Freddie Kitchen dons “Pittsburgh Started It” T-shirt

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Maybe they should move tomorrow’s game in Pittsburgh back to 4:25 p.m. ET.

A line had existed between fans squabbling over the niceties of the anything-but-nice Steelers-Browns fracas from 16 days ago, but the players and coaches and others connected to the teams (with one minor exception) had stayed above the fray. And then there’s Fred.

Browns coach Freddie Kitchens was spotted wearing a “Pittsburgh Started It” T-shirt on Friday night. A Browns spokesman told ESPN that Kitchens’ daughters gave him the shirt “as a joke,” and that he wore it to see the new Mr. Rogers movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, with Kitchens’ family.

The Steelers are miffed. One reaction seems like a stretch, though; an unnamed Steelers official told ESPN that Kitchens’ gesture “could be viewed as more disrespectful, given that Mr. Rogers was from Pittsburgh.”

The far bigger problem is that the gesture becomes ground chuck for anyone from the Dawg Pound who will be in an around Heinz Field on Sunday, validating the belief that Myles Garrett was in the right and Mason Rudolph was in the wrong. But it may be exactly the kind of strategic pandering in which Kitchens needs to engage to get a second season, if the Browns ultimately don’t make it to the playoffs this year, thanks in part to a team that has been way too undisciplined while playing for a coach who was way too unprepared for the job into which he was thrust.

Either way, I’ll now be humming this tune until kickoff on Sunday: “It’s a beautiful day on the football field, a beautiful day for some football. . . . Could you grab my . . . would you grab my . . . helmet and hit me over the head with it?”

129 responses to “Freddie Kitchen dons “Pittsburgh Started It” T-shirt

  1. This guy is too stupid to be an NFL head coach. He needs to be fired. Beyond the Browns underachieving for their talent level, the HC is doing the kind if stuff that players are told not to do. He is giving the Steelers bulletin board material when they have to play each other again.

  2. Kitchens may have sealed his own fate if something happens Sunday. The NFL wont look kindly on the HC acting as childish as his players. Just more proof this guy is in over his head.

  3. When Patricia wore the barstool goddell clown shirt, it was after my patriots WON THE SUPER BOWL. Freddie Kitchens wearing this shirt during the regular season is a joke.

    i hope the browns get smashed for that idiotic junk.

  4. Sometimes,the head coach should look in the mirror and say,the head coach should act like an adult.My guess is there are not any mirrors in Freddie’s house!!

  5. I support Freddie for acknowledging his daughters’ gift. However, wearing the T-Shirt in public was a bad move. Simply wearing it around the house would have recognized the gift.

    Freddie really needs to have a PR person with him at all times. He has absolutely no concept of the right thing to say or do.

  6. LOL, and the NFL ended it with your player sitting out an indefinite number of games. Oh, and had Garrett just gotten up, none of this would have happened. HE started it.

    It is a very unprofessional look wearing that t-shirt.

  7. If Mr. Rogers we’re alive right now, he’d hit someone in the head with their own helmet over this egregious display of disrespect.

  8. He obviously learned stunt marketing from his used car salesman days. Probably high fived his colleagues every time he sold a known lemon off the lot. Embarrassment to the NFL

  9. Here is the man charged by the team with setting the bar for how to act like a professional athlete at the highest level. This is your 2019 Browns, Cleveland.

  10. Freddie Kittens is not in any way qualified to be a head coach of an NFL team. Not sure he should be in charge of a pop warner or high school team even

  11. This is just another example of why Cleveland will continue to be a bad franchise. There seems to be no adult around to set a direction or culture – it’s just a bunch of knuckleheads feeding off each other. Where’s the owner?

  12. “…an unnamed Steelers official told ESPN that Kitchens’ gesture “could be viewed as more disrespectful, given that Mr. Rogers was from Pittsburgh.”

    The funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Didn’t last long though, was topped by…

    “But it may be exactly the kind of strategic pandering in which Kitchens needs to engage to get a second season…”

    I don’t think Freddie is that much of an evil genius, maybe he gets strategic about where that next bag of chips is coming from, but not much else…

  13. I wish no I’ll will but I would laugh out loud if someone went hard into the sidelines and took freddy out 😉

  14. So this is Cleveland’s head coach? Would Bill Belechick ever sink to this level, and for sure none of his children would even hint of giving him such a stupid shirt. Poor excuse, and a darn poor look as a head coach. Dump this guy already.

  15. Oh brother, why is everything so heated and complained about, outraged about, demanding of some sort of action because said thing was ‘insensitive’? Grow a pair Pittsburgh

  16. seattlesue427 says:
    Unprofessional? Offensive? It’s funny as hell and you all know it. I want my t-shirt!

    Yeah, it’s funny as hell — if your name is Beavis or Butthead.
    Offensive? Probably not. But yes, it IS unprofessional, and immature for anyone in his position.

  17. Freddie Kitchens (real name) supports the use of weaponry by people who can’t control their emotions. Then he backs them up when they lie about it.

  18. Note to Patriots fans…not everything has to be about the Patriots. Not everyone has to be compared to Bill Belichick. Other NFL articles can not involve them at all. Really, it’s true.

  19. Larry the Cable Guy needs to wake up. Being fat and stupid is no way to go through life. He’s giving AB a run for NFL clown of the year. Going to Pittsburgh and trying to start a riot isn’t smart. Some YINZER will go over the boards after a couple SIXERS and clean the Kitchen.

  20. Ah, Freddie Kitchens, the one man who does not deserve to be head coach, continues to set a bad example. Cleveland needs to see the error of their ways & dump this neophyte at the end of season and bring in a REAL coach for a change. Great idea wearing that shirt Freddie – not only shows he has no class, but it makes great locker room bulletin board fodder. Maybe Dorset needs to “whack” his coach from the fraternity asap.

  21. Let’s not pretend this is anything but good game old fashioned fun. Today’s media is so absurdly sanctimonious – go back and watch some broadcasts of Browns games from the late ‘80’s (I recommend Browns-Broncos from the ‘89 regular season) to see how different (i.e. better) the coverage was back in the day. In those days, the media accepted that pro football was a man’s game, and that it came with a certain amount of chaos and hi jinx. This included “extracurricular” activities by both players and fans. Watching a game on TV you would see PG-13 banners & signs at the stadium, fans throwing streamers, confetti, and sometimes dog biscuits (among other projectiles) onto the field.

    It was all in good fun and was treated as such by sports media. Then Goodell came along, and the fun has slowly been drained from the game. The humorless, puritanical PC culture we have now has also taken a toll.

    Let Freddie have his fun – you know it would fire up your fan base too – and thank the Football Gods for the return of a legit Pittsburgh-Cleveland rivalry!

  22. Kitchens is like a less charming and less competent Jim Tomsula. Its not easy for a losing team to be completely unlikable but sure enough these Browns are nailing it.

  23. Trash players, trash fans, trash organization. Did you expect the coach to not be trash? They should have remained buried after they left for Baltimore.

  24. Good for you, Freddie! Don’t forget Tomlin blamed it all on Cleveland just last week. It’s all in good fun and fuels a rivalry that’s been DOA since the Reagan administration. Go Browns!

  25. When your given name is Freddie followed by Kitchens what do you expect? Did the T shirt come with a mustard stain? If not I imagine Freddie will supply it in short order…

  26. this is amazing, I don’t care about all your whining. this is amazing.

    also Mike and Phil are on the record, “Pittsburgh doesn’t lose this game.”

    we shall see sunday.

  27. I would expect nothing less from a Cleveland head coach soon to be X head coach! Class is not their strong suit.

  28. Freddie has to go. Why on earth would you give the Steelers bulletin board ammo before the game? I mean the Browns once went 16 years straight without winning a game in Pittsburgh, and this was when we were good. Not an easy place to win.

  29. First of all, i want a shirt too, its funny as heck.

    Second, he’s just paving the way for Mike McCarthy. We all have seen that Kitchens is not the right guy.

  30. Disappointing lack of professionalism by a coach that is clearly not at a professional level. Also a little surprised that the NFL is putting up with this; as this only pours gasoline on burning embers.

  31. If you are going to wear the shirt, wear it and wear it proudly. Don’t use your daughters as a kiss ass excuse whether true or not….Weak

  32. Any response from Kitchens other than, “Such conduct is not acceptable,” is reprehensible. This is not a joking matter, and it is not funny. For him to make light of an incident that could have caused serious bodily injury or death, just proves that this man is not head coach material. The NFL had better get involved, if they want to maintain control over the game on Sunday. This was “stupid.”

  33. That’s very poor judgement from a Head Coach, and I don’t care who gave it to him.
    Talk about more bulletin board crap.
    The Browns organization should be really proud of him.

  34. Don’t care about the move per se as a Steelers fan but…did you WANT to make sure Pittsburgh destroys your team with extra motivation provided by you? Seems really low class and stupid. A game is all fun and games until you realize you are a paid representative of the Cleveland Browns and this will be the one thing that sticks to your name forever. If Pittsburgh blows you out now…you have no one to blame but yourself when you lasted two days past Black Friday. Wow. Really juvenile.

  35. Just a stupid and frankly classless move, by the coach yet. The Steelers and their fans didn’t get the joke after the ugliness of the last game’s ending. Steelers need to take care of business at Heinz Field like professionals and send the Browns back up the turnpike as the losers they are.

  36. I believe Haslem and Dorsey both have a list with 2 columns, one for “reasons we hired Kitchens” and one for “I think we keep the wrong guy” and the “reasons we hired Kitchens” coulumn remains empty while they’re both on the back of the page putting checkmarks into the “I think we kept the wrong guy” column!

    When it comes to screwing up this guy is like the Pacman Jones of HC’s!

  37. well that confrims it. I wondered why Kitchens looked clueless on the sidelines most of then season. It’s not just on the sidelines.

  38. To anyone who ever said “the Browns fans deserve better” to reiterate “NO THEY DON’T”!!!

    You reap what you sow!

  39. And here is the biggest reason I’ve ever seen for why two division rivals should NEVER have to play each other within a 4wk period, it would give them a cooling off period between games!

    What rocket scientist schedules two division games between the same two teams 2 weeks apart, there sure wasn’t a lot of brain cells used there!

  40. This is why Buffalos future is much brighter. We have a coach and GM who respect the NFL and players and coaches of opposing teams.

    Mayfield may be a better fantasy football qb but I’ll take Allen every day if the week. No way mayfield picks up that fumbles snap and powers through 8 guys for a first down.

    Cleveland has the “sexier” roster but buffalo is building the NE way. I’ll take that every time .

    And yeah this fat clown has no respect for anything and he still doesn’t see that no matter what happened, Garrett was in the wrong

  41. If a guy’s too absentminded to take off a ridiculous novelty shirt before the cameras get him, he’s probably too dumb to restore the Browns to glory.

  42. One thing is blatantly obvious … Freddie Kitchens does not watch much game film … apparently spends too much time in the kitchen feeding that sizeable gut he carries around.

    The Cleveland Browns have become the Cleveland Clowns … and Freddie is the Head Bozo.

  43. At least Rex Ryan won some playoff games before he acted like this. Freddie Kittens is a boob. When a browns player get a helmet to helmet hit and is in the concussion tent, I hope Freddie thinks of his dumb shirt.

  44. Is Cleveland the new Cincinnati? The Bengals finally got rid of Marvin and dropped their problem children making them a better team in the long run. So, Cleveland decides to pick up the slack to be the most undisciplined group of knuckleheads in the NFL. If it was the players, that could be a fixable situation, but if the coach is also a dumb—, y’all are screwed Brown’s fans.

  45. When Browns fans had a Mason Rudolph piñata in the parking lot last week, you could sorta excuse it.
    But when Cleveland’s head coach is trolling Pittsburgh, it seems like he’s spoiling for a fight.

  46. It looks like the NFL’s attempt to attract female viewers has feminized the majority of the fan base. The T-shirt is hilarious and awesome and true. Quit whining

  47. L. S. says:
    November 30, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    Is Cleveland the new Cincinnati? The Bengals finally got rid of Marvin and dropped their problem children making them a better team in the long run. So, Cleveland decides to pick up the slack to be the most undisciplined group of knuckleheads in the NFL. If it was the players, that could be a fixable situation, but if the coach is also a dumb—, y’all are screwed Brown’s fans.

    Because he wore a shirt? I think the reaction may be more about the Browns not “knowing their place” than anything else. At least thats the most generous interpretation of such pearl clutching.

  48. Not too very impressed with anything Kitchens this year before this. But gotta hand it to him, this is pretty good. People who can’t take a joke need to get over themselves.

  49. I hope the Browns have their coach’s back tomorrow. Whipping the Steelers good will make things interesting.

  50. ForWhomTheBellTrolls says:
    November 30, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    Right up there with Kap’s pig socks.

    I hate to kill the high from your trolling attempt there but youve gotta let the past go. There are plenty of current events for you to point your veiled racist outrage at , no need to drag up old stuff.

  51. killerkowal says:
    November 30, 2019 at 8:26 pm
    I am so impressed with Tomlin since the last Super Bowl in the 2009 season. NOT.

    I’m so impressed with the Browns since their last Super Bowl in the ……………, wait a minute!

    OK hear we go, the Browns rebuilding since 1964, YEA that’s it!

  52. Many people strongly believe that Mason Rudolf started the whole thing.

    Coach Tomlin trips players on the football field, last year the Steelers were a dumpster fire (as indicated by AB & LB) and their old QB is a borderline convict. So somehow it’s wrong if a player or coach of a different team expresses passion & figures out a way to motivate his team Huh?

  53. watermelon1 says:
    November 30, 2019 at 11:49 am
    The Browns are making the playoffs this year. The Steelers aren’t. And that’s all that really matters. Have a nice day!
    ——————————————————————————————–Perhaps the Browns should worry about getting to .500, or perhaps having a winning season’
    Ridiculous to believe this dumpster fire will achieve any success.

    On a side note…..It was the Steelers owner(Art Rooney Sr.) who lobbied the NFL to allow Cleveland a franchise after the original team moved away in the middle of the night. Just saying, that is a crappy way for Jimmy Haslam current Browns owner and former co-owner of the Steelers at the time) to show any love, let alone class.

  54. The t-shirt incident only proves that Kitchens does not recognize one bit, the gravity of Myles Garrett actions. It is one thing to support morally one his player as a head coach. It is another thing to divert responsibility on the other team with such arrogance.

  55. So, Mr. Kitchens is going to a movie which features a man whose life was largely devoted to forgiveness and loving others even if they have hurt you, and he wears a shirt that says, “Pittsburgh started it?” Apparently there are a lot of things that Mr. Kitchens needs to learn…

  56. I am no fan of Greg Williams, but at least he had this Cleveland team moving in a positive direction.

  57. This speaks volumes about Kitchens level of maturity. It would appear that he is not mature enough to be a head coach.

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