Chiefs rolling past Raiders, up 21-0 at halftime

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The Chiefs are a tough team to beat under the best of circumstances and the Raiders have not created those circumstances through the first 30 minutes of action in Kansas City.

Derek Carr threw two interceptions, Trevor Davis fumbled on a kickoff return, Daniel Carlson missed a field goal and the Raiders committed seven penalties for 49 yards during a miserable half of football for the road team. Rookie safety Juan Thornhill returned the last of those interceptions 46 yards for a score with just over three minutes to play in the half and the Chiefs are up 21-0 at the break.

One thing that has gone right for the Raiders is rookie Josh Jacobs‘s work on the ground. He’s put up 95 yards on 14 carries, but Oakland curiously chose to use Davis on a fourth-and-one from the Chiefs’ 40-yard-line. Davis failed to convert and Patrick Mahomes would run for a 13-yard touchdown eight plays later.

Mahomes threw a touchdown on the first Chiefs possession of the game. That was set up by a Tyrann Mathieu interception and it feels like there could be more to come now that the Raiders are a bit too far behind to really stick with Jacobs running the ball as their primary offensive move.

13 responses to “Chiefs rolling past Raiders, up 21-0 at halftime

  1. Just a comedy of errors by the Raiders, they actually had more yards than the Chiefs in the 1st half, but kept beating themselves, over and over.

    This Chiefs team is ripe for the picking but the Raiders just won’t oblige.

  2. Will Raider playoff tickets go on sale tomorrow? I am soo stoked! Black and Silver all the way! Woo Hoo!

  3. The Raiduh’s have been exposed for what they have always been…a mediocre 6-6 (soon to be 8-8) team…

    Josh Allen 9-3
    Derek Carr 6-6

    Just Lose Baby!!!

  4. If there was a re-draft, Carr would have been an FA. The guys a turnover machine. I wonder if they score again this season?
    If only they had a real QB. Josh Allen, maybe.
    They are embarrassing themselves
    It isn’t “run for the bus”, it’s “run for for the state line”
    I don’t know what they see in their QB.
    Bad personell moves all around.
    Buffalo skunked them on a 4th for Say Jones.
    At least the pre halftime field goal was good……almost goo…. kicked.

  5. Raiders fans are almost as delusional as the losers running that loser franchise.

  6. Time to move on from Carr ever since he got that first injury few years ago he has not been the same..he has become your average backup QB and that’s sugar coating it really.. he makes terrible decisions and has the expression before the game even starts as if he’s hoping for the best cause he’s not sure of himself .. Gruden got us a nice running game but Carr is worse now..Time to draft a new young QB I pretty sure this is as good Carr gets since he’s a 6 year vet now.

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