Lions QB Jeff Driskel out for season

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The Lions appear more likely to play the rest of the season with their third-string quarterback.

Jeff Driskel, Detroit’s second-string quarterback, was placed on injured reserve today. His season is over. Although starting quarterback Matthew Stafford is still on the active roster, it seems unlikely that they’ll ask him to return from his back injury now that they’re mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

That leaves David Blough, the undrafted rookie who played surprisingly well as the Lions’ starter on Thanksgiving, as the most likely starter going forward.

To back Blough up, the Lions have signed Kyle Sloter to the active roster from the Cardinals’ practice squad. The Lions also signed quarterback Joe Callahan to the practice squad.

39 responses to “Lions QB Jeff Driskel out for season

  1. My buddies and I used to joke that we wouldn’t live to see the Lions in A Super Bowl. We were in our 30 s when we said that. We’re now in our mid sixties and it’s all become scary real!

  2. The poor Online and lack of run game is getting these guys killed. Iron Man Stafford had back to back double digit sack games last year – which marked the beginning of his back troubles (now labeled fractures). The organization is wasting talent by being unable to provide any balance. I mean, why the heck was Driskel attempting 46 passes in his debut (!) and averaging nearly 35 through 3 games…

  3. Why would they want hoyer when they realistically had no chance to go to the playoffs after that Green Bay loss when stafford was healthy

  4. I hope the Lions didn’t put Driskel on IR just to get an extended look at Blough. While Blough has exciting potential,so does Driskel, and they should be getting a look at both QBs these last few weeks. To know what Stafford can do. That’s who they should’ve shut down. Patricia ain’t too bright.

  5. Glad to see Sloter getting a shot. One of those three (Blough, Driskel, Sloter) should pan out at least be a quality backup.

  6. liontuss says:
    November 30, 2019 at 3:22 pm
    My buddies and I used to joke that we wouldn’t live to see the Lions in A Super Bowl. We were in our 30 s when we said that. We’re now in our mid sixties and it’s all become scary real!
    Hang in there, I had almost the same situation…

    Go Hawks!

  7. redclaw1314 says: Lions should have traded with the Pats for Hoyer when he was available.
    I’m pretty sure Pats, who knew a few teams were interested in him as a vet backup, released him rather than try to trade so he could sell his wares wherever he wanted. At the time Lions didn’t need one. Colts did and Hoyer got a 3yr, $12m deal ($9m guaranteed). It happened so quick (35hrs from cut to hire announcement) that I suspect Belichick had a heads-up already.

  8. Hope they offer Kap a contract. Let him lead the team as a journeyman QB… which is what he should be considered.

  9. I hope they trade Stafford to a team he wants to play for (Dallas) that has a real chance of winning a Superbowl. I’d hate to see him get frustrated and retire early like Barry and Calvin. Stafford is better than Prescott. Go get him Jerry!

  10. Detroit kinda reminds me of the ’88 Browns, except for the fact that despite having to use several different QBs due to injuries, Cleveland still made it to the playoffs that year.

  11. If it wasn’t for a back call the Lions might have been in first place for a week. I wonder if they are putting up a billboard for Driskel? An entire fanbase lost their minds for nothing. Funny because it wasn’t vikings fans this time.

  12. Viking fan here. Could never figure out why the Vikings released Slotter. He lit it up in preseason for two straight years. I thought for sure he would backup Cousins. I hope he gets a shot with the Lions and does well.

  13. The Lions are just setting up so they can draft the next Andre Ware, Chuck Long or Joey Harrington…etc, etc.

  14. Never thought I would say this, and I’m almost ashamed to say it, but it needs to be said. 4th and 5th string players being picked up from Lowes, but no interest in Kaepernick? I hate the way the guy handled his business, but he can’t possibly be worse than these guys.

  15. I’ve been a Viking fan all my life, but I hope Sloter smokes the Vikings every time they play him. He got a raw deal in Minnesota and he should have been the backup.

  16. Lions fans quick to go back to the draft and next season. They’re used to it after six decades of failure.

    Also, my Raiders lost again. After all the hype about our average draft picks from the Bears we still miss Khalil Mack and can’t beat the teams in our division without him. The Bears fleeced us in that trade.

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