward.

The Browns cornerback earned Pro Bowl honors last season as a rookie.

He has played only seven games this season, missing the past four with a pulled hamstring, and has no takeaways.

While complimenting Ward, Kitchens added, “I want more out of him.”

“I want him to continue to get his hands on balls,” Kitchen said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “When you start getting your hands on footballs, that starts creating turnovers. He is playing really good, and I want more.”

Ward, who had three interceptions last season, including two in his debut, has only one interception in his past 19 games.

He appreciated Kitchens’ public challenge.

“I want more out of myself as well,” Ward said Friday. “There’s always room for improvement in our game and my game specifically, there’s definitely room for improvement. I’ve just got to stay consistent and keep doing what I’m doing and make plays to help this team win.’’

16 responses to “Freddie Kitchens wants more from Denzel Ward, specifically takeaways

  1. He’s going to have more opportunities now that their pass rush is weaker without Garrett.

  2. i.e. Take the risk and go for the INT. Let’s see what happens when that risk fails and leads to allowing catch with nobody left to make the tackle.

  3. denzel has been spending a lot of time at just trying to keep up with the guys he’s covering… and practically zero time looking back for the football… pretty hard to make an interception when you have no idea where the ball is…

  4. While Ward should have more Ints,Kitchens makes it seem like Ward has been Main Prob w/Browns D. Ward has actually been Tge Best Defender in Browns Secondary and D. Kitchens SHOULD actually be telling OBJ,Mayfield and Rest of O To Play Up To Their Preseason Expectations. That WON’T happen bc THAT WOULD MEAN He’s NOT A GREAT O Mind/HC. Oh well at least when he’s fired he should still receive 2yrs pay

  5. Schuster’s out..Connors out, Pouncey out..3 practice squad receivers a rookie and a second year receiver in Washington…Fourth string start of the year QB..if they don’t win by 30..fully loaded?..Kitchens should be fired..they lose this falls on Kitchens..and no one else…season will be lost…

  6. johnnycantread says:
    November 29, 2019 at 7:36 pm
    Greedy Williams wants more, too.

    Nothing’s ever enough with that guy.

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