Bears place Sherrick McManis, Adam Shaheen on injured reserve

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The Bears may be back, but two of their players will not be.

Defensive back Sherrick McManis and tight end Adam Shaheen have landed on injured reserve. The team announced the moves on Saturday.

Replacing them on the active roster will be tight end Eric Saubert and offensive lineman Corey Levin. Saubert was signed from the Raiders’ practice squad; Levin came from the Broncos’ practice squad.

McManis, a 31-year-old mainstay on the Chicago roster since 2012, is in the final year of his contract. Shaheen, a second-round pick in 2017, is under contract through 2020.

The Bears have climbed back to .500, and they host the 6-6 Cowboys on Thursday night.

7 responses to “Bears place Sherrick McManis, Adam Shaheen on injured reserve

  1. McManis was a solid special teams guy, he will be missed. Yes, Shaheen was a bust. Prime example of why I still love the Mack trade. If memory serves, Shaheen was a second or third round reach – that is what Pace generally does with draft picks. Pace sees the next Gronk, everyone else sees a raw physical talent, basketball player from a D2 school who doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell of becoming an NFL tight end. I’d much rather have Mack, thank you very much. I wonder how many good players, especially O-linemen were taken after Shaheen.

  2. Everyone knows this is the time of year that embarrassed executives like Ryan Pace invent fake injuries for his lousy draft picks in an effort to save face. Grow up, Pace. Shaheen was an AWFUL draft pick. Just own it. Putting a bust like Shaheen on IR is an insult to players with actual injuries.

  3. Shaheen is another example of Pace’s drafting failures, but still not worse than Trubisky over Mahomes/Watson.

    Don’t tell my bro-in-law though, he was impressed with Trubisky on Thanksgiving as an all-star against the neighborhood kids in a pick up game. Maybe he can still reach his 7th alternate status in the Pro Bowl like last year.

  4. The way Pace runs a draft room I prefer trading the picks away…REACH..REACH, whatever happened to “the best available player” ???

  5. Shaheen a.k.a the guy genius Ryan Pace chose over George Kittle. There are some serious deficiencies in talent evaluation skills within the Bears front office and it’s becoming more and more evident as Pace’s picks are busting more than they are panning out.

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