Freddie Kitchens rules out a healthy Damarious Randall

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Ejected from round one of Browns-Steelers for an illegal hit that caused blood to run from a player’s ear, Cleveland defensive back Damarious Randall won’t be on the field for the rematch.

Mary Kay Cabot of reports that Randall has been ruled out of Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh, due to a coach’s decision.

The move to keep Randall, who isn’t injured, off the field seems to reflect an effort to ensure that things stay under control. And it’s hard not to wonder whether that decision was made by someone higher on the Browns and/or NFL organizational chart than Freddie Kitchens.

The move will do little to reduce the venom of Browns fans, who believe that the Steelers started the fight that resulted in pandemonium, along with the rest-of-season suspension of defensive end Myles Garrett. But it could help reduce the temperature on the football field, where the last thing the league needs is another brawl.

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  1. Freddie Kitchens seems like a nice man. But it looks to me as though he was never HC material, and the Browns have made yet another mistake. Two in fact – Listening to a rookie QB, and then acting on his input.

  2. I dont see how anyone outside of Cleveland can believe Pittsburgh started it and this is coming from a Ravens fan who despises the entire Steeler organization for everything they stand for.

  3. The move will do little to reduce the venom of Browns fans, who believe that the Steelers started the fight that resulted in pandemonium
    Ok, all Browns fans don’t believe that the Steelers started it. Anyone that was watching the game saw that Myles threw Mason to the ground way after he had thrown the ball. Anyone that denies that is irrational.

  4. I highly doubt that this has anything to do with “keeping the game under control”. Inside the building, the Browns are trying to win the game. This strikes me more as a Bellichick-type of discipline / no man is above the team type of move.

    Only the media thinks that football decisions are based on their opinions as to who did or did not break a Big Moral Rule.

  5. Randall is a talented player. He is also a troubled maker. He is one of those guys who won’t be in the NFL in a couple years. Happens all the time and usually starts with a guy wearing out his welcome in one place getting traded elsewhere for almost nothing, then being a healthy scratch on game days. Oh well. Dude could have been a long term player in the league if he wasn’t a head case.

  6. I think Randall is a FA after this year. It sounds as if the Browns don’t want him for next year, which I think is a mistake. In my opinion there is no turning back from sitting him. You can’t unring the bell of not being trusted or valued.

  7. Who had gone for removing the helmet first? Who had kicked a player in the groin? Who had punched a player in the groin? Who didn’t get at least a one game suspension?

  8. Any Browns fan that thinks the fight is on Pittsburgh is in denial. Regardless of the % for each side as to who is at fault, the idea it’s only in Pittsburgh sounds somewhere between silly and stupid.

  9. The NFL had 100% opportunity to squash this whole debate…..and throw water on any potential Game 2 rematch. All it had to do was suspend Rudolph for 1 or 2 games, like he deserved, for his actions while on the ground.

    Garrett got what he deserved.
    Pouncey got his.
    Ogunjobi got his.
    Rudolph……..was given a free pass by bonehead Goodell and his cronies.

    Once again, NFL mis handling of an issue, failed to put out the bad conduct.

  10. You’re sitting a healthy starter, when you desperately need to win the game, because he delivered a brutal hit a few weeks ago? Seriously? This isnt even the NFL of 20 years ago.

  11. Everybody saw what happened. None of it would’ve mattered Garrett would not have hit Rudolph over the head with a helmet. Would not even of been a flag or anything. Other than that who really cares. Suspend Rudolph for one game or two games or three games ,Who really cares. I think the Steelers are in the Browns fans heads way too much.

  12. Rudolph did nothing worse than what happens in almost every game. What Garrett, Randall and the rest did was above and beyond the norm.

  13. shlort says:
    Randall is a talented player. He is also a troubled maker.
    That's why he's not in Green Bay. He's not a good locker room guy either. He wasn't missed.
    And that's too bad cuz he is a good talent. But he has no common sense.

  14. Regardless of Rudolph and Garrett wrestling,.. grabbing each others face masks,.. anything that might have been said,…. Those are Personal Fouls – Unsportsmanlike Conduct. They both were penalized and fined.
    NOW READ SLOWLY,… When Garrett SWUNG the helmet and HIT Rudolph,… That’s the reason for the suspension,… and the length of his suspension.
    If he doesn’t do the “Swing and Hit” part,… he would still be playing.

  15. Rudolph was trying to get Garrett off him. He grabbed at his helmet a bit. That in no way justified the psychotic reaction of Garrett.

    It’s like Rudolph dinged Garrett’s car in the parking lot so Garrett got a tire iron and hit him with it then tells the judge that Rudolph deserves to be in jail for assault too because he started it by dinging his bumper.

  16. Of course Rudolph started the fight, stop being a homer and say he didn’t. This is a simple case of which idiotic talking head can have the biggest take. This is the problem with our society and especially social media.

    It’s simple…..Frat boy Rudolph started the fight because he thought it was a late hit….he threw a tantrum, and tried to rip off Garrett’s helmet. When he could not, he threw a tantrum and tried cleating Garrett in the twig and berries…they got up and it turned into a football skirmish, which happens nearly every game…Garrett wins then takes it a bit too far and swings the helmet.

    The whole thing is blown way out of proportion in my opinion. ….those of you saying he was swinging a deadly weapon are complete morons….it is no different than a MLB pitcher throwing a baseball at a batter… happens in sports every day.

  17. I would think this a prudent decision by Kitchens; however, this is not the first time Kitchens has declared healthy, contributing players out for a game. Either his decision making is questionable (as we can see by his coaching decisions), or his higher-ups are playing a chess game of higher NFL politics.

  18. Leman Russ says:
    November 30, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    I dont see how anyone outside of Cleveland can believe Pittsburgh started it and this is coming from a Ravens fan who despises the entire Steeler organization for everything they stand for.



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    Might want to ask the NFL since apparently they believe Rudolph started it as well. Rudolphs fine went from $15,000 to $50,000 after Miles Garretts appeal hearing. I mean all they had to go by after all was Miles Garretts word and literal crystal clear video footage showing Rudolph trying to remove Garretts helmet and kicking Garrett in the Groin during a tackle.

  19. The t-shirt incident only proves that Kitchens does not recognize one bit, the gravity of Myles Garrett actions. It is one thing to support morally one his player as a head coach. It is another thing to divert responsibility on the other team with such arrogance.

  20. Ahhh. I get so much pleasure out of watching Steelers fans deny that their beloved team has sunk into irrelevance! Think about it Pittsburgh. There are, maybe, 4 guys on your entire team that would be a starter of they were on Cleveland. Let that sink in a bit.

    Browns 21, Steelers 17

  21. If you are a coach that can’t control your players you make a move like this. If you are a coach that wins football games you play your best players, end of story, one and done.

  22. guest#4 says:
    November 30, 2019 at 5:08 pm

    Who swung a helmet and hit a player?


    Guess he did not knock some sense into Rudolph. He got benched.

  23. KoolAidFree says:
    December 1, 2019 at 8:47 am

    The Browns don’t have a head coach….Period


    Neither do the Steeler’s. Without Big Ben Tomlin would be useless.

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