Mason Rudolph believes he’ll conquer being benched

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The Steelers made a quarterback change in last Sunday’s game and they are sticking with Devlin Hodges for this weekend’s game against the Browns.

Mason Rudolph will head to the bench after making eight starts in the wake of Ben Roethlisberger‘s season-ending elbow injury. There were some good moments for Rudolph, but five interceptions in his last six quarters of play became too much for him to overcome.

On Thursday, Rudolph said he will handle head coach Mike Tomlin’s decision with “a team-first attitude” and that he’s taking to heart the coach’s statement that nothing has been decided beyond this week’s starting quarterback.

“I’d been benched once in college for a half and once in high school,” Rudolph said, via “So yeah, there’s some past experiences you do draw from. I conquered that, and I think I’ll conquer this the same way. Just going to be a matter of staying true to myself and believing in myself and staying in the fight.”

Rudolph may get another shot in Pittsburgh, but there’s less talk about his potential as Roethlisberger’s long-term heir than there was earlier this season and the offseason may send the team looking elsewhere now that they’ve experienced a long run without the veteran quarterback in the lineup.

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  1. Mason Rudolph is just like any other good young QB. They all need game experience. Look at what Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen are doing in their second seasons. They’re finally getting the required game experience, and they’re starting to settle down. I see Sam Darnold beginning to grow. Mitch Trubisky is getting better. Patrick Mahomes didn’t even get on the field his rookie season. Daniel Jones will be much better next year too. Baker Mayfield will get better. Josh Rosen will be good once he gets in a stable spot. They pay QB’s $30 million a year because it’s hard. Mason Rudolph is going to be fine.

  2. Mason Rudolph will know for sure based what happens on Sunday if Devlin Hodges does not turn the ball over. His story might be over based on what Pittsburgh’s GM does in free agency and in the draft. He is not sniffing the field with a rehabbed, older and slightly beat up Roethlisberger can play.

  3. In a weird way, I bet the Steelers wish he had been suspended for the helmet incident.

    Then they could have stuck with “the hot hand” Hodges after the suspension ended and it wouldn’t hurt Rudolph’s confidence as much.

  4. I think we all knew Rudolph was a punk when he went after a guy and then cried foul when he got hit.

  5. The difference between the way Mason and Duck carry themselves onfield is staggering. Duck in the little bit he’s been out there moves with a confidence Mason just plain doesn’t have. Maybe it was the concussion hit, but Mason moves like he’s playing scared every play, and Duck moves like he’s leading a team.

  6. Different guys handle getting benched different ways. Some Just sulk and feel sorry for themselves. Others get out there and work hard to be ready for the next opportunity.

  7. OMG, this guy keeps showing his true colors, a me first guy, which is never good at QB, who had 6 of the worst quarters in NFL history by any QB that was NOT a Bear. No one cares if he “conquers” this. what I am clear on is he is a mentally weak, self centered, not very good quarterback. Another way of saying it, he is a punk. Thanks Mason, I wish you well, please move along.
    Is this a guy you want in your QB Room? Don’t think so.

  8. quarterback. Another way of saying it, he is a punk. Thanks Mason, I wish you well, please move along.
    Is this a guy you want in your QB Room? Don’t think so.

    I think his team mates don’t agree with you and you have provided zero facts to support your opinion… other words you are a hater.

  9. The Browns game showed me he is NFL caliber QB. First, his play was horrific. Second, he let his emotions get out of hand with the helmet incident (including go back into the fray after losing his helmet). Third, in his post game interview, he showed zero accountability for either his play or the fray. He struck me as an overpaid underachieving smart alec.

  10. Who on the Steelers is working with MR? I don’t hear any of that. Just how badly he sucks. When MR’s footwork is good he throws a good ball. When he forgets about his footwork for whatever reason his throws are short, long, slower. The Steelers must see that. Who are they using to work with their quarterbacks? Or do they have to figure that out on their own?

  11. Rudolph has to understand that throwing a pick in the end zone is not a completion.

  12. Mason Rudolph hasnt had it easy in his starts. He’s seen receivers dropping passes that should have been easy catches. He’e seen an OL that isnt playing great after the loss of Munchak. He’s seen a running game that doesnt exist due to injuries, coaching not running the ball, and an OL thats struggling to block. He took a knockout blow to the head. He’s not a scrambling QB, period. He’s Big Ben. Big Ben didnt light it up when he was in either. Devlin can run, but statistically he isnt an upgrade at QB outside of that ability. In his 1 start he had like 130 passing yds, 1TD, and 1INT. The defense won the game he started.

  13. Looking at the whole body of work thus far, I think Rudolph will be okay eventually. It’s hard to say if he’s a lock to replace ‘7’, but his recent struggles are not out-of-the ordinary for young QB. I think he’s still better the Josh Dobbs, but he’s got work to do.
    Ironically it’s kind of like when the Steelers had Brister and O’Donell. Eh.

  14. Rudolph has to understand that throwing a pick in the end zone is not a completion.

    Ya and Earl Thomas needs to know leading with the helmet is illegal…while we are at Ray Lewis needs to realize murder is not ok…..right.

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