Ravens use motion at the snap far more than any other team

Getty Images

Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman has developed a creative offense to capitalize on quarterback Lamar Jackson‘s skill set, and one aspect of that offense which separates Baltimore from the rest of the NFL is its use of motion.

In fact, the Ravens have a man in motion at the snap on 34 percent of their offensive plays, according to an analysis by ESPN. That’s by far the most in the league; no other team is in motion on more than 20 percent of its snaps.

League-wide, ESPN found that 11 percent of offensive plays included a man in motion, and that those plays were generally more effective than plays without a man in motion. The Ravens appear to be ahead of the curve on seeing how effective it is to use motion, and in a copycat league, it seems likely that other teams will catch up, and we’ll see more motion, more often, in the future.

Other teams, of course, will not have Lamar Jackson running their offense, so no one should expect an increase in motion to result in an offensive explosion like they’ve seen in Baltimore. But it may just be a trend that smart teams follow.