Weigh-ins a worry for players after Thanksgiving

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Assuming you overindulged yesterday, you might be worried about your pants fitting a little more snugly.

At least you don’t have to worry about your wallet being lighter.

Via Dan Duggan of TheAthletic.com, the weekly weigh-ins on Friday are a worry for Giants players this time of year, since they can be fined $670 per pound for being overweight.

That likely made this morning a nervous time, after the offensive linemen gathered at guard Kevin Zeitler‘s place for dinner last night.

“I kind of lost a little weight before Thanksgiving so that when Thanksgiving came, I would be able to do what I want and eat what I want. I’m going to prepare,” guard Will Hernandez said last week. “I’m going to watch [weight] this week, so that way when Thanksgiving comes around I have some room to fill. . . .

“It’s torture. It doesn’t let you enjoy your meal in peace. You’ve got to watch it. But overall, it’s all right. You still get your good food in. You just can’t go all the way like the way you really want to.”

It’s a bigger problem for bigger players, but at that kind of penalty, players were mindful of pie last night.

“Two pounds and you’re paying over a grand,” Hernandez said.

For players such as rookie defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence, it demands vigilance. At Clemson, he was only subject to a weigh-in at the beginning of the year. Thus, he’d often blow up to 355 pounds by the end of the year. Now, his max weight is 342 pounds, and he said he stays between 337 and 340 pounds.

“I knew being a pro you’ve got to take care of your body,” Lawrence said. “In college, I always got heavy throughout the season. Now I’m just more conscious about it and keeping my weight down.”

And players are never more conscious of it than they are today.