Could Philip Rivers be headed to the bench?

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It’s become a foregone conclusion that Philip Rivers won’t be the Chargers starting quarterback when they co-christen their new stadium. The next question is whether he’ll still be the team’s starting quarterback when they leave their current stadium.

With seven interceptions in his last two games, a continuation of Rivers’ currently poor play “could” result in a benching, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL. That’s a fairly obvious conclusion. No quarterback who is coughing up picks at an average rate of 3.5 per game will keep his job indefinitely, no matter who he is. But what would the trigger be to get the Chargers to pull Rivers?

“I don’t plan on having to make that decision,” coach Anthony Lynn said this week, via Rapoport. “I plan on us going and playing our tails off this weekend and getting back in that win column. . . . Most great athletes, they respond well. I believe Philip is going to respond well.”

If he doesn’t, it could be time for Tyrod Taylor to make his case for being an option at quarterback in 2020, for the Chargers or someone else. Really, once the decision is made that Rivers won’t be back, why not see what Taylor can do?

What Rivers can’t do has become painfully obvious through a pair of prime-time games that have showcased the limitations of an L.A. team that can’t sell nearly enough tickets for its new stadium. And while it’s never easy to cut the cord on a long-term franchise quarterback, the clock is ticking loudly; the only question left is when the alarm will blare.

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  1. Some NFL QB’s just play forever. When they’re done they’re done. Just draft another QB and move forward. This is what you pay your scouts and GM for. Go out and find a QB. We’re seeing a lot of great young QB’s coming into the league right now. They’re out there. A lot of the best QB’s playing today weren’t even top ten picks. Some of the best weren’t even first rounders. Should be exciting. Just turn the darn page. You’re going to have to compete with Patrick Mahomes the next ten years or so, and I doubt Gruden is going to stay with Derek Carr when they get to Las Vegas. Denver is spinning their wheels. They won’t compete. Go get a QB, and don’t settle for 2nd or 3rd place.

  2. I will miss watching him blow leads against the chiefs and then yell at his team mates. It’s time Mr. Rivers. you had a good career. and are on the short list of greatest qbs to not win a S.B. but it’s probably time.

  3. I daresay Tyrod Taylor is not the answer either, so instead of mirroring the Giants debacle with Eli Manning, let Rivers finish out the season as the starter and part ways amicably. If he continues to be bad, take the better draft pick as a result and start over at the position.

  4. If the Chargers were to run the table they’d finish 9-7. Tyrod Taylor isnt going 5-0 and 9-7 probably falls a game short of the playoffs anyway.

    Let Phil go out like he deserves; the Chargers dont owe Taylor anything…its not like Taylor is the future there.

  5. Sorry, we’ve seen Tyrod Taylor play multiple times in multiple cities. He’s not a great option. And it’s doubtful they’d be able to move up in next year’s draft to get a top prospect. So it’s either some secondary free agent or stick with Rivers, which is what they will do. Spanos family does not act quickly on anything so they’ll let Philip get back on track but somehow, someway the only way it will work is to upgrade that horrendous O line. That’s the root of Chargers problems, not the qb.

  6. No offense (and no pun on that one), Rivers QBR is 85.5. Brady is 88.5. That isn’t even remotely a significant difference. But Rivers is done and Brady is suffering from a lack of players around him. Rivers no longer elevates. Brady no longer elevates. But the narratives are different.

  7. Rivers should just retire after the season and go out on his terms instead of taking a knife in the back like the Spanos’ are famous for.

  8. He has fallen off, but I think the NFL needs to keep better stats on interceptions. Why can’t they assign fault like it’s done in baseball. Quarterback hits a receiver in the hands and he bats it up to a defender. The stat says the QB threw an interception. Same things for drops.

  9. Yeah… because… nothing says garbage like the 4th most yards in the nfl.

    Melvin Gordon and Hunter Henry injures are the real reason.

  10. Dude rolled the Packers then had 2 horrible games in a row. Pretty sure he’s 4th in passing yards. Also pretty sure they haven’t lost any game by more than 7. Different OL combination almost every week. Rb held out 8 weeks. TE got hurt again with no viable back-up in place. Sure his arm isn’t what it use to be and he shoulders blame for a bunch of bad throws. Still, they are in every game to the last minute. He wont be benched. And if you think its time to “see what Tyrod can do”, you either haven’t payed attention to his career or just don’t know football. Laughable all the way around.

  11. It amazes me that all these football , “experts”, that write these columns seem to forget basic football and they just parrot a narrative that the rest of the,”experts” ,put out there. A few years back, before Russel Okung the line was horrible and River’s career was over… They go 12 and 4 and Phil is a timeless genius. Similar to what the ,”experts”, were saying about Derek Carr, Raiders go 12 and 4 and he’s the genius mvp candidate, then last year he needed to be replaced…Funny how all the teams that are headed to the play offs have good to great O lines. Tyrod is a back up because he is not the answer. Fix the O line and all of a sudden and we will be reading articles about the timeless,iron man, genius Rivers again….

  12. Philip is moving on with his awesome family IMO. I have to think his “youngens” as he calls them glowingly, is his priority now. He’ll be coaching in the sweet South in due time. San Diego appreciates the Rivers Family.

  13. Might as well let him finish the year no matter how badly he plays. Could be in better position to draft his replacement lol

  14. Rivers is NOT the problem, no QB is going to be any good when the line only gives him 2 seconds before defenders are all over him!
    Trust my My Vikings have had the SAME issue 6 of the last 7 years! If the Chargers make a change there are at least 4 teams that would grab him in a second.

  15. Rivers has been the face of the franchise for a long time, and he’s been the good soldier. I suspect if a private vote were taken in the Charger locker room, the team would overwhelmingly elect to return to San Diego, but the players don’t own the team.

    He’s seen offensive weapons like Sproles, Turner, LT, Vincent Jackson all let go; seen his coach fired after going 14-2; and he’s been the good soldier, never bad-mouthing anyone…now the whispers that he’s not “all-in on LA?” Wait a minute, I thought the Chargers owners were disappointed if not flabbergasted that the fans they left behind in San Diego don’t make the drive up I-5?

    I could see Rivers getting rejuvenated and enjoy a last hurrah in Carolina….he attended NC State, his old coach Norv Turner is the OC: why the hell not?

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