Pat Shurmur: I’ve seen improvements behind the scenes

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The Giants are riding a seven-game losing streak into Sunday’s game against the Packers and that extended rough patch has led many to wonder where the signs of progress are after the team went 8-24 over the previous two seasons.

Such thoughts are often accompanied by questions about whether head coach Pat Shurmur is the right person to take the team from their current doldrums to the heights they’d like to reach in the coming years. On Friday, Shurmur tried to make the case that things have been moving in the right direction but that the signs of growth have been going on out of public view.

“At one point I used to feel that saying your team was young was an excuse,” Shurmur said, via the New York Post. “It’s a descriptive term for this team. It’s important that they figure it out quickly. The good news is that even though it hasn’t been quantified with wins — and I get that it’s the reality of this business, it changes the opinion of everybody when you win — I’ve seen the improvements behind the scenes that are necessary as we reset this thing and move it forward.”

It remains to be seen if Shurmur can build an argument to hold onto his job for a third season, but it would be a lot easier if some of these areas of improvement are allowed to see the light of day this Sunday and over the rest of December.

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  1. Don’t worry Giants fans, help is coming. Soon you’ll have Slow Clapper Garrett running the show. No more seasons of 3-13, you can be thrilled at the idea of 6-10 with a rare 8-8 to pin your hopes on. Enjoy!

  2. I knew coming in that we werent going to be good….but I really thought we’d win 6 games. We’ll likely only win 1 more game this season to finish 3-13. Even us realistic Giants fans didnt think we’d be this bad. I hate constant coaching turnover but I think we need to go hard after one of the younger stud college coaches this year. Shurmer is just one of those guys who is better suited to be a coordinator.

  3. Mara and Tisch have to realize that they have an out of touch GM and a historically bad coach. They owe to the fans to put a better product on the field and it starts with leadership and management.

  4. Coach your QB on how to snap from under center and not always in the pistol, teach him roll out bootlegs. Your stunting this kids development. He is probably one of the worst coaches in the NFL right now.

  5. LOL. It’s hard to get excited about any of the multitude of New York sports teams. There are so many and it’s been so many years. Ok, the Yankees were something to follow last year. But come on. Yanks. Mets. Giants. Jets. Nets. Knicks. Rangers. Islanders. Devils. Bills. Sabers.

    You’d think New York would win a championship every now and then based on statistical probability alone. Lately they’ve just been polluting the quality of league games like so many mangy ferral dogs wandering idly about the old Eastern Soviet block.

  6. This stuff isn’t rocket science. The NFL is a QB league. That means, the team with the best QB usually wins the game. The teams with the greatest QB’s often win the super bowls. The QB position at the NFL level takes a year or two to start to figure it out. When you’re on a good team the learning curve is faster. Last year we were questioning John Harbaugh as if he was an idiot. He had a rookie QB. This year he looks like a genius because he has a very talented second year QB. Last year the Bills really struggled with rookie Josh Allen. This year Sean McDermott looks much smarter. Patrick Mahomes didn’t even play his rookie year. Sam Darnold is beginning to look like a franchise QB in his second year, and Adam Gase is looking smarter. Are we really slow learners, or are we just pretending like we don’t understand the very basics of NFL football? Daniel Jones is a very good rookie QB. Pat Shurmur, just like John Harbaugh and Sean McDermott last year, is breaking in a rookie QB. Next year Shurmur will be in the hunt for coach of the year. If any of this sounds surprising, you haven’t been watching the NFL very closely.

  7. “Improvement behind the scenes” is pretty much the same thing as your mother saying you are the smartest and cutest kid in the world. The Giants won’t fire Murmur Shurmur but they should without a doubt.
    His record as a coach speaks for itself. Yeah you could argue he never had the talent. Did not have it with The Giants or Browns. But the Giants have litterally shown no improvement and Daniel Jones looks like he is regressing.

  8. I believe the Giants are headed in the right direction. We are very healthy with cap space and I think we have had two very good drafts. With another good draft and an off season for our QB to study and grow; we will be fine. Thank you.

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