Chiefs trample Raiders 40-9

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Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has a long record of success coming off bye weeks over the course of his career, but the games are usually a bit more competitive than the one his team played this Sunday.

The Chiefs took an early lead that they built up to a 24-point edge at halftime and the Raiders never got into the fight. The 40-9 win doesn’t wrap up the AFC West for the Chiefs, but it makes it pretty safe for Chiefs fans to start making plans for a home playoff game in January.

The timing of that game will likely be impacted by next week’s game. The Chiefs will be in New England and any hopes of earning a bye likely require the Chiefs to win that game along with their final three contests.

Beating the Patriots figures to be considerably harder than beating the Raider largely because the Patriots rarely beat themselves. The Raiders did a fair amount of that on Sunday with 12 penalties, three turnovers and a missed field goal over the course of the proceedings.

Even when they did something well — a late touchdown pass to Derek Carrier — they found a way to foul it up. The extra point try was blocked and returned for two Chiefs points. All of those miscues meant that outgaining the Chiefs amounted to something to shrug about while perusing the postgame box score.

A win in New England will also require the Chiefs to be crisper offensively. Patrick Mahomes was 15-of-29 for 175 yards and a touchdown and they cobbled together 97 yards on 28 rushing attempts without the injured Damien Williams. Darrel Williams was the lead back in his absence, but he left with a hamstring injury. Rookie Darwin Thompson ran for 44 yards on 11 carries and may be in line for an even bigger role if the other backs remain out next weekend.

The Raiders are now 6-6 and they’ve fallen behind several teams in the hunt for Wild Card spots. They host one of them in Oakland next weekend and a loss to the Titans will leave the Raiders with little in the way of a postseason path.

42 responses to “Chiefs trample Raiders 40-9

  1. Raiders were lucky to get to 6 win this season with a lot of fortuitous circumstances but the reality is this is still a bad team. I found it amusing the way their fan base was so full of themselves a couple of weeks back.

  2. These idiots controlled their own destinies. They lose to the Jets and then to the Chiefs. They were never really in either of those games.

    The only two teams in the whole conference more hapless are the Chargers amd Broncos. The AFC West is giving the NFC East a real run for its money.

  3. Imma just get it out the way now, even though it didnt really have much of an affect on the game i havent seen that biased of officiating in quite some time. Why did the NFL wait till the Raiders chance to win the division to start reversing these terrible PI calls?

    The Raiders are so woefully undermanned on Defense its amazing though, Credit to the Cheifs though, theyre just so fast we couldnt keep up with them at all. Couldnt get pressure or cover guys.

    This game shows how valuable Renfrow has been and how much we missed him today too, hes such a scrappy route runner that always finds a way to get open. We couldnt get any separation today except for Waller whos a bad matchup for almost any defender.

    When its a close game the Raiders usually win it but we have 0 playmakers on the outside to comeback when were down. Carr didnt play great either.

  4. Who would have ever thought that the Chiefs would play their first game in over 40 years without a single penalty. Just one of those years. For the ninth time this season the raiders opposing team did not have a single penalty in the firs half , and its the 10th game where the raiders opposing team had the lowest penalties of their entire season when they played the raiders. Who would have ever thought that in a million years.

    I am convinced if the NFL is fixed , the most subtle way to do it , is just allow the offensive unit to hold the entire game , and then the refs call nothing. Also never allow the networks to show those plays up front, just replay the receiver or tight end etc….

    Oh well maybe we might catch a break and play a team that “also” gets penalized.

  5. You know it’s going bad for the Raiders when they kept showing Chucky gritting his teeth on the sideline…

  6. The decibel level of the ‘Gruden for Coach of the Year’ may have gone down a bit with the last 2 blowout losses. I’m not sure if the Raiders will be able to win another game this year, although in fairness to Gruden a 6-10 finish still exceeds my view of his capabilities at the start of the year (I didn’t see more than 4 or 5 wins in August). Also on the bright side, Josh Jacobs has been every bit of the stud player I had hoped to see.

  7. dino2997 says:
    Raiders were lucky to get to 6 win this season

    Hey, go easy on them. Six wins makes you bowl eligible.

  8. @joetoroto, 1st time since ‘61 your Raiders lose consecutive games by 30+ points!
    1-You must be SO PROUD of Gruden
    2-when going for extra point, YOUR team is supposed to score…not the opponent’
    3-just me, but after today I think you should keep your “brilliant” comments about all the other teams in the league until your Raiders get their house in order!

  9. Maybe its me, watched a lot of games today with Sunday Ticket, but early on Raiders looked flat. Was thinking, wow this is a divisional battle, and their was no fire in their belly. Not a. Carr fan but it was d also. Just no emotion.Dont get it.

  10. That INT overturn was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen. Almost like someone had the under on Mahomes throwing a pick. Didn’t affect the outcome but considering that they don’t overturn a lot of obvious PI calls, why they would choose to do so to overturn a pick in the end zone in a 24-0 game who know. It doesn’t leave a good taste in my mouth though

  11. Raiders fans crying about penalties, I guess running thru the line of scrimmage 5 or 6 times 2 seconds before the snap is the zebras fault? Oh and the NFL reversed 4 int calls today besides the fact that the Raider defender threw Robinson to the ground before the bogus pick. Maybe the Raiders should play with a little more discipline but when you are constantly getting beat you have to hold and commit fouls.

  12. Carr proves once again that he is not the guy for the job. On the play calling we should have continued running the ball at the beginning of the game until Kansas City proved they could stop us. Instead we let Carr throw the interception and the route was on. Also on 3rd and 1 don’t run an end around when you have a 380lb plow horse of a right tackle and Josh Jacobs. Bottom line there is no Raiders passing game and our secondary has lost 4 of our top 5 players. The strength of the team is the offensive line and the running game right now.

    On the bright side we have 5 picks of the top 90 picks in the 2020 draft and plenty of cash to spend. The offensive line, running back, tight ends and defensive line are pretty well set. QB, WR, LB, DBs are the needs.

  13. joetoronto says:
    November 29, 2019 at 8:35 am
    He would be impressive if he was a running back, but quarterback, not so much.
    joetoronto says:
    November 28, 2019 at 7:51 pm
    I’ve never seen a team makes so many mistakes, and in all 3 facets of the game too.
    Even the coaching and play calling was brutal. The Bills can’t stop the run and the Cowboys have the big running game, and they hardly ran the ball.
    So many mistakes that they almost the Bills look like a good team, brutal_
    Time to go to bed Joe. Raiders stink, get some rest, next Bills thread will be early tomorrow. Set you’re alarm. Raiders are done, but thanks for playing. Chucky needs a QB, I remember when you said he would throw for 40 tds this year and AB would have a ton of TD’s and yards, how that work out for you? Hang on, I almost thought the Jets just scored again, but was the Chiefs. Raiders have had about 90 points scored on them two weeks in a row. Love it. Just lose baby.

  14. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    December 1, 2019 at 7:28 pm
    The Raiders are a year or two away. Just need to draft a QB.
    Maybe trade for a wide receiver. Or Antonio Brown might be available as a FA.

  15. Wonder if Gruden brow beat these guys and they are turning on him as in, I dont care anymore if we lose. They looked flat like no one cared.Gruden may be on the way out.

  16. I see a lot of dumping on Derek Carr but I’ve said all along that Carr is as good or as bad as the coaching he receives. Carr can perform at a high level if he gets capable coaching – which was proven under Bill Musgrave.

    There’s a high probability that Carr will be on another team in 2020 and if Carr does get good coaching in another city, then he may win a Comeback Player award.

  17. The truth is Derek Carr belongs only in the “Hall of Good.” He cannot lead this team to the next level. Lacks the championship intangibles. Lack of consistent wins, too many turnovers and checkdowns. I wonder if he is truly inspiring the offense. Gruden has proven that he has a good plan, but he has to run the course which I believe will be drafting a QB or trading for one this off season. I believe Carr will come to regret buying a home next to Gruden in Las Vegas during next year’s inaugural season…

  18. Carr is at best, an average QB. Teams with an average QB, usually end up around 7/9. Unless, they have a top 5 defence, in which case the QB becomes a game manager.
    But building a top 5 defence is not an easy task. That’s why the Raiders should use their 2 first round picks to get a quality QB.

  19. A lot of Raider fans are good people who deserve to see a great season before the team heads to Vegas. It’s a shame you have one fan who gives your team a bad name on these boards.

    The fact remains this is karma for him. The more he yaps about the Bills the more the wins pile up for them. And the losses for Oakland.

  20. Derek Carr is the best QB for the Raiders for the foreseeable future. If the Raiders cant get Burrows from LSU then theres no QB coming outta college that are better than Derek and none of the soon to be Free Agents are better than Derek.

    Derek has shown with help hes a franchise QB. People talking about checkdowns or short passes dont know what theyre talking about since greats like Manning and Brady made a living off those.

    Raiders dont have legit outside threats at the moment, over the middle theyre one of the best teams when it comes to finding TEs and Slot WR for first downs. Plus having a RB that can get you 2nd n 5s matters alot.

    If the Raiders can build a defense that can get off the field on 3rd down then Carr will forsure lead the Raiders back to the playoffs. Whether you agree or not Carrs been one of the best Raider QBs ever and hes not even 30 yet.

  21. Chiefs still can’t stop the run and the offense has looked very average the last few weeks, even while pulling out wins

    The 40-9 score is deceiving. The Chiefs never really looked that good in this game, except the secondary which seems to be really turning the corner. Teams have finally figured out that Kareem Hunt is no longer in this backfield and the Chiefs can’t run the ball to save their lives, which is making it very difficult for Mahomes.

    Glad to get the win, but if they think they’re going to beat NE or Baltimore playing the way they have been lately, their dreaming and in for serious embarrassment.

  22. When was the last time a team got zero penalties?

    I don’t ever recall an INT being overturned by a weak PI.
    Raiders need WRs very badly … Waller has caught more passes then all the combined WRs.

    More penalties 12-0
    More total yds
    More rushing yds
    more passing yds
    more TOP

  23. Priceless quote from Gruden.
    “We had an interception we thought we did intercept that was turned over by the Wizard of Oz or somebody”

  24. I knew the Raiders were in trouble when they struggled to beat a bad Bengals team at home a couple weeks ago. So much for that easy schedule to end the season.

    One nation, choker nation.

  25. We played like crap today, but if we beat Tennessee at home, we can probably win out the last three games and still have a chance at the playoffs. We’ve already improved on our record from last year, so we’re definitely heading in the right direction.

  26. Story headline should have said Chief and refs dismantle Raiders. I guess Goodell wants the Chiefs and Patriots in the AFC championship game.

  27. Derek Carr was a probowl QB before Gruden showed up with his cheesy 1990s play calling. The entire NFL is in his playbook. It’s like everyone knows exactly what the play is going to be. He has effectively neutered Derek Carr.
    His offense has been outscored 74-12 during the 2 most critical games of the year. This team is not playing hard for Gruden.
    But how can they take him seriously when he hired a bush league amateur as his defensive coordinator?
    Gruden is supposed to be a QB GURU? Name one QB he’s had who was a top 5 performer. He kneecaps every one of his QBs with his cheesy play calling. QBs get worse with him. Not better.
    There has to be a way to cut bait.

  28. Derek Carr doing his best Phillip Rivers impersonation. Chiefs defense lacks severely, but all but the most savvy QB’s manage to still struggle against the Chiefs. As evidence, Rogers, Watson winners. Oh, and if your NFL team features a decent running back.. go ahead and enjoy yourself a victory. I predict an 11-5 finish, with the Chiefs losing only to the Patriots through the remainder of the regular season.

  29. crudbuster says:

    December 2, 2019 at 7:10 am

    Story headline should have said Chief and refs dismantle Raiders. I guess Goodell wants the Chiefs and Patriots in the AFC championship game.

    Yes, because it is the REFs pushing the Raiders off-sides or flinching to make the offensive line false start. Even after a player jumped off sides he still went and hit Mahomes for a Personal foul. 100% the Refs fault! Keep in mind, there was a penalty on the Chiefs. It was off set because the Raider also had a penalty. Just maybe the Refs are calling it as it happens. Just maybe.

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