Terrelle Pryor charged with assault, woman charged with attempted homicide

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The woman who stabbed Terrelle Pryor overnight has been charged with attempting to kill him, while Pryor has been charged with assaulting her.

According to WPXI, police arrested 24-year-old Shalaya Briston with criminal attempted homicide and aggravated assault, while Pryor is facing charges of simple assault.

The 30-year-old Pryor was initially listed in critical condition after he was stabbed but has since been upgraded to stable condition. He is expected to survive.

There is no information about what started the altercation between Pryor and Briston, or what relationship they may have.

38 responses to “Terrelle Pryor charged with assault, woman charged with attempted homicide

  1. Not taking any sides here but I don’t get how it gets to this point. Once physical violence has become a part of the relationship one or both parties need to call it quits and move on. This is never acceptable.

  2. Yup, more answers are needed. I know we live a for profit prison era though which makes total sense when you see charges like that. But like I said we need more answers right now…

  3. Sounds like a TV Mini series to me. Nobody knows what happened, so any posts either way, are worth, …..well NOTHING. I am glad he is out of danger now.

  4. According to Pennsylvania law, one can be charged with simple assault for striking someone else or even attempting to strike someone else. There are three degrees of simple assault. First degree is usually when it is directed at a child. His charge will likely be either second or third degree with maximum sentences of two years or one year respectively. It doesn’t sound like what he did was too egregious if that’s the charge. It sounds like she went berserk and escalated to attempted murder. It’s too bad both parties decided violence to some degree was the answer.

  5. Sounds about right. Whatever he did to her it likely wasn’t worth all that. I hope she spends the rest of her twenties and the entirety of her thirties in prison where she belongs.

  6. hailtothenamechange says:
    November 30, 2019 at 4:46 pm
    Before anyone blasts Pryor, note that simple assault is a misdemeanor. Police obviously don’t believe he did much wrong.

    If the police didn’t think he did anything they wouldn’t have charged him with assault regardless of whether it’s a misdemeanor or a felony.

  7. LIKEtheVIKE says:
    November 30, 2019 at 5:34 pm
    Sounds like a TV Mini series to me. Nobody knows what happened, so any posts either way, are worth, …..well NOTHING. I am glad he is out of danger now.

    Thank you for your post then

  8. unbiasedminds says:
    November 30, 2019 at 5:55 pm

    6’4″ 230lbs “professional” athlete versus a likely much smaller woman.. Whatever happened I think self-defense could be argued
    Your comment is clearly not from an unbiasedmind…

  9. I’m thinking that maybe some amount of time passed between Pryor hitting the woman and then her stabbing him. She might have been retaliating on an unsuspecting Pryor, rather than immediately defending herself. That would explain how someone so undersized in comparison, wedges a knife in a large man’s chest.

  10. Conor, her retaliation could have been far more than what was called for. Someone smacks you and walks away you can’t follow them and kill/try to kill them.

  11. Love all the internet lawyers here. The simple fact is, in an domestic dispute call, police will arrest BOTH parties if each one have visible injuries. The woman in this case did, so the police have charged Pryor with simple assault. And even if it was self defense, police will still make an arrest if someone was injured or killed. It is not up to the Police to decide if it was self defense. The woman will have to prove that in court. None of us were there, so all this speculation does nothing bu waste bandwith. The Judaical system will have to sort this out.

  12. Footballfanatic89:

    In order for your theory to be correct, it would have to be proven that he in fact hit her first. No where in this article, or any other I’ve read, has it been stated that he hit her first and she retaliated.
    Its pure speculation on your part

  13. Someone smacks you and walks away you can’t follow them and kill/try to kill them.

    People were a lot more careful to not be rude when everyone carried a sidearm.

  14. Its pure speculation on your part

    Maybe you haven’t noticed but that’s now enough in some quarters.

  15. Spillertime21
    Yes, it is speculation. Hence why I said it MIGHT have happened. Also, were the police speculating that he hit her? I hope they had some sort of evidence to claim that he did do something beforehand. Otherwise, why would they charge a man who just had an attempt made in his life?

  16. ogfogy says:
    November 30, 2019 at 4:41 pm

    We obviously don’t know all the details but if he attacked her first then it sounds like instant karma.
    From an Ohio attorney’s site: Simple assault, oftentimes plainly referred to as just “assault,” is a first-degree misdemeanor offense in Ohio and can carry penalties up to six months in jail and $1,000 in fines. Simple assault involves knowingly or recklessly causing harm to another person or their unborn child. Under this definition, a person does not need to have the intent to harm in order to be found guilty.
    Does this sound like something he deserved, to be stabbed in an attempt to kill him???

  17. conormacleod says:
    November 30, 2019 at 6:34 pm
    I don’t know the local laws, but explain to me how both parties are charged. If he assaulted her, she claims self defense.
    Fairly certain nothing a person can do that merits a simple assault charge merits a stabbing that puts his life in danger…

  18. It is extremely unusual that both parties have charges against
    each other. In Allegheny County which is the jurisdiction over the
    City of Pittsburgh, has had along standing policy of not accepting
    “ counter charges “. In others words the first in the door, had a huge
    advantage. The problems that arose ..was that when a bad guy started the
    trouble, because he was experienced he knew to make the complaint first..
    resulting in the bad guy getting away with an assault.

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