Wade Phillips takes blame for blowout loss to Ravens

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The Rams had a plan for defending the Ravens. And then they got hit in the mouth.

“We didn’t play well enough, we didn’t coach well enough, we didn’t set up, we thought we could stop their running game and we didn’t do that well,” Rams defensive coordinator Wade Phillips told reporters on Thursday. “I put it on myself with the plan, overall.

“We had to stop the running game to force them to throw the ball — although the guy can really throw the ball well. Now, we’ll say, you’ve got to give them credit. They scored 37 [points] on New England and we’re on a quite a tear and they kept doing it against us too. I didn’t think they would, but they did. Credit to them, but I think we needed a better plan and we didn’t have it. That’s my fault.”

The problem with facing the Ravens is that no plan works, as long as dual-threat Lamar Jackson can play quarterback at a high level (24 touchdown passes, tied with Russell Wilson for most in the league) and running back at a high level (876 yards and 7.1 per carry). It’s basically two cups, and both have been spiked with iocane powder.

The Rams now have their backs against the wall, with a 6-5 records and a game up next against the surprisingly potent Cardinals. The Rams also face the Cowboys, 49ers, Seahawks, and Cardinals (again) as the defending NFC champions try to get back to the playoffs for a third straight year.

16 responses to “Wade Phillips takes blame for blowout loss to Ravens

  1. It doesnt help that their offense is awful at the moment. Goffs a goof and is playing miserable.

  2. Wade, it wasn’t your offense that only scored six and threw two picks. Granted, the porous defense didn’t help any.

  3. Don’t beat yourself up, Wade. The Rams could have played their best game offensively and defensively and still lost by three touchdowns.

  4. No shame in losing to the Ravens right now. They’re on a roll. It’s going to be an exciting end to the season with some very good AFC teams playing each other.

  5. There it is. Wade will be the fall guy this off season as boy wonder McVay will throw him under the bus.

  6. All-American Voltron says:
    November 29, 2019 at 10:04 am
    Lamar Jackson is the ’18 James Harden of the NFL. trying too hard to rack up stats
    He has sure sat out a lot of 4th quarters in blow outs for someone that you think is trying to rack up stats he is doing a terrible job at it.

  7. It’s the Boy Wonder and his lackluster QB doing this team in not Wade. Wade’s a class act taking the heat/attention off of the young guys. He knows he’s on the 17th green of his solid career

  8. Lamar Jackson is the ’18 James Harden of the NFL. trying too hard to rack up stats
    By racking up stats, do you mean stuff like first downs and points? The only comparison that I see is that neither plays defense.

  9. Phillips has a long-standing history of underestimating Baltimore. He predicted they’d get blown out by the 49ers in the Superbowl in 2012, he also coached the Cowboys team that was supposed to have a “homecoming” game to close-out Texas Stadium and Dallas picked Baltimore because they thought the Ravens would suck…..so it doesn’t surprise me that he was caught flat-footed Monday.

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