Patrick Peterson “always up for contract negotiations”

Getty Images

There have been mixed messages from cornerback Patrick Peterson at points about his desire to remain with the Cardinals for the long term and his name has frequently come up as a potential trade target as a result.

The Cardinals have resisted any overtures, however, and the word from the team has been that they’d like Peterson to remain in Arizona for his entire career. On Thursday, Peterson sounded amenable to such a development.

Peterson said “the future for us is definitely bright” as long as the Cardinals keep the core of the team in place. Peterson is part of that core and his contract is up after next season, but there haven’t been any conversations about a new deal at this point.

“I mean, I’m always up for contract negotiations,” Peterson said, via “But no talks have happened just yet. I’m just looking forward to finishing the season off strong.”

Peterson said he’ll “make sure I’m playing the best football that I can so those talks can happen and I can get what I deserve” whenever contract talks do get underway.