Al Riveron decided not to review Hail Mary at end of Eagles-Dolphins

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The Eagles had one last chance at stealing a win in Miami, after squandering a 10-0 lead. And the Hail Mary throw to the end zone had a chance to be caught, before it was intercepted.

Making it harder for the Eagles to catch the ball was visual evidence showing Dolphins safety Montre Hartage digging his forearm and elbow into the side of Philly receiver Nelson Agholor, keeping Agholor from a chance at getting to the ball.

NFL senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron looked at the play, but he decided not to conduct a full-blown replay review. Per the league, Riveron concluded that a formal replay review would not have resulting in a ruling of pass interference.

The complication in Hail Mary situations is that the league applies a higher bar for spotting pass interference, under a rule that appears nowhere in the rulebook. Instead, it’s a know-it-when-you-see-it proposition, and what Riveron saw wasn’t enough to get him to engage the replay function.

Regardless of the specific rules that apply in a Hail Mary setting, it would be useful to find a way to codify them, in order to eliminate any and all confusion or potential for inconsistency.

22 responses to “Al Riveron decided not to review Hail Mary at end of Eagles-Dolphins

  1. Most dolphins fans wouldn’t have minded a penalty there, because of the Cincy win.

    A win is a win and more players on Miami team deserved the win than Eagles players.

  2. PI on a hail mary would be ridiculous unless the guy was actually tackled. That is the worst play when all you dr doing is hanging your hope on the refs giving you an additional untimed down at the 1 yard line.
    Setting that precedent would make the game more out of the hands of the coaches and players and more the hands of the team in stripes. I think everyone already thinks that team is involved in games too much as it is.

  3. .
    hail mary is a free for all…
    Now for PI being overturned on normal pass plays it’s just ridiculous the stuff they declare isn’t enough evidence. essentially it’s the “safety” lie as to why there will never be enough evidence to over turn a PI call.

  4. Certain plays should just be reviewed automatically. But, right now Riveron is essentially making a snap judgement on plays with one quick view. Why shouldn’t those handful of plays just be reviewed in full (which still may only take 3 or 4 views?

  5. If the Saints had been on Defense, Al Riveron would have intervened and called it pass interference. You can take that to the bank!

  6. Just a reminder that if, for instance, the ref penalizes you for having 12 players on the field when in fact you had only 11, well, that’s just part of the game. Eat it and like it.

  7. Typical Philly whining. If you need a PI on a hail marry to have a chance to beat a 2-9 team then you do not deserve the game anyway. Win the game for 4 quarters and it would not matter. Philly fans think for some reason they deserve calls and wins when they do not.

  8. wwaaaaaah the Eagirls never really lose, do they? Carson Wentz is now 28-24 as a starter in the NFL.

  9. Love all the commentary that Eagles fans cry and whine a lot. We don’t complain any more or less than any other fan base does when they get jobbed. And we did get jobbed. When all year have you seen non-PI overturned on a play like that? NOt much. But that is not why we lost, and we had plenty of chances to win it. And why even advertise to football fans, before the season, that the NFL would review Hail Marys for PI, and then the NFL does not follow through, or, rather, the refs and their hierarchy do not follow through.

  10. If a Hail Mary is called as the last play of the game, they should turn off all jumbo screens and replay cameras. Unless it’s so flagrant that a ref HAS to call it, leave it alone.

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