It’s official: No Rob Gronkowski in 2019

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If the Patriots eventually win their seventh Super Bowl title, they’ll do it without tight end Rob Gronkowski.

The window has closed on a potential Gronk emergence from the reserve/retired list. He wasn’t added to New England’s roster on Saturday. Which means that he can’t play for the Patriots or anyone else in 2019.

Gronkowski has left the door open on a potential return to football. The Patriots continue to hold his rights, giving them first dibs if/when he chooses to make a comeback.

He has kept busy in retirement, working for FOX and serving as a pitchman for a CBD company and otherwise loving life and living large. And while the Patriots have won 10 of 11 games without him, the definitely could use him; they still have no receiver or tight end who commands double coverage.

41 responses to “It’s official: No Rob Gronkowski in 2019

  1. We believed him and moved on when he said wasn’t coming back. You for some reason didn’t want to accept it

  2. I love me some Gronk, but now, we can finally stop talking about a comeback. That was getting really annoying.

  3. There is literally nothing more for him to gain by playing again. He already multiple world championships and is already a lock for Canton, just let him enjoy early retirement healthy and leave it be.

  4. Loved Gronk the player but Gronk the media whirlwind I don’t like at all. And we all knew after we saw him in September that he wasn’t coming back. Let it go now.

  5. As a Pats fan…thank you Rob…you were great and will forever be in our hearts.

    But….you are the past…not the future of football at the New England Patriots.

  6. I wish him the best in retirement, but I expect that this “rumor” won’t stop until a year from now. A lot of people have speculated that he may want to sit out a year and let his body recover.

    With how the Patriots have performed at TE this year, I could see them wondering if he wants to come back if they can’t find a good TE in the draft. This might also restart this rumor.

    All in all, I think the idea of a player taking a year off isn’t as big of a deal as some are making it out to be. It’s a huge risk on their part and will likely back fire for most, but for one as great as Gronk? Who knows.

  7. Come back to football, obligatorily gain 50 lbs, practice/work everyday- or party for a living and become a TV personality. All while getting filthy rich. Seems like a hard decision… 😂

  8. Look at all these patriots fans salty over a little news that didn’t go their way. Relax, I’m sure there’s a tuck rule, filmed practice, deflated ball or something coming your way to make sure you win another tainted big game.

  9. Gronk is the best TE to ever play the game. NE was fortunate to have him, and I am a huge fan.
    That being said, his on-again, off-again toying with the possibility of a comeback got old fast!
    Maybe it’s just me, but he was a lot more lovable when he was playing. Now after the FOX gig, and the CBD noise. . . not so much.

    Best wishes, and total respect, but maybe it’s time to fade a little bit.

    THAT being said. . . when are we going to get some TEs? Watson is welcome, but the other two are wasted spots. Especially LaCosse. Finally healthy, then turns out he can’t catch. We went from best to worst at that position.

  10. He could be back in 2020. His analyst work on FOX isn’t great and the ventures he is involved with are not going to set him up for life in my view.

  11. I can’t imagine he’d ever come back. Wasn’t it just a year or two ago when the Patriots were going to trade him before he threatened to retire if they did. If he did un-retire they would just trade him. Besides, he looks like he’s enjoying being the center of attention.

  12. Was this still a question? Thought we had this figured out like a month ago. He’d need to start working out TODAY to get ready for Training Camp 2020, how the hell would he come and play THIS year? Love the kid but he walked into the league with an IQ of like 82. I know he’d love to be able to say he has an IQ of 69 and all, but walk out with a few functionally firing synapses, will ya?

  13. If he played longer and wasn’t hurt all the time, he would have had a chance to make the HOF. Too bad injuries forced him into retirement.

  14. I just wanna say what a genius. got to be the best at his position for a few years, won a few rings, and retired before his body and his brain went to mush. also kuddos to losing weight. that’s a young man that knows there is more to life than football. enjoy yourself gronk.

    ps please convince T.B. to retire


  15. It was easy to say a couple years ago that he was a HOF lock. With the TE’s emerging the past 3-5 years and the new ones in the league just putting up amazing numbers, I guess we will see. Will his numbers still seem dominant?

  16. He’s “dad joke” cringeworthy on TV. He belongs on Nickelodeon or WWE.

  17. What will he do for attention now? The only other person on the planet that needs more attention is lebron James

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