Ron Rivera: “I’m not worried about my future”

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Panthers coach Ron Rivera said he’s not worried.

Perhaps he should be.

After his team imploded at home to lose to a Washington team that won for the third time this season, Rivera dismissed questions about his job security.

No, I’m not worried about my future,” he said, via Bill Voth of the team’s official website. “I’m worried about this football team’s future and we have a game coming up on Sunday.”

The Panthers fell to 5-7 this season, and Rivera to 76-63-1 in his nine seasons. But they’ve made just one playoff appearance since their Super Bowl run in 2015, and they’re not making one this year.

Realistically, the Panthers season ended when quarterback Cam Newton was lost for the season to a foot injury. It just took them some time to realize it, as a month of solid performances by backup quarterback Kyle Allen faded quickly, and his scrambling fumble to end the game could stand as the epitaph for a season.

If not more.

15 responses to “Ron Rivera: “I’m not worried about my future”

  1. I can guarantee you that had Cam Cheating still been the QB in Carolina, they’d have been lucky to win two games to this point.

  2. That’s because he’s trying to line up other jobs since he knows he’s going to be fired.

  3. A firing or two is coming in Carolina at the end of the month and this this team is in such bak condition that it get romped by two win teams such as Atlanta and Carolina. The run defense of lack their of is the joke of the NFL. This team may not win another game this season and a complete housecleaning is needed in Charlotte. I hope Mr. Tepper is listening.

  4. Riverboat Ron has nothing to worry about at all. He will either get another HC job in 2020 or collect a multi-million dollar severance package. Either one sounds pretty good to me.

  5. Rivera comes off as the kind of guy who probably really does tend to think about the future of others more than his own, which can be both a good and bad quality depending on the situation. With that said a new owner was never likely to keep him long-term and there’s a good chance the end may finally be approaching for a good guy who’s had a streaky and turbulent run there.

  6. SMH with Ron and this team, first and goal line yet again and you trying to use CMC to run up the middle?? How many failed attempts have we had with that this season? SMH

  7. Change has to come!!

    This is quite embarrassing as a Panther Fan that runs his mouth and boasts all year about my team to co-workers(I live in Atlanta so its not that bad this year). We need to bring Cam back and draft a similar style QB this year to understudy under Cam.

    We also have no true DOGS on this team like the Steve Smiths, Josh Normans of the world. Defensive line gets stood up way too much for big name DL.Our starting corners are weak and frail and cannot cover and tackle these big bulky receivers and TEs well at all. They’re like boys to men.

    I don’t know what its going to take to fix this team but we are broke!!!!

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