Packers up 17-10 at halftime

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The Packers haven’t run as many offensive plays as the Giants through the first two quarters of play at MetLife Stadium, but they have gotten more out of them.

Aaron Rodgers has thrown a pair of touchdowns and the Packers defense produced the only takeaway of the first half on their way to a 17-10 halftime lead.

Rodgers has also picked up 19 yards on the ground while completing 9-of-13 passes for 129 yards over four possessions. The Packers scored on the first three of those drives, but weren’t able to extend their lead after the two minute warning.

The Giants ran 39 offensive plays while holding onto the ball for nearly 20 minutes, which was a boost to a defense that didn’t make things too difficult on Rodgers in the first half. Daniel Jones‘s interception wasn’t a boost and it came on a ball that he forced to Darius Slayton while Slayton was well covered by Kevin King.

Jones otherwise avoided turnovers and converted two fourth downs while running the ball. He seemed to tweak his ankle on one of those runs and went into the blue medical tent while the Packers had the ball in the second quarter, but Jones didn’t miss any snaps.

5 responses to “Packers up 17-10 at halftime

  1. Predictable offense and a sieve for a defensive backfield, typical Mike McCarthy football team! Oh wait!

  2. Packers keep getting bailed out by the refs…. they lead the league in 1st downs by penalty. It’s not even close.

  3. ∆ hey, bud, did you even watch the game? The refs made terrible calls early game against the Packers starting with that nonsense “Neutral zone” call when Smith didn’t come anywhere near the line, the unbelievable P.F. against Martinez, and the lack of calls against Giants defensive backs was unreal. I watched MVS get his jersey dragged for 15 yards on multiple occasions and no penalty was called. They rightfully flagged twice on players against Adams because, well, they had him the entire length of the field after he blew by them. Stop whining and actually watch the plays. They are clearly penalties.

  4. Hey bud… I missed the early portion of the game. And I don’t care about the terrible calls against GB. I’m not whining… just stating what I saw. The Packers lead the league in 1st downs by penalty. It’s a fact… you can look it up.

  5. The most first down penalties in the league by a wide margin is more than just some terrible calls that go both ways. The packers are getting first downs from the refs.

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