Bruce Allen could be on the outs in D.C., finally

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Wisdom often never comes at all, as the saying goes. It’s better that arrive late.

And that’s precisely what seems to be happening in D.C.

As reported by Mike Garafolo of NFL Network and as confirmed by JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington, Washington owner Daniel Snyder is for the first time ever evaluating the status of team president Bruce Allen.

Finlay adds that “never in Allen’s tenure in Washington has his grip seemed less firm over the organization,” and that some league sources “believe that Allen’s involvement in football operations is hurting the team’s bottom line.”

The last part doesn’t need sourcing; just look at images of the stadium and the parking lot on game days. Fans are staying home because the team stinks. And the team stinks because what Allen has called a “damn good” culture is damn bad.

Still, as Finlay notes, the mere act of firing Allen would likely result in a surge in ticket sales.

Of course, some would say that Allen isn’t the problem but simply a symptom of an issue that starts with Snyder, and that nothing will change until he sells the team. (The mere act of selling the team would likely sell out the stadium for years to come.)

It was believed that Allen would remain in place until he finagles a new stadium for the franchise. But with the team being such a perennial poor performer, getting a new stadium becomes an even tougher task.

Still, we’ll believe that Allen is truly in trouble when we see him do the walk of shame with a cardboard box full of his personal belongings. Snyder can’t make that move until he knows he’ll have someone better to take Allen’s place, and the question is whether any candidate who would constitute an upgrade would touch that job with a 10-foot pole and/or for anything less than $10 million per year.

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  1. So what I’m reading say Dan won’t fire him for the poor team but because it will keep him from getting public money for a new stadium.

  2. Just about anybody with common sense would be better than Bruce Allen. There are plenty of assistant GMs around the league who would be an upgrade. Of course that bar is VERY low.

  3. The poor fans of Washington. A once proud franchise gone to pot. Until Dan Snyder is gone, there is absolutely no hope of a turnaround. You could bring in the most talented coach, GM or even Moses himself and the team would still be pathetic.

  4. Nobody wants that job with Snyder as a meddling owner. It’s a much different position in Dallas with Jerry meddling. Redskins are horrible and Snyder is horrible along with them.

  5. There are 32 GM jobs in the NFL. There are probably 32,000 individuals with financial and management experience who will apply for the job. The football knowledge, well, there are 32 GM jobs in the NFL. ‘Nuff said.

  6. Washington fans deserve so much better. Like with the NBA’s Knicks franchise, bad ownership which has led to bad management,has finally translated to loss of $$$. Only because of the loss in $$$ something might be done.
    Again WAShington fans deserve so much better.

  7. Allen must be the best YES man in history. His continuance is one of the great wonders of the world. I mean, Snyder can’t be THAT stupid. Unless the bottom line is #1. The fans really need to switch to Baltimore. Bye it, wear it, talk about it. Snyder losing money might be the only effective measure.

    Look at Jets fans? Same stuff. But they do move on from people which shows an effort and keeps the fans coming back. Just don’t know how to pick them.

  8. It’s a start, but if the stories are true on how Snyder thinks a leader leads, then the sale of the team is the only option for success. He needs to pick up a couple books on how great leaders lead. How you treat people matters.

  9. I think that Dan Snyder likes having names and yes men surround him but Bruce Allen is not his father George Allen. Football pasted Bruce Allen about ten years ago… Bruce Allen has been the single impediment to the Redskins success, has no idea how to build a football organization or how to develop a foundation that would allow the organization to have continued success.

  10. At least Dan Snyder paid with his own money. Too many silver spoon kids inherited ownership. Dan, Hire Louis Riddick. Give him (5) years. Let him pick his coach. Only up from here.

  11. If any “fan” of a team switches allegiance to another team because their team is run poorly for some period of time has never been a true fan!

    The notion that Redskin’s fans would become Raven’s fans just because they’re an hour away is insulting and moronic!

    It was stupid when Harbaugh suggested it and it’s just as stupid when anyone else says it!

    We want change, but let’s stop with that nonsense!

  12. Far too many of Bruce Allen’s like in the game. Surely there is someone in Dallas who’s grown tired of waiting for Jerruh to move on.

  13. I have no feelings toward Allen, kind or otherwise, but making him the fall guy isn’t going to solve Washington’s problem. Allen isn’t an idiot; he’s simply a “yes” man. That’s what he was here in Tampa for Jon Gruden, after Chucky won a power battle against Rich McKay, who wanted to continue to build through the draft and didn’t want to sign the boatload of aging free agents that Allen eventually did.

    None of Washington’s mess are Allen ideas. The problem is at the top. Until Snyder is no longer the owner, that once-elite franchise will remain a caricature of itself, floundering at the bottom of the NFC East.

  14. Ok I don’t want to but I will take over for Bruce Allen. The first thing I’m doing is getting on a flight to Clemson and talk with Mr. Sweeney.

  15. Allen has tried (and failed) to keep fans interested. Remember last summer when he told us all that Alex Smith was “day to day”. Sell them tickets any way you can, baby.

  16. If Alabama somehow doesn’t make it to the College Football Playoff, you can bet that Nick Saban will be the Redskins next head coach next season.

  17. OMG, as a Redskins fan, this is long overdue. I was livid when they dumped McCloughan instead of Bruce Allen. I’ve long wondered if Bruce Allen has dirt on Snyder, to be kept around this long with such an awful record.

  18. As great as it would be for him to get his long deserved ax it ultimately doesn’t matter who is their GM or HC, so long as Dan Snyder is the owner of that team they are cursed to be a trainwreck. #SellTheTeam

  19. patsfan02021 says:
    November 30, 2019 at 2:10 pm
    If Alabama somehow doesn’t make it to the College Football Playoff, you can bet that Nick Saban will be the Redskins next head coach next season.

    Not a chance. Saban would not be the yes man that Snyder wants. Saban likes to win and not deal with meddling management.

  20. I thought that Dan Snyder was a lifelong fan of the team. If he were a true fan he should want them to win. If he really wants them to win he should sell the team to someone that will know how to run a franchise. Wouldn’t that be a win win? He cashed out and can start watching his favorite team win again.

  21. The team is in desperate need of a fresh new President, then a fresh new GM, then a fresh new coaching staff. In that order. The roster has some talent in several areas, but they are clearly very poorly coached and not living up to their potential. And the management is an absolute and total disaster, look no further than Trent Williams and Kirk Cousins

  22. Why do “Washington fans deserve so much better”? What did they ever do to deserve any more than the rest of us- Bengals fans, Jaguars fans, Browns fans, etc.? They’ve been in 4 Super Bowls and won three of them. THREE Super Bowl wins!

    Their fans don’t “deserve” anything- enjoy mediocrity like the rest of us.

  23. Some league sources “believe that Allen’s involvement in football operations is hurting the team’s bottom line.” That will get Danny’s attention! Losing games is fine, but not maximizing profit is a fireable offense.

  24. If you’re the fan of a team that is a habitual loser year after year after year and you continue to be a fan of that team and support them you don’t deserve anything BUT more misery and losing!

    Being the fan of any team is a personal choice and if you aren’t smart enough to stop watching them or switch teams and if you continue to support such a loser then you’re just plain STUPID! Sports fans are the only people I know that’ll continue to spend their hard earned money supporting these loser teams and question someone else’s loyalty or say they’re “not really a fan” if they don’t continue to want to be miserable every game day! There isn’t another thing on this planet that people would continue wasting money on if it were that bad of a product, but for some reason they’ll continue to buy their teams horrible product week after week. I just can’t wrap my brain around that kind of thinking.

    Of course I can’t wrap my brain around anyone paying for a PSL just to be allowed to buy a ticket to a game either but you know what they say, some people have more money than sense!

  25. Daniel Snyder’s team was a dumpster fire before Bruce Allen got there, and nothing will change once he leaves. Allen was hired for his name, and he did his job exactly as he was supposed to. He took the public heat for Snyder while Snyder could hide. Allen isn’t a coach, a personnel guy, or a manager. He’s just George Allen’s son, and in Washington, that’s a good name. The team is worth a heck of a lot more money today than it was the day Snyder bought it, so in his eyes, he’s been a huge success. All these hirings and firings over the years haven’t accomplished anything, as far as winning. That’s ok with Snyder. He couldn’t care less. As long as Snyder owns the team, he’ll continue to make football decisions that set the franchise back another five to ten years. He’s been pretty consistent with that. So even if he hired a great GM, he’d screw it up by butting in. Anyone with other job opportunities won’t go to work for Snyder. At least the Baltimore Ravens are nearby.

  26. I thought Bruce Allen biggest blunder was not trading Trent Williams,,,when Trent said he would never play for the Redskins again before the draft they should have immediately shipped him to the highest bidder,,Trent good but he stays hurt a lot and is a little overrated and we could have gotten at least a 1st and 3rd round pick for him but nooooo Bruce wanted to play a game of chicken and got plucked,,,sorry Bruce but get yo and coat and leave!!!!

  27. To all those who claim you can’t switch teams or “you’re not a real fan” what you’re really saying is that any football player that doesn’t get drafted by their favorite team should turn that team down and sit and wait for their favorite team to call? Or any player in the NFL that plays for someone other than there favorite team isn’t a real fan?

    OH and I suppose that every NFL player should root for their favorite team even if they’re playing aginst them for a different team?

    Starting to see how foolish that thinking is? There’d be a whole lot of unemployed NFL players if they lived by those silly “fan codes” some of you people have made up!

  28. blackqbwhiterb says:
    November 30, 2019 at 3:27 pm

    The team is in desperate need of a fresh new President, then a fresh new GM, then a fresh new coaching staff. In that order. The roster has some talent in several areas, but they are clearly very poorly coached and not living up to their potential. And the management is an absolute and total disaster, look no further than Trent Williams and Kirk Cousins


    And that total disaster of Trent Williams, and Kirk Cousins whom Allen openly called him by “Kirt” showing clear disrespect falls 100% on Allen whom could have traded both for assets and draft picks. Let’s not forget how he turned on the Shanahan’s running them out of D.C along with a Superbowl asst coaches in McVay…along with Matt LaFleur now Packers HC

  29. If Snyder is half as smart as he thinks he is he must see how incompetent Allen is since every other Redskins fan can easily see it. Yet Allen is still hanging around, just like Garrett in Dallas for the same reason. Both are ultimate puppets of their bosses, and as long as they continue to say “Yes boss” they’re safe. On the other hand, if their incompetence is going to start costing Snyder MONEY then Allen may well be fired. As he should.

  30. Though I was a Cowboy fan then, I used to look forward to games in old RFK stadium, because the fans were loud and always gave the visiting a team a hard time.

    Snyder needs to look at these old games and the pride of these fans, wipe a tear from his eye, and do whatever it takes to make them a proud, winning team again.

    Nahhh…He is a billionaire who would rather have the public pay for a new stadium while dumping a stadium that seats over 90,000…

  31. Can we assume McCloughan was NOT a problem, and Allen was worried if he did too well he might be promoted higher than Allen? Hence why McCloughan had to go?

  32. Washington fans deserve so much better

    Says who? I spent a lengthy time there in the 80s and I can tell you they are among the most insufferable arrogant and entitled fans in the country. People were including season tickets in their wills. The waiting list was 200 years. They don’t deserve anything.

  33. The problem is that the person who is doing the evaluation is Dan Snyder. He needs to hire an outside consultant ( professional football background) to perform the evaluation. At times, Danny acts like he doesn’t know the difference between a football and a basketball

  34. Bruce Allen has helped turn the Washington Redskins into the one of the worst team in the NFL History. Snyder hasn’t done a good job as an owner either. But Dan has to start somewhere and firing Bruce Allen is a Good Start. Bruce Allen thanks for running the Redskins into the ground Now Get Out of Town!

  35. bay707area49er says:
    November 30, 2019 at 8:22 pm
    Wasn’t FedEx field built in the mid 90’s? They need a new stadium already?


    FedEx Field was a dump from the beginning. Jack Kent Cooke was so desperate to get it built before he died that very little care was put into the details.

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