Doug Pederson: We self-destructed against Dolphins

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The Eagles became the third team to lose to the Dolphins this season as they saw a 28-14 lead in the third quarter evaporate en route to a 37-31 home win for Miami.

They missed a field goal, committed 10 penalties and failed to convert key third downs on three straight drives while the Dolphins were mounting their comeback. They also gave up more than 400 yards and head coach Doug Pederson called it a self-destructive performance during his postgame press conference.

“We self-destructed in a couple areas today, and it just hurt us,” Pederson said. “And we didn’t make enough plays; they made ’em, we didn’t. So those are the things that I talk about when I talk about being a disciplined team.”

The loss leaves the Eagles at 5-7, but their playoff hopes aren’t extinguished by any means. The Cowboys’ loss on Thanksgiving means that they remain one game back with a home game against Dallas on the docket for Week 16. They’ll have to beat the Giants and Washington to ensure that game matters and that seemed like a safer bet before this Sunday’s game than it does now.

31 responses to “Doug Pederson: We self-destructed against Dolphins

  1. NFC East should not get a representative in the playoffs this year. I would rather see the 3rd best team from the West or the North instead of the steaming pile of trash that wins the East.

  2. Or…you are just a lousy football team. But hey, the Cowboys will do all they can to keep you in the divisional race. All I hear is how bad the AFC East is. Amazing that the Eagles or the Cowboys will actually host a playoff game. One of those cities is getting a HUGE Christmas gift!

  3. You also got out coached today by a better coach. And the team that beat you is compiled of a roster full of no names and they also outplayed your team

  4. Foles put up 41 points in super bowl against belichk Wentz can’t even put up 38 points vs an awful twnking Dolphins team Which idiot thought it was a good idea to give wentz 140 million dollars after he went 5-6 last year with the same team that won with foles? Howie Rosman is the worst gm in sports Wentz zero playoff wins foles since 2017 5 playoff wins with same team

  5. Going forward ; good luck to the Eagles. Hoping they keep competing for the East. They seemed to be thinking they were going to be coasting until the Cowboy game. Not so……This is the NFL and any team can step up and play well enough to win if you’re not prepared, regardless of records. Forget this game & get after the next one……

  6. danny woodson says:
    December 1, 2019 at 8:01 pm
    Foles is 11-1 in last 12 starts as an eagle Wentz is 10-13 but your right those reports of Wentz being a cancer and team hating him are fake

    Foles was benched today for a rookie.

  7. Imagine a team with that much motivation just not showing up… against one of the worst teams in the league no less.

    This is on the coaches to a certain extent.The cowboys lost on Thursday and open the door in Philly ran from it like they were scared.

  8. danny woodson says:
    December 1, 2019 at 8:01 pm
    Foles is 11-1 in last 12 starts as an eagle Wentz is 10-13 but your right those reports of Wentz being a cancer and team hating him are fake
    About as fake as your account. What team are you a fan of that makes you hate the Eagles so much that you sit home and hit refresh all day looking for Eagles stories to troll?

  9. danny woodson says:
    December 1, 2019 at 8:01 pm
    Foles is 11-1 in last 12 starts as an eagle Wentz is 10-13 but your right those reports of Wentz being a cancer and team hating him are fake


    I missed the part of the game where Wentz was defending DeVante Parker.

  10. It took Andy Reid 11 seasons to lose his teams. It seems Doug has lost this team already. Losses to Detroit and Atlanta and now Miami. Recall the collapses last season, Tennessee comes to mind. Just a really bad situation.

  11. 18 runs and 48 passes, that’s the problem, Doug’s terrible play calling the past 3 weeks. 3 close games and they are throwing the ball 45-50 times a game. Record 0-3. Record when they run the ball 25 times 4-1.
    They have the worst WR’s in the league
    Their RB’s are averaging almost 5 ypc over the past 3 weeks.
    Yet Doug continues to pass.
    And passing constantly puts the crappy D back on the field too quickly also.

    Doug has no idea how to play / coach complimentary football. He needs to get his act together because his 2017 goodwill is running out. They are a .500 team since Frank Reich left.

  12. A coach that just can’t admit his team could not contain a team with absolutely no running game and a aging journey man QB who torched his defense not to mention he was outcoached by a first year coach!

  13. Coach You self destructed in your play calling. on a day where the defense stunk you continued to pass the ball with a 2 touchdown lead in the 3rd quarter instead of eating clock. Sanders was giving you good yardage (he only had 13 carries for 80 yards a good average but no you want to sling the ball all over the place to prove a point that wentz is on spot. Get your head out of your butt and start coaching winning football being smart

  14. For my fellow Eagles fans to say that Doug Pedersen “sucks” is beyond outrageous.

    I had to watch you clowns say the same thing about Andy Reid and whenever I would point out how Big Red is by far the winningest coach in Eagles franchise history, you’d all shrug your shoulders and say winning the Super Bowl is all that matters.

    Well, Doug Pedersen won the Super Bowl and you punks are still complaining.

    Most Eagles fans don’t know football, or history. You can’t win it all every season. It is beyond ridiculous to expect it with the way our defense has played soft as a marshmallow most of the season. And, Carson’s woebegone performances against New England and Seattle.

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