Jadeveon Clowney dealing with a core injury

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Seahawks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney missed Sunday’s win over the Eagles with a knee and hip injury. This week, the designation has changed.

Clowney, per the team, actually has a core injury. He wouldn’t have practiced, if the team had practiced on Thursday. He’s expected to practice on a limited basis on Friday.

And it sounds as if Clowney isn’t out of the woods, despite optimism expressed earlier in the week by coach Pete Carroll. Via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, Clowney told reporters before Friday’s practice that the core injury emerged during the Monday night win over the 49ers, a game in which Clowney was dominant.

Clowney said that, by the end of the game, “my leg, it was hard for me to lift it up.” He said that the injury will have to be managed for the rest of the season, with surgery still a possibility. As to whether he needs a surgical procedure, Clowney said, “Not as this moment I don’t, which is a good thing.”

This implies, obviously, that at some point he may need surgery. Either way, Clowney ultimately didn’t commit to playing on Monday night against the Vikings.

“I’m feeling better,” Clowney said. “Getting ready to go [practice] today. We’ll see how it goes.”

Even if Clowney can play, it looks like his availability will be in question unless and until he finally has surgery. It’s an important balance for Clowney to strike, given that he’s due to become a free agent in March. Playing through it entails risk, but sitting could keep him from getting the kind of payday that his performance against the 49ers would seem to guarantee.

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  1. The fact that this is being vaguely reported and left up in the air by Seattle is not a good sign that he will be able to meaningfully contribute the rest of the way in 2019.

    Where does that leave the Seahawks as far as Clowney’s contract asking price in the offseason? If he still wants 22 mil for 4-5 years, I’m pretty certain they tell him best wishes in he future-

  2. this sounds bad. how effective is he going to be even if he does make it back?

    bummer news. he was such a game changer against the Niners.

  3. Guy is a physical freak and when healthy and motivated I’ve seen him wreak havoc. On the other hand….

  4. Can anyone point to a documented case of an athlete’s core injury healing without surgery? I won’t say it’s impossible but I can’t think of a single time it’s happened. Often hear talk like it will but in the end they have surgery or fade away into black.

    Clowney will not be effective until he has surgery. He wants to think he will recover enough to protect his next contract payday and delay surgery until February but he’s wrong. He’s simply delaying the inevitable and wasting time. He should have the surgery immediately and get to work on recovery so he can play next year full speed.
    Don’t believe any talk to the contrary.

  5. @cobra

    yeah – I don’t doubt it – but was referring to the rest of this year.

    who knows if he’s on the Hawks next year. will be pretty interesting to see what kind of contracts he gets offered.

  6. After great performances in Houston, Clowney felt ‘he showed what he’s capable of’

    That was the problem in Houston, he didn’t seem to understand the value of consistency.

  7. I get the feeling he will suit up, play an opening series in the next couple weeks, deem himself unable to play, hang his hat on the 49er game, and have season ending surgery. Going forward, how much can any team depend on him to play at a high non injured level once another contract is signed?

  8. It isn’t as bad as all the comments seem to be suggesting, but It sure sounds like he may be close to going on IR……which would likely result in his being signed for far too much money, by some other disparate team next off-season. If that happens, he ends up giving a 3rd Rnd comp pick to Seattle.

    I’m hoping that worst case senecio is the opposite of what ultimately happens. He recovers, without surgery, help the Seahawk’s Defense continue to improve, and the team wins out!!

    Go Seahawks!!

  9. If I’m being honest that one game against the 49ers on Monday night football to wreck their perfect season was worth what we gave for him.

    The Texans are paying half of his current salary.

    Don’t get me wrong, I want much more and it would be nice to see him play the rest of the year but I’m being realistic so I don’t get disappointed.

    He’s the reason that the 49ers have yet one more reason to hate the Seahawks. a whole bunch of brand new fans thought they were going to be undefeated this year because it’s easy… Enter the Seahawks.

    I hope he gets well soon.

  10. cobrala2 says:
    November 29, 2019 at 6:02 pm

    Core injuries are not thought to be limiting in the long term.

    Not really true. It sounds like the same exact thing Nick Bosa dealt with before getting drafted. He missed a significant amount of time at Ohio State. Sounds like it’s really painful and playing with it could make it worse.

  11. No doubt that internet doctors who don’t know ‘their’ from ‘there’ from ‘they’re’ will explain why this is a terrible diagnosis.

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