Sean Payton: We probably need to get Taysom Hill the ball more

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The Saints offense wasn’t on the field much during Thursday’s game against the Falcons as Atlanta ran 85 offensive plays and had the ball for more than 35 minutes.

Not having the ball didn’t stop the Saints from winning the game, however. They won 26-18 with both of their touchdowns coming from Taysom Hill, who continues to be listed as a quarterback despite spending most of his time running the ball, catching passes or playing special teams.

Hill caught a touchdown pass from Drew Brees and ran for a score on Thursday before the Saints called a play designed for him to throw the ball. Hill had to throw it away, but it was still a successful night’s work for a player that has captured the imagination of head coach Sean Payton.

“While he’s developing as a quarterback, there’s a lot of places he’s playing,” Payton said in his postgame press conference. “We probably need to keep getting him the ball even more.”

In the past, the Saints offense flowed through Brees first and foremost. That’s not the case anymore as New Orleans has found different ways to win games and take the burden off their quarterback with a wide cast of characters contributing to the attack. Hill fits right into that approach and Payton’s comments make it clear that he’ll remain a valuable piece down the stretch.

10 responses to “Sean Payton: We probably need to get Taysom Hill the ball more

  1. Gadgetry won’t win. Peyton pretends to be the smartest guy in the room. Hill comes in and basically means a great chance Brees, Kamara, Murray and Thomas will not get the ball. I can’t imagine taking starting QB off the field even for one play. But I give Hill credit for his ability to play all facets of the game…can he kick and play defense too?

  2. It’s a catch 22. Maximizing Hill is diminishing the other offensive weapons. But he’s a throwback to playground football, we played offense, defense and special teams.

  3. I respectfully must disagree with coach. You are doing it perfectly. Excellent spreading the ball around to the many talents on the team.

  4. The Saints will have a big decision on Hill’s future. He will be a restricted free agent after the season and he wants to be a starting quarterback. His detractors, and there are becoming fewer of them, say that he can’t pass. He can and he will either play for the Saints or they may have to beat him. I’m sure the Packers would like to have him back to replace Rodgers. BTW, GURU, he was an excellent punter and place kicker in high school.

  5. As a objective Saints fan, Drew can no longer get the ball down the field. His arm strength was never his greatest strength!

    Against Atlanta, the Saints offense had a hot start when Taysom Hill was involved and on the field. If I were a Payton, I’d add Taysom to every offensive personnel grouping and keep Brees on the field with Kamara on one side and Taysom on the other side of Brees, in Shotgun formation. The center can direct snap to Taysom for a deep throw and run threat or Brees for short and intermediate routes!

    Bottom line-Taysom Hill should be on the field for every offensive snap against the 49ers.

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