Jon Gruden: We had an interception overturned by the Wizard of Oz

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Raiders head coach Jon Gruden said this offseason that he was more in favor of eliminating replay altogether than expanding it to cover things like pass interference and there’s little chance he’s changed his mind.

Gruden has been unsuccessful in his challenges for pass interference calls and non-calls this season and he had a review go against him after a booth review in Sunday’s 40-9 loss to the Chiefs. An apparent interception in the end zone by cornerback Trayvon Mullen in the third quarter was undone when officials ruled he interfered with Chiefs wideout Demarcus Robinson before picking off Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs went up 31-0 one play later and Gruden lamented the process

“We had an interception we thought we did intercept that was turned over by the Wizard of Oz or somebody,” Gruden said, via Anthony Galaviz of the Fresno Bee. “I don’t know what happened on that. That was a big play in the game no doubt.”

One can understand the frustrations of anyone looking for consistency in the pass interference replay process and one could see a way that the Mullen interception would be a turning point, although it would be an easier exercise had the team found its way onto the scoreboard before the fourth quarter of the game.

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  1. Die hard Raider fan and season tic holder since Raider return to Oakland here. At this point any idea of Raiders being a playoff team is ridiculous. Show me something different over the last few weeks and I’ll apologize.

  2. Yes, because you were going to turn that 24-0 deficit, with five minutes left in the third quarter, into the comeback of a lifetime.

    You stunk out the joint. Your loss had nothing to do with that play being overturned. You were already well past being schooled at that point of the game.

  3. The wisdom of chucky;
    ‘The Chiefs went up 31-0 one play later and Gruden lamented the process……..
    That was a big play in the game no doubt’
    The reality of life, it was way to late being down by 24 for that to be ‘big play’.

  4. The Chiefs has zero penalties which is literally impossible to do. Especially when the Chiefs o-line was getting manhandled. Why the pig NFL continue to favour an organization ran by the biggest cowards in the NFL (the Hunts) is anyone’s guess. Women and Children first?

  5. Well he was correct and there were a few more suspect calls by these new crews in other games as well

  6. At this point no one knows what overturns a PI. I’m sure there were more obvious PIs than that in other games when the Raiders got that interception but were NOT overturned after review.

  7. Chuckie you had the same look on your face the whole entire game … no show of emotion, just a crinkled up expression on your face every time the camera showed you. Were you really already checked out of things? No emotion, no leadership. No fighting back on calls … a ship taking on water is the Raiders!

  8. That play was not the reason for the score by any means, but Gruden does have a point. The league needs transparency on these. Had this of happened in a close game the backlash would be horrible for the NFL. Need to clean it up and give some clarity on these before there’s another bogus outcome in the playoffs this year.

  9. heLLpaso says:
    December 1, 2019 at 8:21 pm

    The Chiefs has zero penalties which is literally impossible to do. Especially when the Chiefs o-line was getting manhandled. Why the pig NFL continue to favour an organization ran by the biggest cowards in the NFL (the Hunts) is anyone’s guess. Women and Children first …

    heLLpaso … please tell me how the Hunts are the biggest cowards in the NFL?

  10. Derek Carr is robust in statistics and not much else. Looks good on paper but cannot and will never lead the Raiders to a Super Bowl let alone the playoffs. Cold weather is his kryptonite. This Raider fan would like to see a legitimate QB with all the tools solidify this team and bring them to the next level. Until Carr is gone, we will always be ‘Philip Rivers and the Chargers.’

  11. Great line by Gruden even though it had no outcome in the game.

    “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain..”
    Which sums up the entire PI review concept brought on by the big baby Sean Payton.

  12. MAYBE that is one way to look at it. Another could be that the Raiders were not ready to play today and looked like they wanted to get back to California, the sooner the better. If the latter is true than the problem is not the call but the coach.

  13. Carr is the one who stinks I’m sick of his excuses at the post game presser.. same excuse every week good question we need look at the tape he says .. unbelievable

  14. what the Hell is this about???? 31-0 instead of 24-0. Gruden would have lost the game anyway. One bad call makes a difference in a 3 point game. MAYBE a 7 point game. But not in a 40-9 loss. Gruden is a CRYBABY….just like his brother Jay.

  15. Also John Gruden: If we still had Khalil Mack and didn’t get fleeced by the Bears we would have won the game.

  16. Full disclosure I didn’t watch the game. I knew the Raiders had no chance no matter if they showed up or not, which it looks like they didn’t. I am way more upset about the Jets game and the raiders not showing up for that one.

    I know any conspiracy talk always sounds like sour grapes after a loss like this but it is always in my mind. The Raiders are always at the top of the league in penalties, no matter the coach, no matter the the players. For anyone who studies statistics this is a statistical impossility. Don’t give me any B.S. about coaches like Billicheat coaching “discipline” all coaches preach discipline. So whether it is a league directive or unconscious bias by the officials, the Raiders almost always come out on the wrong end of it.

    This overreaction by the league making PI reviewable because of one play in 100 years is a huge mistake and just more of an opportunity for league bias to influence the outcome of games. Just the fact that no one knows what is enough evidence to overturn a call lets you know how bad it is.

    The problem with this Raider team is we just don’t have enough horses. There is no star power. Jacobs is on his way but hasn’t shown enough personality. The O-line is good but not great enough to overpower all comers, see Jets. Our star receiver went crazy and the “bad guy” lb who made him that way got suspended forever. Seeing the schedule I didn’t expect more than 7-9 or 8-8. The 6-4 start got people’s hope up but even if we made the playoffs we couldn’t hope to win more than 1 game. Besides the league wants to make sure Mahomes, Brady, and for some reason a Rothlesburgerless Steelers team make the playoffs.

  17. Oh look the Raiders luck has run out, looks like their false success with those “draft picks” from the Mack trade have failed them.

    Better luck next year Raiders fans, run your mouths and get smacked! Hopefully your draft pick isn’t a complete bust like 50% of them are, lol!

  18. radrntn says:
    December 1, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    It’s proven to be very difficult year in and year out to beat the refs.


    It’s proven that losing by 31 points and getting your teeth kicked in has absolutely nothing to do with the refs and is 100% the other team is better than yours.

  19. clearly I am a die hard Chiefs fan, but I have to agree with Gruden on this. It was a PI but that was not the call on the field. Andy reviewed a play like that early in the game that was also PI. But it stood as incomplete. Given the consistency on PI reviews. Unless someone is getting completely getting knocked down to the ground, incidental contact is not being called. The PI on this interception really didn’t affect the Robinson’s ability to catch this ball.

  20. I am still wondering how the poor officiating lead to ZERO receptions by the Oakland WRs until late in the 3rd quarter. You aren’t going to win games that way. Period.

    But yeah…it’s the refs fault…okay…sure.

    Delusional nation

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