Freddie Kitchens: “Pittsburgh started it” t-shirt didn’t lead to loss

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When the Browns released a statement regarding head coach Freddie Kitchens’s decision to wear a t-shirt reading “Pittsburgh started it” this week, they said that the coach “understands it’s not a good look” despite getting the shirt as a joke from his daughter.

The reference to the fight that saw Myles Garrett hit Mason Rudolph in the head with a helmet was a topic of conversation after Sunday’s 20-13 loss to the Steelers as well. Kitchens was asked about the shirt and said it didn’t cause the team to lose the game or affect their preparation to play. He also didn’t seem to share the statement’s view that it wasn’t the best fashion choice.

“I’d wear it again,” Kitchens said at his postgame press conference.

Some in Pittsburgh might decided to send an alternate shirt to Kitchens. It could read “Pittsburgh ended it” in a nod to what Sunday’s loss means to the Browns’ playoff hopes.

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  1. Hey Freddie, it would’ve been nice to have Myles Garret apply some pressure against Hodges today hey? Don’t hit yourself over the head too much of this loss tho 🙂

  2. Yes it did. Makes you look like a non leader. Cleveland started it. But that doesnt even matter. Fights happen in the nfl all the time. Nobody swings helmets. Be accountable.

  3. It’s a nonstory.

    I’d like to see modern day reporters if they had been around in the days when players would get in fights with the opposing team’s fans at a bar the night before the game and then go out the next day and play hung over.

  4. Duck Hodges cut by Steelers before week one and passed by every team on waivers beats browns without Connor and JuJu.

  5. What Pittsburgh did to ‘start it’ happens every week, maybe every game. How Garrett reacted almost never happens and is the ENTIRE story. Who cares who/what started it…irrelevant.

  6. Once again, where was the defense? How are you not able to stop the likes of Branden Allen or Duck Hodges?

  7. every time this goober steps outside of his house, he proves himself unworthy to be an NFL head coach

  8. It is impossible for this idiot to get fired soon enough.

    I am certain that would defy the Theory of Relativity, and every recognized law of physics.

  9. tylawspick6 says:
    December 1, 2019 at 5:37 pm
    It is hard to believe there is a worse coach than Tomlin, but Kitchens is it

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    A 7-5 team and a 5-7 team taking up space in your head? Now that’s comical

  10. Freddie the team was woefully unprepared and flat today. That falls squarely on your shoulders. You should spend more time organizing your team and better game plan for your division rival.

  11. Steelers send the Browns back to Cleveland as losers again. Steelers moving toward the playoffs. Browns moving toward the off season.Just like usual.

  12. Even contemplating such a shirt shows a poor and distracted mind. But I will also say he is handicapped by Baker – the most hyped QB since Winston and Mariota.

  13. Can we ship all the talented diva players to Cleveland to watch the fireworks?

    Jamal Adams would be a great candidate. Used to being a loser, but talks bigger than the winners.

  14. Should be wearing a t-shirt with “I’m with Stupid” on it, with the arrow pointing straight up.

  15. Kitchens still doesn’t understand that he represents the team, the Browns, when out in public and that the t-shirt reflects badly on the team.

    It was immature and showed once again that he’s not ready for the responisibilities of a head coach. You want the players learn a professional attitude from the coach, not the other way around.

  16. Hmm, I wonder if Tomlin had on a Free Pouncy shirt. I already know the answer to that, which is why one guy is a HOF coach and the other guy is the latest person coaching the Browns.

  17. Fouts after announcing the game should be ashamed. Who writes the script the announcers follow? They should just call the game. My favorite was when the announcer said Duck is in there because he doesn’t make mistakes, interception.

  18. Gotta give Tomlin credit for gettng his players tostart a brawl in order to knock out the Browns’ best players for the rematch. Very Belicheat of him.

  19. We had Paul Brown and BB as head coaches (the 2 best ever) and we fired both!

    We hire Freddie this year and all this happens

    C’Mon Man!!!

  20. Can’t wait to hear the whining out of Cleveland tomorrow. They can’t beat the Steelers w/o Ben, Connor, & Smith-Schuster? ODB is already thinking about doing an Antonio Brown & asking out of that Trainwreck.

  21. Mom,Muuum,Muuuuuuuummy he started it. Freddy, your shirt was a bad idea the first time. Freddy the shirt is a bad idea the second time. Grow up get over it. You just got sent home by a JV caliber Pittsburgh Steeler team. If you want to wear a shirt, wear one that says Pittsburgh ended it.

  22. Cleveland will be relegated back to second rate status once that real Heisman trophy QB shows up in Cincy in 5 months.

    I heard Vegas would have Cleveland as a three point under dog against the Buckeyes.

  23. This team has no discipline. It’s like checking your gas tank with a match. Either it’s ALL GOOD or BOOM.

  24. Cleveland is in a tough spot. Hard job to fill. Made the playoff with Butch Davis, but don’t see them getting Rhule or Riley. They would be lucky to get McCarthy, but will end up with Garrett or Quinn.

  25. “Kitchens should permanently wear a shirt saying “Not the brightest bulb.”

    Stop insulting low wattage light bulbs…….

  26. “Baker Mayfirkd reminds me of Kyle Boller”

    I think more Mark Sanchez. The “Mayfield Special” where he literally handed the ball off to a Pats Dlineman is right up there with the “Buttfumble

  27. Kitchens just showed how classless he is. You lost a game to a team with no offensive players left and a non drafted QB and you stand up and say I would wear the t shirt again. No wonder you are still losers.

  28. Kitchens needs to take blame – it was locker room news & besides, he’s proven he is not a capable head coach and the biggest mistake in Cleveland since – yuch – Hue Jackson.

  29. Im a browns season ticket holder ( yes, I know, Why?) and I have never been as embarrassed by this organization as I am this year, with this classless human being put in charge of masquerading as an NFL HC. Dorsey should fite him, and then resign immediately, for being stupid enough to select this imbicile to be his hand selected HC

  30. Bro #5 says:
    December 1, 2019 at 6:12 pm
    We had Paul Brown and BB as head coaches (the 2 best ever) and we fired both!


    Except 1: Belicheat is nowhere near being one of the best ever and 2: Belicheat was fired by the Baltimore Ravens, not the Cleveland Browns who at that point in time suspended operations and didn’t even exist as an entity.

  31. He’s gotta be one and done in Cleveland. They are undisciplined and underperformning, so when you add in that he’s a dunce with bad judgement I can’t imagine what the argument would be to keep him.

  32. “Freddie Kitchens: “Pittsburgh started it” t-shirt didn’t lead to loss”

    Nope, bad coaching did.

    Can you imagine what a halfway decent coach would do with this much talent on his roster? Can you imagine what Lamar Jackson would do if he had Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry as his wide receivers instead of 5’4″ Marquise Brown, 5’5″ Willie Snead and Seth (Who?) Roberts? Just a total waste of skill going on in Cleveland this season.

    BTW I’m no Steelers fan but Myles Garrett absolutely started the whole thing by driving Rudolph into the ground and not moving with 8 seconds in the game. That your coach would wear a shirt about that, and then defend it, is really embarrassing.

  33. No. The dummy wearing it did. Saying you’d do it again just shows how much of a dummy you are. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Browns fired this clown tonight. They even said it was a mistake essentially. When your team tells you a dummy and you don’t realize it it’s time to get fired and be a dummy somewhere else.

  34. People will tell you who they are..BELIEVE THEM!!

    Freddy is saying he’s NOT Head Coach material..He doesn’t have it..
    So obvious he doesn’t know how to win.
    Sorry Cleveland, you guys deserve better

  35. It might not have lost the game, but it shows how not unfit Freddie Kitchens is for this. Could you imagine a coach of an actual contender doing this? No, because they actually have discipline and care keeping their team in line.

  36. “I don’t really have a comment on that,” Mayfield said. “It’s just a T-shirt. I’ve done much worse.” (per ESPN)
    No comments except for the two you made, which are very telling about your mindset. There is a pattern of idiocy on this team: Garrett, Kitchens, and now, Mayfield. How far will it go?

  37. venomraider says:
    December 1, 2019 at 6:54 pm
    Bro #5 says:
    December 1, 2019 at 6:12 pm
    We had Paul Brown and BB as head coaches (the 2 best ever) and we fired both!


    Except 1: Belicheat is nowhere near being one of the best ever and 2: Belicheat was fired by the Baltimore Ravens, not the Cleveland Browns who at that point in time suspended operations and didn’t even exist as an entity

    Incorrect. He was fired as a browns coach, not a Ravens coach.

  38. What Pittsburgh did to ‘start it’ happens every week, maybe every game. How Garrett reacted almost never happens and is the ENTIRE story. Who cares who/what started it…irrelevant.

    Ever notice how some people never get even the most simple jokes? Then if there’s the least little nuance, well…

  39. I’m sure the Browns players loved it. But it’s better to have the people who do the hiring and firing in your corner. You can keep the locker room and lose your job. Happens all the time.

  40. 33vikes says:
    December 1, 2019 at 9:30 pm

    The question isn’t when he’ll get fired, the question is why was he hired?


    I don’t disagree that Freddie Kitchens shouldnt be the Browns head coach but the national media swell and other teams requesting to interview him for their open OC position created pressure on team ownership to let him walk or retain him as HC. From ownership’s perspective it was the logical choice based on the court of public opinion. Unfortunately public opinion is wrong all the time. Hopefully Jimmy Haslam learned you can take a garbage team like Pittsburgh and beat a mega-talented team like Cleveland simply by having a good head coach.

  41. Jimmy needs to take you que: You dont know football Jimmy. You havent hired a single good person for your FO since you bought the team. Dorsey is a worn out cast off of a failure. Who in Gods name would ever hire this idiot as a HC to any team?

  42. Didn’t lead to the loss but definitely systemic of why the team is totally undisciplined. It started in training camp with Freddie making fun of fights–he thinks guys playing undisciplined is funny and probably thinks it gives them the aura of being aggressive and unpredictable. He was a position coach until very recently and at that level disciplining guys wasn’t something he had to do. He likes being everybody’s buddy but as the head coach you have to be the one keeping guys focused and on task. And since it never works to let people get away with everything and THEN try to turn into a disciplinarian, he’s effectively done with the Browns. Nobody is going to take him seriously even if he tries to clean things up.

  43. I’m a Browns fan and he’s right-it didn’t lead to the loss. But Freddie’s coaching did, and the t-shirt was yet another symptom of bad leadership. And the fact that he said he would do it again-thanks for being honest, because that tells me what I need to know about him. Problems start with the coach. No cohesive game plan. 2 top running backs get 6 carries in 2nd half. Turned Beckham into a journeyman player. Made Duck look like Rothlesgerger. Hats off to Pittsburgh.

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